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Why edit sneezes out?

I love Alan Rickman

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So this is a legitimate question. I feel like a lot of YouTubers edit out sneezes. I saw a video recently where this guy YouTuber sneezed and then mentioned in the comments that he forgot to edit it out but it was funny anyway. Then it made me think: I've watched many other videos where a YouTuber was suffering from a cold or allergies and even seemed on the edge of a sneeze in the video, but then it cuts to a new shot. Like my one friend (in her twenties) once recorded a video the same day that we had Skyped each other. When we Skyped, she was very sneezy from her allergies, but when she posted the video, she was clearly suffering from allergies and almost seemed to sneeze at times, but she always cut the video before it. She's far from an introvert, too, so I doubt she was shy about it.

So what do you all think? Why do you think some people cut out their sneezes on YouTube while others just let them go? 

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They prolly think it is a distraction to there video and try to edit them out, They dont know that there are people who do enjoy them and when there skyping they have no choice but to just sneeze on skype cause they cant edit that.

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Most people think sneezing is gross, so that's probably why...

I think people usually will only keep it in if the video has a comedic theme, they don't know how to edit, or they just don't care. 

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So I just thought of this once again recently. I came across yet another YouTube channel I watch quite a lot, and they had edited the video, however there was a single clip that was dedicated to a sneeze. I'm just confused.

I agree with the above answers, but my friend is again not an introvert at all and is never embarrassed by a sneeze. She'll sneeze, sometimes be surprised by the force or laugh, apologize, accept her blessing from me (I'm not a big blesser, but I bless my good friends), and go on. Never embarrassed of anything. I especially know she isn't embarrassed since I've even heard her announce her sneezes before. But then why would she likely be editing them out? Like when she recorded a video on her phone and had a coughing fit saying, "Oh God, and I can't edit this out"? It's a real mystery to me.

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