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Sneezing After Eating?


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I forget the name for it, but there's something where you sneeze after eating a lot. It's similar to photic sneezing in some way, I believe.

Does anyone do this or know someone who does? I've never encountered it personally.

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i actually do this haha, It doesn't happen all the time just when i eat something thats really filling. Although i must be able to control it because i never get the feeling when i'm not alone which is probably a good thing since the sneeze usually happens before i've managed to swallow :laugh:

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I know a man who always has to sneeze after eating.

He blames it always on some spicery which are unknown for him, his new cohabitee is from Turkey.

Once I was invited at their house and after lunch he sneezed a few times, we all blessed him and

he explained about 10 minutes for me which condiments are making him sneeze more or less.

All with his funny idiom. 

During our conversation he sneezed again and again and there was moisture on his mustache....

I just wanted to get out of this conversation cause I did not wanted to talk about sneezing with a man in his fiftys, if you understand:mellow:

But I think he was right and some food, which you are perhaps not used to, can make you sneeze?



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I have a friend who mentioned in passing he always sneezes if he has a big meal. I had looked it up after and there's a medical term for it. But lazy to google atm.

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I used to get this a lot randomly after eating, but it doesn't really happen much anymore for some reason. I also used to get photic sneezing and I kind of outgrew that too. I'm not sure if it's an age related change or if it's to do with some of the meds I'm on.

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Oh gosh, I recognize this :P 

I don't sneeze as such (at least, not so often I'd think it linked) but if I eat a big meal, I certainly get rather sniffly for a time.

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