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Merry Sickmas (SPN, Dean)


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    Okay, so it's almost Christmas and I kew that I wanted to do a Christmas fic. I've just come up with this idea and I hope it's alright, but we will see! I hope you all like it!


    Prompt- Sam and Dean are trying to have a real Christmas this year. No hunts, no threats, no nothing besides Holiday Cheer. Of course, Dean manages to catch the mother of all colds. How with this mesh in with their plans? (I thought because I did a Sam fic for Thanksgivinig that I would change it up for Christmas)




    Dean absentmindedly sniffed as he rubbed a hand against the side of his face. He looked at the present that he had in front of him, laying face down on the wrapping paper. It was actually quite a challenge to wrap something. Dean really hadn't done this in forever and he wasn't even sure if he was doing it right. He knew that Sam probably wouldn't mind if it was wrapped horribly, but he wanted to make things perfect for Sam.


    Dean was just about put tape on the present to finish it up when he felt his nose give a small twitch. He couldn't help but rub at it angrily. He was trying to focus and make this a perfect Christmas for Sam. He didn't need any distractions, especially an itchy nose. He sniffed heavily before he sighed loudly.


    He finished up Sam's present before he sat back and rubbed his nose once more. The itch hadn't gone away. If anything, it had intensified. Dean wrinkled his brow before he lifted a hand and it quickly turned to his elbow.


    "Huh'TchsHsSHSSH! Huh'TcshSHsSHSH!"


    The sneezes ripped out of Sam before he could stop himself. He sniffed heavily before he blinked his eyes in the aftermath. He looked around madly for some tissues since the sneezes had been wetter than he intended. However, he never kept tissues in his room. There was no need for it. He rarely got sick and only sneezed when he had allergies and of course no cats had gotten into the bunker. It was quite puzzling.


    Dean set that aside as he rose to his feet with his hand slightly cupped over his nose. He crept forward and opened his bedroom door. He crept out and made his way to the bathroom. He found the tissues that Sam insisted on buying and pulled out a couple. He pressed it against his streaming nose and blew his nose loudly. Once he was finished he felt the tickle rise up again in his nose. Surprise caught on his face as he propelled himself forward.


    "Huh'TcshSHshsSHSH! What the.....Huh'tcsHshSHsSH! Hell?!"


    Dean grabbed more tissues and blew his nose once more. When he was finished he felt his chest tighten as he let out a few coughs. He shook his head to clear it and tried to make sense of it. He eventually gave up and threw the tissues away before he made his way out of the bathroom.


    He made his way to the kitchen and smiled when he saw that Sam was cooking, actually cooking. Usually he did most of the cooking, but it seemed like his brother wanted to make something special for the Holidays. After all, this was the first Holiday that they were actually celebrating.


    "Sabby, whadt are you doig," Dean asked, embarrassed at how congested his voice sounded. He gave a weak sniff and a small cough as he struggled to clear his throat.


    Sam swiveled his head to look at his brother. "Making dinner. Aren't you hungry," he asked as his gaze flickered Dean up and down as he tried take him in and see what was wrong.


    Dean turned away from Sam before Sam could pick up on just how sick he was. He sniffled heavily before he rubbed a hand against his nose. "Yeah, of course. Whadt are you baking?"


    "Normal Christmas stuff I think. I have a ham in the oven and we have instant mashed potatoes. It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. I thought that you would like it," Sam told him as he turned back to the stove before the instant mashed potatoes could boil over.


    Dean sat down on the table and raised a hand blearily over his face. "Hmmm, sounds good to me," he murmured even though he really wasn't that hungry. His throat was burning in protest at the thought about eating, but he knew that if he didn't then Sam would notice.


    Sam started to grab two plates and place some food on each one. Dean felt sick to his stomach when he saw how much food he was putting on his plate. "Um, Sab-"


    Sam looked up and frowned as he set down a plate in front of Dean. "Are you sure that you're alright? You don't sound so good," Sam commented as he started to shovel food into his mouth.


    Dean forced himself to take a bite of Sam's food. He was sure that it tasted good, but he couldn't taste anything. He frowned in distain. "Er, yeah, I'b fide, Sab," he replied before he noticed that his voice wasn't sounding any better, no matter how much he tried to clear his throat. 


    Sam raised an eyebrow. He opened his mouth to say something else when Dean's head suddenly snapped to the side of the table and away from their food.


    "Huh'TchsHshsHSSHshS! Huh'TcssHsSH! Huh'TcshsHshSHSH!"


    "Bless you," Sam commented as more of a surprise than anything else. 


    Dean lifted a hand over his slightly dripping nose and grumbled to himself. "I'll be ridght back," he told his brother as he quickly excused himself from the table and rushed to the bathroom before Sam could say anything else about it.


    He barged into the bathroom and started for the tissue box. He pulled out almost ten of them as he pushed them against his nose. He blew his nose loudly and heard himself fill the tissues. He crumpled them up and threw them aside before he leaned ever so slightly against the sink. He felt instantly in rage at himself. This illness couldn't have come at a worse time. Why did it have to be now when he was sick?


    Dean tried to put on a brave face and tested his voice before he left the bathroom. It was scratchy and hollow, but at least it was no longer congested. He headed out and smiled as he sat down and started to eat. He just hoped that Sam wouldn't ask anymore questions about his quick departure.


    "So, plans for tomorrow," questioned Dean before Sam could bring anything else up.


    Sam shrugged. "I guess what normal families do. Don't you usually open presents," he pointed out. They never actually had a Christmas like a normal family, but he had watched enough shows and movies to get the gist of what was done and what was typical for a normal family.


    Dean gave a weak smile as he tried to choke down another mouthful of food. "Sounds great! Are you excited, Sammy," Dean asked. 


    Sam snorted in amusement. "I'm not five, Dean. But, yeah, I guess that I'm looking forward to it," Sam replied as he finished the rest of his plate before Dean had even managed to finish half.


    Dean couldn't manage another bite. He stood up slowly and rubbed a hand against his face. "I think that I'm going to turn in for the night. That way we can be up bright and early tomorrow, okay?"


    Sam looked at his food. "Didn't like it?"


    "No, I did," reassured Dean quickly as he swallowed a few coughs that threatened to burst out of is chest. "I just had a really big lunch. I didn't know that you were going to do all of this."


    That seemed to appease Sam for the time being. He stood up and clapped his brother on my back as he collected Dean's plate. "Merry Christmas Eve."


    Dean smiled back at him as he made his way back to his room. "Merry Christmas Eve."


    If only it was.


To Be Continued...

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Merry Christmas Eve! Or Christmas! Whichever you're celebrating right now. I hope you enjoy this next part and I might try to publish two tomorrow. We will see!


    Dean reluctantly headed back to his room. He would've liked to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and sip hot chocolate. However, that wasn't what his body needed right now. His body needed to sleep and just try and fight this cold or flu or whatever it was as quickly as possible. 


    Unfortunately, when Dean got sick, he got sick hard. He only became sick once or twice a year so in that sense he was lucky. He was usually sick, though, for a month or so at a time when he got sick. Dean would have a lingering cough for a long time and the congestion wouldn't let up. It would be horribly miserable and Dean knew this. He just wished that he could do something about it.


    Dean closed the door behind him and hoped that that would help with the noise. He didn't want to wake up Sam or let Sam know what was doing. Their rooms were fairly close together, so this was the only thing that Dean could think of. The walls were fairly thin.


    Dean instantly turned back toward the bed as he felt his nose start to tickle again. He rubbed at his nose before he let out a small sniff. That just caused the itch to move deeper into his nose and he huffed in frustration. He was just so tired of the sneezy feeling that seemed to assault his nose nonstop.


    His breath started to hitch and his nostrils flared. His head reared back for a split second before he launched himself forward into his hands. "Huh'TcsHsHSHsSH! Huh'TcsHsHSHSHSH!"


    The sneezes were wet and messy. They saturated his hands in thick, gooey, and almost milky white snot. It was disgusting and Dean just stood there for a moment as he debated what to do. He couldn't just stand here with the collect of mucus in his hands. But, his mind was moving quite sluggishly. He knew that he must have a fever, yet he didn't care. He would just have to push through and that probably meant something to clean his hands and nose on.


    The only thing that Dean had that could even remotely work was the blanket on his bed. He didn't like a comforter since it reminded him of motels, but he had found the fluffiest and softest blanket at the local store. He had made Sam get it for him and now he always slept with it. But, it was soft and would be gentle on his nose. That was all that Dean could think of in the present moment.


    Dean dove forward and rubbed his hands against the blanket. Once he was finished he brought it up to his nose and started to clean off his nostrils. He gave a few sniffs since he was sure that he was not going to blow his nose. He hadn't stooped that low, at least not yet.


    After that Dean felt utterly drained. He sighed as he plopped down in the bed. He didn't even bother to change or really do anything. He just pulled his phone from his pocket and looked at the time.




    Dean didn't think that he had ever gone to sleep this early. At this point he didn't care. He was just too tired to even try and focus on it. He didn't care that it was Christmas Eve. He just wanted to sleep.


    He started to snuggle into the blanket and pillows that he had around him as he smothered a few coughs in the pillow and moaned loudly. He was just so miserable and angry at himself. 


    "This sucks," Dean gasped out as he started to hack painfully.


    He lifted a hand to try and contain them before he realized that this was doing no good. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he turned back to the pillow and tried to will himself to sleep. Maybe that would help with the way that he felt.


    Eventually Dean felt his eyes beginning to close. He wasn't sure if it was exhaustion or if it was his illness, but either way he was falling asleep. He just prayed that he was 100% better when he woke up.


    If only he wasn't that foolish.


To Be Continued.....


    Sorry this part was so short! I promise that the next one will be longer!

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5 hours ago, jensdw said:

Lovely update! Too cute. :) 

Merry Christmas! (It’s Christmas Day where I am) 

I'm so glad that you're enjoying it! It just turned Christmas Day for me and I'll be gone a lot of the day with family, but I'm hoping to be able to still do two parts today.


1 hour ago, iluvemojis said:

Yayyyyyy a Dean story! You always write him so well. And two parts already?? You spoil us :) 

I'm glad that you like it! I hope to keep spoiling you guys with two more parts today! 


    Sam awoke in the middle of the night to harsh chattering. At first he had no idea what it could be. He thought that maybe something had gotten into the bunker. 


    He grabbed the pistol under his pillow and crept toward the door. He opened it slowly before he crept forward, trying to follow the sound of the manic chattering. To his surprise, it led him to Dean's room.


    Dean's door was closed, but Sam thought that now was an alright time to ignore the rule about 'closed doors' in the bunker. This could be an emergency and Dean would eventually forgive him. At least he hoped so.


    Sam opened the door slowly and crept in. He saw his brother on the bed and instantly his heart leaped into his throat. Dean was laying face down on the bed, shaking ever so slightly. He was chattering incoherently while beads of sweat collected all around his face, especially on his upper lip and brow. His shirt was completely saturated in sweat and the room didn't smell the greatest either. He looked horrible.


    "Dean," questioned Sam as he drew closer, hoping that he didn't startle his brother awake.


    Dean didn't move.


    Sam knew that he was going to have to be a little firmer. He sighed loudly as he shuffled forward and set his gun on the table by Dean's bed. "Dean," he whispered again as he started to shake Dean's shoulders. That appeared to be the only thing that would get Dean's attention.


     After a few moments, Dean started to rouse. It only took a moment before Dean's head shot up. Terror and rage showed in Dean's face as he forced himself to his feet. He could barely hold himself in that position, but adrenaline was keeping him there.


    "Dean, easy, easy," chided Sam as he stuck out his hands toward his brother in an effort to show him that there was nothing that Dean needed to be afraid of. Also, he didn't want Dean becoming violent.


    Dean needed to think for a moment before he actually processed that Sam was standing in front of him. He rubbed his hand against his face and through his spiky hair. He panted heavily with his gaze flickering. "S-Sabby," he asked, still not entirely sure what was going on in front of him.


    Sam nodded as he smiled kindly. "Yeah, Dean, it's me. I don't think that anyone else would actually be here," he pointed out with a small chuckle.


    That didn't seem like an answer that Dean bought. However, he barely had time to process it when his nose twitched and his eyes got a far away haze over them. Sam was about to ask what was wrong, but he didn't need to. Dean answered that question for him before Sam had a chance to move.


    "Huh'TcshsHshsHSSHSH! Huh'TcshsHsHSSHshSH!"


    Sam jumped back, grimacing in surprise. "Ewe! Gross, Dean! Cover you mouth! Didn't you teach me to do that," Sam complained as he just imagined the germ particles that were probably floating in the air. 


    Dean looked as embarrassed as Sam might have expected. There was clearly a small blush appearing on his cheeks. "S-Sorry," he apologized with a bleary sniffle. "I didn't feel id cobing."


    "Yeah, clearly," he replied as he watched Dean continue to sniffle. His nose was starting to run out of control and either he didn't know, or he didn't care. "I'll be right back. Just hang tight."


    Dean stood where Sam had left him. He looked down and shuffled his feet together. He sighed loudly Sam came back with a box of tissues. He handed them over to Dean. Dean pulled out a few and cupped it over his face. He blew his nose loudly before he looked up at his brother, clearly exhausted.


    Sam motioned to the bed and tried to help Dean into it. "Come on," chided Sam as he helped is brother into the bed.


    Dean did as he was told and scrambled under the covers of his small twin bed. Sam pulled the covers almost up to his chin as he tried to make him as comfortable as possible. It wasn't long before Dean's breathing turned raspy and wheezing in his chest. It was clear that this position wasn't helping him breathe.


    "Hey, sit up a bit," Sam instructed as he pulled a few pillows from behind Dean's head and propped them up. Dean sat up, coughing heavily into the side of his arm and away from Sam. He had actually taken what Sam had said a few moments ago about germs. 


    Once Sam had set the pillows, he nudged Dean to lay back. This time he was almost sitting upward. That seemed fine with Sam. He sniffled loudly and Sam pushed the tissue box closer to Dean. "Here you go," Sam urged gently. "Blow your nose. That sniffling is going to give you a sinus infection."


    Dean muttered under his breath before he brought out a few tissues slowly. He pressed them against the undersides of his nostrils and blew loudly. Once he was finished he rubbed against his rosy red nostrils. He grimaced with every touch and Sam could only imagine how sore they were.


    "You okay," Sam asked.


    "Huh'TccsHsHshsHSSH! Huh'TcsHshSHsSH! Huh'TcshshSHshsSHSSH!"


    Dean sneezed to the side of his arm and kept his face buried there. He sniffled a few times before he realized that it would be best not to move his head.


    "Bless you. You okay," Sam asked when Dean didn't move.


    Dean thought for a moment before he shook his head. He lifted his hand and pointed his finger at the box of tissues. It only took Sam a second to get the hint.


    This happened to Dean more than he would've ever cared to admit. He always got a lot a of congestion and it seemed to leave his nose just as quickly. Sam would always have to get some tissues out of the box for him when Dean was unable and messy. They never talked about it since it made Dean very embarrassed. Sam never used it as ammunition in any of their fights since he knew how much it bothered his brother.


    Sam pulled out a few tissues and pressed them into Dean's other hand. Dean pivoted his body as far away from his brother as possible and cleaned himself up. Once he had he scrambled back to face his brother with a downcast glance.


    "Hey, you alright," Sam pressed since he could tell that his brother was starting to shut down.


    Dean nodded slowly. "Stay," he requested.


    "Stay, here," echoed Sam in surprise. He didn't think that his brother had ever asked him that unless he was sick and in the hospital.


    Sam smiled as he started to settle down on the bed. "Like this? This alright?"


    Dean hummed to himself before he closed his eyes. It only took a moment before he started to snore loudly. Sam rolled his eyes in amusement, but at least Dean was comfortable for the time being. He just wished that it wasn't over Christmas.


To Be Continued....

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Just as I promised here is the next part! Hope you enjoy!


    Sam woke up a bit early to find that Dean wasn't beside him. Fear made his chest slightly clench. After all, his brother wasn't known for making the best choices when he was ill. He just didn't always realize what his limits were, especially when sick and Sam didn't want him doing anything stupid.


    "Dean," Sam called around his room as he started to lift himself up. "Dean?!"


    Panic continued to bubble inside of Sam. He forced himself to his feet and walked out of the room. He peered around before he headed forward and looked around.


    He instantly heard soft coughing, as if it was muffled into something. He narrowed his eyes as he continued forward. He made his way forward and into the living room. He smiled when he saw the tree that they had cut down. It was pretty small since they hadn't actually done it before, but it was decorated nicely thanks to Dean. He nodded slowly as he saw Dean sitting on the right side of the tree, almost waiting patiently.


    "Dean, what are you doing," gasped Sam in surprise as he kneeled down to his brother. He stretched out his hand to check for fever while Dean pulled away desperately.


    "Dude, stop," Dean groaned with a narrowing of his eyes.


    Sam threw his arms up in exasperation. "I'm just checking you for fever. It was really high last night. I was worried," Sam told him begrudgingly. 


    Dean blinked his eyes in surprise. "Fever? Really? Huh, don't remember."


    "Of course you don't! You were barely conscious," Sam nearly shouted in frustration. He saw Dean draw back and he instantly tried to calm himself down. "Sorry, that's not what I meant. You just scared me as all. Don't you think that you should stay in bed if you're sick?"


    Dean wrinkled his nose in distain at the very mention of the idea. "Id's Chritbas, Sab. We have to celebradte id here," Dean urged as he patted the ground beside his brother. "Sid down."


    Sam knew that they would only get this over with once Sam complied with what his brother wanted to do. Once they opened presents he might be able to actually persuade Dean to get some much needed rest. That was the goal and this was the only way Sam thought to go about doing this.


    He plopped down next to his brother and smiled at the giddy expression on his brother's face. "Here, Sabby," offered Dean as he gave a heavy sniff and lifted a small box up to Sam.


    Sam stretched out a hand to grab it before Dean reared back suddenly. "Huh'TcshSHshsHSSHS! Huh'TcshshsSHSHS!"


    Sam's eyes widened when he noticed that his present had gotten most of the blow. He sighed heavily as he shook his head. "You can open that one for me, Dean. I think it already has your germy signature on it."


    "Bitch," Dean huffed back as he ripped into the present. It wasn't wrapped great, but it was wrapped. That was much more than what Sam was used to.


    Dean started to tear off the wrapping paper before he handed it back to his brother. Sam took the small box from his brother and opened it slowly. He was slightly afraid that it was a joke. He let out a breath of relief before he noticed that it wasn't a trick at all. In fact it was a very heavy duty pocket knife.


    "Wow," Sam breathed, genuinely lost for words. He hadn't actually thought that Dean had noticed that his brother needed a new pocket knife. After all, part of his knife had peeled off from the back and he couldn't remember how many times it had been run over. It was almost unusable and he had been thinking about getting himself a new one, but they never seemed to have the money. "Thanks, Dean! I really appreciate it."


    Dean seemed to almost glow in Sam's approval. He dove under the tree again, butting his head on one of the branches before he brought out another present. "Here, I wond't sneeze on dis onde," Dean reassured.


    Sam took the present from his brother and felt that this one was much softer and strangely shaped. He shook it like Dean had with the knife, but he couldn't tell what it was. He started to unwrap it quickly before he realized that it was another flannel shirt. They could never have too many of those.


    "Thanks," Sam chuckled before he headed under the tree and actually brought out one for Dean. He hadn't got him much, but he had tried to make sure that he got him something. Dean deserved whatever he wanted in Sam's opinion. But, that wasn't what happened in their line of work so they had to make the best of a bad situation.


    Dean shook it and heard something moving around in there. His eyes closed as his breath started to hitch. Sam tried to look around for something for Dean to sneeze into, but all they had around them was wrapping paper. Deciding that it was best to just use a clump of it, he handed it over to Dean.


    Dean frantically took it and pressed his face into it. "Huh'TcsHsHsHSH! Huh'TcshsHsHSSHSH! Huh'TCshsHsHSSHSH!"


    Sam listened to Dean fill the small amount of wrapping paper in his hands. He sniffed in the aftermath and cleaned his face up with the rough wrapping paper. Once he was finished, he tried to pass it off to Sam.


    "I don't want it," Sam exclaimed hotly.


    Dean set it aside and started to rub his hands against his eyes. He looked beyond tired to Sam and he knew that they had to wrap it up quickly. 


    They sort of rushed through the rest of the presents. At least, Sam rushed it up. They each got a few presents that they really enjoyed before Dean really started to drift off. He almost fell forward before Sam leaned forward to catch his brother.


    "Alright, how about you get some sleep," Sam offered as he tried to rouse his brother.


    Dean blinked his eyes awake furiously. "Whad aboud Christbas?"


    "We'll do Christmas things when you wake up and when you can actually enjoy yourself," Sam tried to reassure almost forcefully since he knew that that was what his brother responded to the best.


    Dean thought for a moment before he seemed to agree with Sam. "A-Alright," he stammered.


    "Do you want your bed or the couch," Sam offered. He wanted to give Dean a choice so that it didn't seem like Sam was forcing him to do anything.


    "Couch," he decided.


    Sam helped a reluctant Dean to the couch. He helped him lay down and get comfortable before Sam turned on the TV. Dean always went to sleep quicker when there was noise around him, especially the lights and sounds of a TV. 


    Sure enough, Dean's eyes started to close as his congested snores filled the room. Sam looked around the Christmas stricken living room and sighed loudly. "Time to clean up."


To Be Continued....

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13 hours ago, jensdw said:

Aw, poor Dean struggling to stay awake for the gifts :wubsmiley:

And Sam is so understanding. :) 

Nice update.

I'm glad that you're liking it so far!


7 hours ago, ReidSeeker said:

I'm really enjoying this story :thumbs_up:

I'm very glad! Hope you like the rest of the story too!


Here's the next part!


    Dean's eyes opened slowly and he swiveled his head around as he looked for his brother. It was dark in the living room and his clothes were clinging to his body in sweat. He wrinkled his nose as he felt his sinuses swell with an itch and he didn't have any urge to try and stop it.


    "Huh'TCshSHSSHSH! Huh'TcsHsHsHSSHshSH! Huh'tCshsHsHsHSSH!"


    A few seconds later, Dean heard the sound of footsteps approaching. His head slightly swiveled around as Sam bustled forward. He smiled kindly at his brother before he made a beeline to the kitchen.




    Sam didn't say anything until he returned with an impressive box of tissues. "You really need this," he told his brother as he set the box on Dean's lap.


    Dean didn't need for his brother to clarify to know what he meant. He took out the tissues from the box and started to blow his nose a few times before he could actually breathe through his nose. He set them down beside him on the couch and in the tangle of the blankets that had been draped over him.


    "Thags," Dean snuffled as he looked at It's a Wonderful Life playing on the TV. "Whadt did I biss?"


    Sam looked at the TV. "Well, I think that the Grinch was on a little while ago," Sam replied. He hadn't really been paying attention since he had been trying to clean everything up.


    "The anibated or the Jib Carey one," inquired Dean as he lifted his fist to rub at his nose.


    "Jim Carey one. The animated one isn't on until later, I think. Besides, it's not very long," Sam replied as he turned the TV volume up a bit so that Dean could catch the last ten minutes of It's a Wonderful Life. They had watched it plenty of times before in different motels, but Sam couldn't remember actually ever paying attention to the entire thing.


    Dean let out a small cough that caused his chest to tighten ever so slightly. He still sounded miserable and his congestion was getting worse. Sam was about to actually break down and see if they had any cold medicine left in the first aid kit. There would be no place to get some now since it was Christmas, but he really didn't want to have Dean wait anymore than he had to.


    "I'll be right back," Sam announced as he headed toward his room. He started to rummage for the first aid kit since they hadn't used it in a while, thankfully. He managed to find it as he pulled it from under his bed and started to unzip it. He found it easily. There was only about half a teaspoon left, but it was better than nothing.


    He headed back and found that Dean was already doubled over, coughing once more. His eyes were squeezed tightly together in discomfort and he wheezed loudly when he tried to breathe. It made Sam's own breath catch in his throat. 


    "Dean, Dean, breathe. Just relax," Sam chided as he came beside his brother and grasped his shoulder tightly, trying to help his brother ease his breathing. 


    After what felt like a lifetime, Dean was finally able to suck in a breath without immediately coughing afterwards. He looked over to his brother and lifted a hand to his chest. "Hurts....to.....breathe....."


    "I know, but you have to keep breathing. Then it'll ease," Sam tried to tell him. He hoped that that was true. They really didn't have enough money for an ER visit, especially during the holidays. He hoped that it wouldn't come to that, but he would have to play it out and see.


    Sam lifted the cough medicine and played around with it. "Hey, look what I found. This might help," Sam pointed out as he pulled the small plastic cup off of it before he unscrewed the cap.


    "Thadt is old. Id probably doesn't even work," he argued. 


    "Well, let's just see, shall we?" Dean didn't argue with his brother as Sam handed it over to Dean. Dean reluctantly took it and swallowed it down. Once he had finished it he grimaced and rubbed at his nose madly. "You okay?"


    "Itchy," Dean responded as he moved his nose around on his face. "Dis always habbens when I drink medicine."


    Sam smiled in amusement. He knew that that always happened to his brother. He chuckled as he looked down and grabbed the tissue box that was at his brother's face. "Here. You look like you need this."


    Dean took the tissues from his brother before he could say anything. He brought it to his nose just in time. "Huh'TcshsHsHsHSSHs! Huh'TcsHsHsHSSHS!"


    The two tissues hadn't been quite enough. He instantly reached for more tissues to blow his nose in. He quickly rubbed his hands clean and Sam reminded himself to make Dean use some hand sanitizer later or something of the sort. "Bless you," Sam offered.


    "Thags," Dean replied with a hearty sniff. "Ugh! I just wandt dis to be over."


    "Yeah, same here, but there's plenty of things that we can do while you rest. It's not like we have to go anywhere," pointed out Sam as he thought about the possibilities.




    "Like watch a movie or play a game or something like that. What do you say," Sam asked eagerly.


    Dean thought for a moment before a tiny smile played on his face. "Cards?"


    "Sounds good to me! I just hope you don't think that I will take it easy on you just because you're sick," Sam teased.


    Dean winked. "Wouldnd't dreab of id."


To Be Continued....

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Here is the second to last part. I've had a lot of fun writing this and I hope that you enjoyed it!


    Sam dealt the cards and decided that it was probably best to play a game where Dean didn't have to think that much about it. He settled on Go Fish and just hoped that Dean wouldn't complain that this was a 'little kid's game' like he usually did.


    "Go Fish," Dean asked when he figured out what Sam was doing.


    Sam shrugged. "I'm in the mood, okay?"


    Dean didn't argue as he scooped up his cards and stared at them. For a moment he stared at them blankly before he turned deliberately to the side before Sam could even ask him if he had a card.


    Huh'TcsHshsHsHSSHS! Huh'TcsHsHSSHsHSSH!"


    "Geez, bless you. Think that's ever going to let up," taunted Sam as he set down his cards face down and scooted the tissue box closer to his brother in case he forgot that it was there.


    Dean grumbled something under his breath about Sam being a bitch, but Sam elected to ignore it. Dean was just frustrated and angry about the situation, not Sam himself. Dean grabbed the tissues and pressed them against his very runny nose. He rubbed back and forth against his nose adamantly. When he finally was finished he picked up the cards and cleared his throat before he spoke.


    "Godt ady dides," Dean asked.


    Sam narrowed his eyes. "Got any what?"


    "Didnes!" Dean shook his head before he rushed to grab more tissues. He blew his nose loudly before he tried once more. "Nides."


    "Oh, nines. Uh, no," Sam answered with a quick look at his cards. He set his jaw as he watched Dean fish around for another card. This was going to be a long game if he was having trouble understanding Dean with card one. He couldn't imagine what it would be like for the rest of the game.


    Sure enough, they had gotten through about half the game before Dean threw the cards down in frustration. He stormed off to his room and Sam sighed loudly. Too many times of him asking Dean to repeat himself had caused him to just loose it. Sam wasn't surprised when he stomped off. 


    However, Sam couldn't just allow his brother to be alone like this on Christmas. He sighed heavily as he left the card game as well and made his way over to Dean room. He heard Dean coughing from inside the closed room. He started to knock on the door and sighed loudly. "Dean, let me in."


    "Go away!"


    "What are we, five," Sam called back as he continued to knock on the door slowly. "Come on, just let me in and talk about this." Sam wasn't entirely sure what they needed to talk about, but sometimes that would get Dean to open up just a little bit more.


    It took about five minutes before Dean finally unlocked the door and opened it a crack. Sam peeled it open before he noticed that Dean looked even worse than before. His shirt was sticking to his body in sweat and his eyes were downcast. He was still sniffling harshly and his nose was running without even bothering to do anything about it. He just seemed off to Sam and Sam could only guess that Dean's fever had risen. Although, checking it would prove difficult depending on how stubborn Dean was going to be.


    "Dean, how are you feeling," Sam asked as he came over to his brother slowly.


    Dean glanced upward with his eyes sticky with discharge. "Dnot too good," answered Dean truthfully as he lifted a hand to his mouth as he hacked painfully. Sam heard Dean swallow something and debated on what to do next. If this continued then Sam would be forced to take Dean to the doctors sooner rather than later.


    "Yeah, I can see that. Do you mind if I take your temperature," Sam inquired hopefully.


    Dean snorted. "Yeah, I bind, budt you're goig to do id anyway," he huffed with a tiny glimmer of amusement in his eyes.


    Sam nudged his brother goodnaturally before he headed back to the kitchen and found the thermometer. He grabbed it before he came back over to his brother. He turned it on and handed it over to his brother since Dean woudln't allow Sam to put the thermometer in his mouth for him. He popped it in and almost played with it around in his mouth.


    "Quit that! Keep that still," Sam chided as he tried to distract Dean so that he stopped fumbling it around in his mouth.


    Dean frowned before he did what Sam had told him. That was until he lifted a hand and started to rub at his nose. Sam stretched out a hand and thrust it down. "Stop that," he scolded once more.


    Dean said nothing as he watched Sam grab at his wrists. He furiously ripped himself backwards and when he opened his mouth the thermometer fell from it. Sam was about to scold him once more when Dean cut him off.


    "Huh'TcshsHSSHhsHS! Huh'TCshsHSSHShSH!"


    Dean grabbed the tissue box while Sam picked up the thermometer. Luckily, the temperature had just started to beep before Dean had released it. Sam frowned when he glanced at the reading. "102.7. That's not too good, Dean," Sam told him.


    Dean lifted his wrist from his nose and immediately rubbed at his forehead. "Id's dnot thadt bad. Wasn't yours once 107," he pointed out.


    "Yeah and that doesn't happen to normal people and you were angry at that for weeks. Normal temperatures can't go above 104. If it goes any higher then I'm going to have to take you to the clinic," Sam confessed as he turned off the thermometer and tucked it back into it's cover.


    Surprise showed on Dean's face as he shook his head madly. "Dno clinic."


    "I'm sorry, Dean, but unless you start feeling better you're going to have to go. There's nothing that I can do about it," chided Sam with a frown. "I'm sorry."


    Dean rolled his eyes. "Whadtever. I'b sure I'll stardt do feel bedder," he reassured.


    Sam decided to drop this since the argument wasn't going to get any better. He patted Dean's shoulder and stood up from his bed. "Are you going to get some rest?"


    "Doesn't look like I have buch of a choice," he pointed out smartly.


    Sam said nothing as he walked toward the door and turned the lights off. He watched Dean crawl into bed before he headed out. It looked like this illness was going to take longer than he had first expected.


To Be Continued.....

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Just thoughts that I would wrap this story up since we're getting into the new year. I hope you all enjoyed it!


    "No. No. No!"


    Sam jumped from the couch when he heard his brother's screams. He had been reading and he had hoped that Dean would sleep through the rest of the afternoon and into the night. Clearly he had been mistaken.


    He forced himself up and over to Dean's room. He opened the door and saw Dean screaming and withering around desperately. He would reach out periodically and then clutch the covers in his hands desperately. 


    Sam had seen his brother do this numerous times. However, the nightmares had seemed to taper off for a few months. Then again, they didn't have the fever to contend with either. Dean was already feeling horrible, combined with the fever and normal crap that he had going on, it was a surprise that he was still functioning.


    Sam didn't care about facing the wrath of Dean any longer. He just needed to make sure that got his brother awake. "Dean? Dean!" He grabbed his brother's shoulders and shook him reverently. "Dean!"


    Dean's eyes opened and Sam was shocked at what he saw. Dean was hardly coherent and he seemed to be looking past Sam. Sam grabbed the thermometer and stuck it back under Dean's tongue. Dean didn't seem to be fighting it, but that was even more worrying to Sam. His brother would always fight Sam when Sam tried to mother hen him. This time Dean wasn't arguing with his brother at all. That was when Sam knew it was time to bite the bullet and actually take Dean in.


    "Okay, Dean, let's get you up," urged Sam as he gripped his brother under his arms and hauled him to his feet. Just then, the thermometer beeped and Sam struggled to take it out. Just once glance was enough to speed things along.




    Sam knew that they were probably in no condition to actually go into a hospital. Dean had been wearing the same shirt for almost three days and sweatpants while Sam was wearing jeans that were just one more day from falling apart while the shirt that he wore was a little too big on him. Although, he didn't really care when he felt Dean start mumbling something about their father. Things were a blur from there.


    Sam barely registered anything as he loaded Dean up in the car and took him to the nearest hospital. He was actually surprised that it was open on Christmas, but he supposed that it had to be open for emergencies such as these and worse. 


    He pulled the Impala into the hospital parking lot and helped Dean inside. As soon as he walked in the door, someone walked over. Clearly they hadn't been very bust and Sam was relieved.


    "Just help him. His fever is really high," Sam rambled even though he was sure that he had already said this numerous times. "Please, just help him."


    "Sir, sir, you're going to have to wait outside," one of the nurses told him as she steered him to one of the seats in the corner of the ER waiting room.


    Sam felt his mouth go dry. "But, my brother. He's-"


    "I know, sweetheart, but you're going to have to wait, alright. Can you just sit here and wait for me," she asked him sweetly as she went back around to the nurses station.


    Sam didn't see how he had a choice. He collapsed down while he thought about what might be wrong with Dean. He had just thought that it was a bad cold, but he was starting to have other thoughts about it now. After all, what cold could possibly raise your temperature to that degree.


    He wasn't really sure how long that he had been waiting, but eventually a nurse came down the hallway. She was a larger women wearing some Mickey Mouse scrubs. "Are you Sam," she asked when she approached.


    Sam nearly jumped up at once. "Y-Yes, that's me," he stammered in confusion. 


    "Come with me," she told him as she started to head down the hallway. Sam followed dutifully from behind and struggled to keep up with her. "Your brother was asking for you. You were the only one that he was callin' for. Poor dear must really like you."


    "I'm not sure about that," joked Sam, suddenly feeling beyond uncomfortable. He shifted ever so slightly before he continued down the hallway to one of the rooms that was sectioned off with curtains. 


    She nodded and Sam slid himself in carefully. He tried not to gasp at what he saw. His brother was laying semipropped up in bed with an oxygen mask over his face. He had numerous IV's in his arms and Sam didn't even want to guess what they were pumping into his system. He had icepacks tightly wrapped around him while he shivered, but Sam could tell that that was probably a good thing. He was in a hospital gown with a blanket wrapped a little around him, but it clearly wasn't doing much for him.


    "Sabby," Dean croaked, his voice obstructed by the mask.


    Sam nodded slowly. "Hey, Dean. How ya feelin'," he asked as he pulled up a chair and sat beside him. He reached out and grabbed Dean's hand to calm him down.


    Dean grimaced, but didn't retract his hand from his brother's grip, even though he desperately wanted to. "A liddle bedder," Dean answered quietly.


    "You don't sound better," Sam confessed since he was still having a hard time understanding him.


    "Jusdt the bask," Dean argued with a cheeky smile. Sam smiled back with a tiny nod of disagreement. He would let Dean have a small victory for now. At least he was talking again.


    "They say what was wrong with you? You were kind of out when we brought you in," he told his brother hollowly. 


    Dean's glance fell back. He screwed up his eyes as he thought hard. He hadn't remembered much, actually hadn't remembered anything at all. Later he would ask Sam about the missing time, but for now he would rather just think that nothing had happened and leave it at that. 


    "Dean, what did they say was wrong with you," repeated Sam when his brother showed no signs of even hearing him, let alone answering.


    Dean wrinkled his nose in disgust before he lifted up a finger to his brother. He craned his head to the side as he let out a tiny puff of breath. "Huh'TcsHsHshsHSHS! Huh'TCSHsHsHsHSSH!"


    "Goodness, Dean! That's still going on," Sam commented as he watched Dean sniffle and slightly wiggle around uncomfortably. 


    Sam looked over and saw the slightly sprayed mask over Dean's face. He looked around for a tissue box before he found it on a tiny endtable. He reached over and grabbed them before he stood up so that he was towering over his brother. Dean tried to look away, but Sam was quicker and stronger at the moment. He grasped the mask and peeled it from Dean's face gently. He lifted it off before he handed a few tissues to Dean and tucked them into his hand.


    "Blow with those and I'll worry about the mask," Sam told him without looking Dean in the eye. He didn't need to see his brother's embarrassment and shame right now when he knew that was all that he would see. 


    Despite his embarrassment, Dean complied. He blew his nose with a congested and weak honk. Once he was finished, Sam had finished cleaning off the inside of his mask. He passed it back to his brother and gingery helped him pull it over his face. The sound of pure oxygen flowing to Dean filled the ever so silent room.


    Sam decided to let his brother come to terms with this as soon as possible. Luckily, he didn't need to break the silence because Dean did it for him.


    "Preddy lousy Christbas, huh," Dean asked with a pained shrug.


    Sam shrugged back as nonchalantly as he possibly could. "Nah, it was pretty nice. I got more gifts than I ever had and I made dinner last night. We watched some movies earlier, and look-" Sam pointed to the TV. "-Elf if on. What could be more Christmasy than that?"


    Dean let himself smile a little. However, it quickly left his face as he shook his head. "Dno, this wasn't the Christbas I wandted for you," he argued breathlessly. "I wandted to have a real Christbas."


    "And we will. There will be plenty more time for it. I just want you to get better. Make that my Christmas gift this year," Sam requested.


    "Budt, we dond't even dknow whadt next year will bring," he complained feverishly. "I jusdt wandted everythig to be perfect and id wasdn't thags to be."


    Sam couldn't take Dean's self pity any longer. He gripped his brother's hand and squeezed it so hard that he caused Dean just the slightest bit of pain. "Don't beat yourself up about it or you'll cause a relapse! Besides, you didn't mean to get sick. You couldn't have planned it."


    "Baybe I should've godden one of those dabn flu shodts, huh? Baybe thadt would've done sobethig," he pointed out.


    Sam shook his head. "Those rarely actually work. It's a mutated virus and it mutates even before the vaccine is ready to be released, so it's not effect. Long story short you probably still would've gotten sick."


    "Thags for thadt anatoby lesson, Dr. Oz," Dean croaked as he rubbed his hand against the side of his face and let out a painful breath. "Adyway, are you sure thadt you're okay spending tibe, here?"


    "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else," he lied since he knew that that was what Dean needed to hear at the moment and that was the least that he could do was humor him.


    "Huh'TcsHshsHsHSHSSH! Huh'TCsHSShshSHSHS!"


    "Bless you," Sam offered, relieved that these ones seemed more contained than the ones prior.


    "Ledt's see whadt is on," Dean suggested as he pointed to the remote.


    Sam grasped at it and changed the TV from Elf to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Dean became sentimental when ill. "That good," Sam questioned.


    Dean nodded excitedly as he sniffled. "Berry.....Huh'TcsHshsHsSHSHSS! Huh'TCshsHsHsHSSH! Huh'TcshChsHshsHSSH! Ugh. Christbas, Sabby."


    Sam chuckled as he leaned back in the seat and nodded slowly. "Merry, Christmas, Dean."


    The End

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Aww, this warmed my heart. Love the ending. 

10 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

"Berry.....Huh'TcsHshsHsSHSHSS! Huh'TCshsHsHsHSSH! Huh'TcshChsHshsHSSH! Ugh. Christbas, Sabby."


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Merry Christmas to us all!  I loved this.  It was just the perfect holiday treat.  Thanks for sharing it with us.

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On 25/12/2017 at 5:30 AM, Wolfwings22 said:

Unfortunately, when Dean got sick, he got sick hard.

Oh. Yes, of course - but seeing it written this way was just... Well, you know. :sweatdrop:

That was a great Christmas story! I'm sorry I didn't commented on it before, but now that I've read it entierely, I can say that it was really really good! Sick Dean is my favorite (just after sick Castiel)... and if there is a bit of drama it's even better! Thank you!


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