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Self-obs- coffee shop sneezes


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Even though it's not my particular bag, I thought this scenario would possibly please some of you folks, so enjoy. ;)  

I was waiting in line to order coffee at Starbucks with a gentleman behind me, two other women as baristas, and various people sitting at stools/tables. It was a fairly uncrowded evening.  I felt a tickle but kept trying to ignore it; probably from dust because I have allergies and I had recently been decorating our Christmas tree, which involved both pulling out boxes of old ornaments and being close to a live tree.  I couldn't make it go away though, so I hurriedly sneezed into my elbow.  When I sneeze, I tend to try not to make a huge production in public, but I don't stifle either; usually kind of a "h..CHHhh!" sound with not a lot of voice in it.  I felt the guy's eyes on me from behind.  Embarrassed, I sneezed again pretty soon after that, again into my elbow, after which the guy bemusedly said "Bless you".  I thanked him but kept sniffling, it wouldn't go away.  Then the barista started to rub her face and nose furiously and loudly complained "Uuugh SO ITCHY!  I have an itch and I can't scratch it!" (Presumably because she was making a drink at the time)  So I said "Heyyy, it's not just me!" while I stood there sniffling and unable to do much about it except rub my nose a bit. We had a little moment of solidarity before I could finish the transaction and go off to grab a scratchy brown napkin as my only relief!   

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