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Sniffles that Evolved into the Flu (F)


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My wife recently underwent a bout with the flu, as I’m sure at least a few of you have this year. It began with a bit of a runny nose, then quickly got worse on that front.

I woke up a few days ago hearing her blowing her nose in the bathroom. When she came out, she mentioned that her head and nose were bothering her, but I think we both wrote it off as either a cold or allergies at first.

I texted her before I got home from work to see how she was feeling, and she replied that she’d “been kinda sniffly all day.” She also mentioned wanting to go out to dinner that night.

Now, the thing is, when my wife has a cold or is dealing with allergies, she almost never brings tissues when she goes out. Countless times I’ve given her my handkerchief in public, but that leaves me with nothing if I happen to need it! So on this night, I made it a point to place a packet of Kleenex in my pocket.

It didn’t take too long to get to the restaurant, and no significant obs occurred during the drive aside from a few scattered sniffles from my wife. She was sniffling with fair regularity by the time we sat down at our table though, and she sneezed a double into her elbow right after we ordered.


I thought this would be a good time to produce those tissues, so I pulled out the packet and slid them across the table to her. Remarkably, she refused.

“Oh, that’s okay, those were dry sneezes. Thank you though.”

As I expected though, her sniffles became more wet and frequent after her sneezes. Not five minutes passed before she said,

“Actually, *snrff* can I have one of those tissues?”

I handed her the packet, and she pulled out a single tissue. Folding it over her nose prayer-style, she blew several times until her nose seemed clear (I’ve described her nose blowing in previous obs; lots of honking).

Throughout dinner she either wiped or blew her nose on napkins and/or tissues, and sounded like she was getting stuffier before long.

When we left, I put the Kleenex pack back in my pocket, and we headed out for the car. It was a somewhat lengthy walk in the cold before we got there. Once we got in, my wife immediately signaled distress.



“Gimme a tissue, quick! My nose is about to run away!”

I quickly handed her the pack of tissues, and looking over, saw what she meant: a thin, clear rivulet was slowly sliding down from one of her nostrils to her upper lip. She removed another tissue and blew her nose, remarking afterward, “God, my nose has been a mess today!”

The next day when I was at work, I received this text from her:

“I’ve got a doctor appointment at 4. I have to get this thing controlled.”

By “this thing,” I assumed she meant her poor nose. She later let me know that the doctor confirmed she had the flu, and that she was headed home.

Once I got home a bit later, the scene was heartbreakingly cute; my wife was curled up on the couch in her pajamas, with an array of supplies on the coffee table beside her, and her nose was bright red (I avoided any references to Rudolph, assuming she wasn’t in the mood).

With tears in her eyes, in the most pitiful, stuffy-sounding voice, she said “Ughhh *snrff* babe, I feel awful...mby ndose is so raw...” Her voice trailed off as she pulled a tissue from the box on the table and blew her nose for perhaps the hundredth time that day.

The next few days progressed largely the same. She rightly called in to work for several days, and according to her she spent most of her time sleeping, watching Netflix, and blowing through every tissue in the house. She even uploaded this picture to Facebook in order to showcase her misery.

She’s feeling quite a bit better now, of course, but is still feeling some residual effects. She has to blow her nose fairly regularly, which leads me to believe she may have developed a minor sinus infection.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!







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