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Bandmate always blows his nose during a meal

Ali Marie

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Gee, I sure am glad that I'm getting some good writing material at a more frequent pace. Especially since the source is my very Dear (And very attractive) Bandmate; the one & only Rock & Roll God. 

I seem to notice that every time we have a meal together (Usually after a show.) Mr. Rock God ends up blowing his nose. But I'll admit, I don't know if it's the actual blowing that gets me excited or his politeness/apologetic embarrassment towards the action. To be honest, his nose blows aren't really anything write home about. They're usually very quiet & dry.

But anyway, on to actual event...

We had just finished doing an outdoor show at a Harley Davidson venue & were having a just because meal at an on-site food truck. (What is it with us & food trucks. I swear, these aren't as sketch as they sound. They have actual dining areas & usually specialize in extravagant burgers or authentic Mexican.) I noticed Rock God pick up a napkin & bring it towards his face & for a split second, my mind raced--only to feel very let down as he wiped his mouth.

But wait...There's more!

He grabbed another napkin & yes; my prayers had been answered! He did in fact blow his nose. But as I said, the blows are nothing special. It was the muffled "Sorry!" That he pleaded out from behind the napkin as he continued to blow. 

"You aren't excused." My friend said jokingly.

Which lead to Rock God's response of a very desperate & embaressed, "I had to do it!"

My poor baby. My heart was melting at his sweet little embarrassed face. :wub:

Now normally, I would assume that the runny nose was attributed to use being out in the cold all night but as I said, my bandmate blows his nose at least once at nearly every meal we have together. I know it might seem gross to blow your nose in the vicinity of others who are eating but I obviously don't mind a bit. It not only gives me content to share with you all on here but Mr Rock & God is an absolute wonder to behold! He. Is. Gorgeous. No doubt that anything Fetish-Related from him makes me truly grateful to be his back up singer. 

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