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*melts* I adore this! Truthfully, I've never heard of him *hides from things being thrown at her* I adore the fluff and cuddles so much!! :hug:


As usual, great job, Facet!!! <3

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2 hours ago, facet said:

Thank you! :D He'll be all right. He's in good hands. It'll be more interesting to see how things play out once Yuuri catches it haha

Nah, this one- And I ALWAYS say this, but I'm gonna mean it sooner or later- this one is a one-shot :lol: 

It's just to celebrate the birthday boy :heart: 

Oh well that's fine ya still make amazing stories anyways can't wait for the next update on one of them or even a new one^_^

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1 hour ago, facet said:

Thank you very much! :D I'll be finishing up my Secret Santa story next, and after that, who knows?

Thank you for the kind words and support, and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you too 

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I was already really excited when I saw someone posted a YOI fic. And then who writes it? A friend who's great at writing.

This is so adorable!!! I especially love when Victor misunderstands and thinks Yuri's leaving him lol.

And of course this:

6 hours ago, facet said:

Even when ill, Viktor was a mischievous charmer. 

Because it's 100% true haha, never ending flirting.


I only just realized that I somehow missed that they were married in this. I thought it was earlier than that lol.

Also, I didn't realize it's Victor's birthday somehow.

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