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Control your Sims Sneezing in Sims 3


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So does anyone still play Sims 3? ^_^ I know I never stopped, and just in case I’m not alone and this trick has passed some people by, I thought I’d post a tutorial here of how to make your sims sneeze basically whenever you want, however you want. It’s super easy (and super easy to undo!) and imo super worth it.

DISCLAIMER – I’m not a computer person, just a fool doing what the internet told me and experimenting with trial-and-error, but even so this was very easy and Sims modding is pretty standard stuff so you don’t need to worry about the FBI knocking down your door.

Personally the thing that made me want Sims in the first place when I was little was the back of the Seasons expansion pack package, which read “avoid sneezing”… and my child mind was like no ;) but in actual game play they hardly ever sneeze! So we need a mod – a very simple-to-download mod that allows you to control all of your sims’ animations (so no worries about someone saying “why do you have this sneezefetish.package file”…).

Basically what this means is that when you click on sims an extra blue bubble option will appear, which, if clicked, takes you into all the animations the game does automatically / randomly and lets you select one for your sim to perform.

Ok, tutorial outsourcing time. Close the game down first. This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JND0VVjzc00  (it’s a bit slow lol I had it on 1.5 speed) explains really well how to install mods for Sims 3 (on windows 10) if you’ve never done it before. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and not like dodgy hacking or anything – it literally involves creating two new folders and downloading a file. (If you’re concerned you can back up your Sims 3 folder somewhere else on your computer.)

Now the mod (.package file) you’re going to want is “nraas animator” – google it, it should come up, the site has an orange background. You’re probably gonna want the phase six version if your game is up-to-date. So download this and place it where instructed.

Now party time. Load up Sims 3. On the main menu on mine, a box appeared (‘Mod Scripts Found’). Click the tick. This box will appear every time as far as I can tell. Now click on whatever game you want to load up (the one with sims based on your favorite characters if you’re me).

Ok so you’re in game. Now the rest you could probably figure out by trial and error, but since it took me a while and a bit of frustration I’ll lay it out for you (this is only what I’ve noticed so far and by no means a definitive guide!).

Now when you click on sims, there should be another blue bubble that says “NRaas”. Bingo.

The animations will function in the same way as your sim’s normal actions that appear in the top left corner. So one sim can’t be performing another action at the same time as the animation (because most of these happen in normal gameplay when the sim is standing), and the animations will stack like actions. So it’s best to be playing as the sim you want to animate – i.e. it’s their icon highlighted in the bottom left – when you select their animation, just so wires don’t get crossed and your other sim is free to ‘animate themselves’.

OK OK BUT WHERE DO WE FIND THE SNEEZING? Right, so. Click on NRaas. Then Animator. Then Animation by Category. A menu should pop up. Select either “Play Specific Idle” or “Play Specific Looping Idle” (I haven’t figured out the difference between these yet). Then Standing Idles. Then scroll down a little bit and you’ll come to “a_idle_sneeze_x”. Ding ding ding.

OR. Rather than “Animation by Category”, select Looping Animation. This will cause a much bigger list to come up. It also has a_idle_sneeze_x, but nearer the top (and I can’t guarantee this will be here unless you have the Seasons expansion, which introduces allergies, but my one lists some animations that seem to be for expansions I don’t have so idk. If it doesn’t come up, hey, Seasons is a cool expansion, you get aliens!) you have a_allergies_sneeze01_x, a_allergies_sneeze02_x and a_allergies_sneeze03_x.

a_idle_sneeze is the sim throwing their head back and then down into their hand, sneeze01 is kind of a fast sneeze, sneeze02 has a build-up and sneeze03 is a triple. And all with varying sound.


Once you’ve selected your animation, it will appear as an action in the top left corner. Your sim will now be doing that animation repeatedly. The ‘action’ has a drop down menu like careers or workouts. Hover over that. “Delay: 0 sim-seconds” controls the pause between each iteration of the animation. Click on it to alter this (sim-seconds are insignificant but once you start operating in multiples of 100, gaps become noticeable). Pause and Resume are self-explanatory. And “Iterations: greater than 100” lets you control how many times your sim does this. Could be 3, could be 3000. And you can stack animations like actions (the only issue I’ve noticed is that some animations automatically reorder to be in front of some others, but this bug doesn’t take effect if your sim is already doing the action before that animation).

Other animations include the sim scratching their nose, shivering and various coughs, if that’s your thing. You can also control NPCs AT THE SAME TIME as your sim is doing another action / animation, though the limit to this seems to be 1 NPC at a time.

So in conclusion, you could have one sim sneezing in endless triples with gaps in between them, one scratching their nose repeatedly before sneezing with build-ups… depending on how big your household is and including one NPC I guess you could probably have 9 sims sneezing at a time?? With lots of pausing and close-ups. And goes without saying you can CONTROL what they LOOK LIKE. And that this is all completely undiscoverable cos this mod is for all animations. Anyway, don’t take my word for it, go and try – I hope someone else has as much fun as I’m going to have :razz:


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Holy cow, warminside!! Thank you so much for doing this research and laying it out so thoroughly. I had no idea we had so much control, but this is incredible.

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Can someone make a video of this? I unfortunately do not have the sims 3, and with no way of getting it anytime soon I still want to see this.

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Ok, I think I need to install Sims 3 again :) I've only been playing Sims 4 for the last year or so but I do miss some things from 3 and this sounds great.

Anyone know if there's something similar for 4 too? Sneezing was part of the illnesses introduced with the doctor career in the Get To Work expansion...

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Oh no, I used to play Sims3 all the time and always made them have colds and allergies and things (could trigger them by picking certain flowers I think) and would watch and wait, but it quickly became boring because I had to wait so long for them to finally do it and then it would be over so quick.

Hell this would have been too good to be true, but now I no longer have the game installed and don't really want to get back into it, but oh well your post is seriously letting me reconsider.

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This is probably the main reason why I bought Sims 3 seasons ^_^ I didn't know that one could do it with the NRAAS as well. I installed it, but only used it to make my Sims catch colds (NRAAS mastercontroller: intermediate → moodlets→ germy) 

If some of you don't want to download the NRAAS thingy, you can simply use the build-in cheats:

ctrl+shift+c → type "testingcheatsenabled true",  ctrl+shift+c again and type "moviemakercheatsenabled true" 

Then click left at one sim (has to be in your household) while holding shift. A blue icon called "animation" will be added. If you open it, you can choose between "specific idle"(one animation) and "specific looping idle" (the animation is repeated over and over again).

The "normal sneeze" warminside describes you can find under "standing idles" → "more" and then on the lower right side. 

The allergy/cold sneezes via "buffidles"→ "more" → "more" →"germy"


Thank you for reminding me of the game. Now I'm gonna create a new sim and have some fun... :razz: @MeForever I have never filmed any of it, but I will will try soon! What kind of sim would you like to see? There are already some female sims on youtube :) And I got the game secondhand. Maybe you can find it somewhere.

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