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Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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I just saw the movie earlier tonight and I have thoughts/questions (possibly very dumb ones, there's a lot I could have missed?) and excitement for the next few times I'll be seeing them this winter :lol: I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks of the movie? None of my friends have seen it yet. :mellow:

Or for those of you who haven't watched it yet, what are your impressions? What do you hope to see? 


Actual major spoilers below, so, uh, don't click it until you've seen the movie! 

What was the point of the repeating images of Rey's reflection in the mirror?

Where do you think Kylo Ren's character is heading? Joining the two sides seems interesting but at the same time, would he give up the idea of leaving everything behind and starting over? Is everything going to turn out perfectly in the end? Aaahhh

Despite her good intentions, Holdo annoyed me very much. Is that just me? 

Did the porgs have a purpose aside from looking cute?

I don't really understand the mental and physical connection between Kylo and Rey. How did that work? 
And for Luke, how could he fight Kylo one minute, with sabers contacting each other and everything, and then the next minute just be an image that's unaffected by Kylo's slashing?

What's on Rose/her sister's necklace?

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In answering these questions there will be SPOILERS

Literally just saw the movie and as a long term Star Wars fan my initial impressions were that there was lots to enjoy but I did have a few significant problems with the movie. I feel the pacing of The Force Awakens was better but maybe repeated viewings will change my opinion. So, on to your questions...


1. I think this was supposed to be part of Rey's training, akin to the scene in Empire Strikes back when Luke ends up fighting himself in the cave.  Kind of like holding up reflection to the character to reveal aspects of themselves they had overlooked.

2. Not sure, but certainly interesting. Kylo Ren is one of the most interesting new characters due to his internal conflicts. I'm curious to see if they will give him a redemption in episode 9. I feel they have not shown enough to make him truly evil, merely confused :D 

3. Holdo did not seem like a Star Wars character - it was kind of like she had teleported in from the Hunger Games...

4. I didn't have any problems with the Porgs... dare I say it, I actually found them genuinely amusing :lol: 

5. The mental connection between Kylo and Rey was something new to Star Wars but I did not have a problem with it. There have always been connections (Leia sensing Luke was in trouble at Cloud City, Obi-Wan sensing the destruction of Alderaan, etc.) and this seemed like a not to big a leap beyond that. I may be mistaken, but I don't believe there was any saber-clashing between Luke and Kylo - just saber-dodging, which would make sense.

6. What was on Rose's necklace? No idea, but you just know there is someone on the internet who has worked it out ;) 


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