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Awkward situation with my sister


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So tonight I was hanging out with my sister, just like being weird and goofy together . We were lying on my bed and googling random shit online. At some point we stsrted looking for the weirdest fan fiction we could find. She typed something into the search bar and started reading out the results to me. One of the things that popped up was a page on this forum. She laughed and was like, "Oh, this one is on something called the sneeze fetish forum. I didn't know there was such a thing as a sneeze fetish. That's so weird." At that point I basically died. I was terrified that my face would somehow give me away to her, so I just laughed and tried to subtly change the subject as quickly as possible. She didn't click the link or anything, but that's the first real life conversation I've ever had involving the fetish and I was so embarrassed. I don't think she even suspected anything but it was still mortifying. 

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I suppose on the plus side you have a ready made excuse to cover up if you get caught now:  "Yeah man, (sister) found it looking for weird fanfiction and I was reading the stuff there because it was funny!" And she can back up that story because it's true.  Boom.

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To be honest, part of me wants this fetish to be as less private to close, trusted individuals to preform completely harmless desolate turn-on's so that anyone that doesn't know would continue to sneeze without any fucks given, and another wants me to keep it private, as the more people that knew, the less likely people would sneeze or blow their nose because of mental blocks to possible lurking sneeze fetishists. 

I figure that if you find someone you trust though, tell em. It could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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