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am I the only one?

Ben Drowned

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Okay I'm curious, a long with my sneeze, nose fetish (sneezing, nose blowing, sniffling, mess, etc) I love when some one gets a cold, because it makes the person helpless and cute. But is it just me who melts every time when some one says "I'm not feeling too good" "I think I've got a cold" "I'm not feeling so good" "I might be coming down with something" I'm a total sucker for this, or when the caretaker is like "I think you sick" "you feeling any better?" etc just anything along those lines, I turn to mush and die of how cute that sounds. The gender for my fetish doesn't matter it's both male or female or what ever the heck this person is. Am I the only one who turn to mush when ever they hear that It just makes me want to take care of the person even more sorry if this is already posted by someone else 


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No, I feel the same way. But its a blessimg and a curse. Cause when someone in my family is sick and starts talking about how they dont feel well, i just cant be around them because it annoys me or makes me feel uncomfortable. :( 

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Not alone. This is totally me, and yet, I get suuuuper uncomfortable if I'm the one sick, and someone comments on it. But I love when other people mention if they aren't feeling well, or if someone else comments on it. *melts*

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It depends for me. If it's a best friend saying this (like my best guy friend who I used to have a crush on but don't anymore since he has a girlfriend already, but we're still best friends), I really want to take care of them. But if it's a family member or elderly, NOOO! But yeah, just before break, my best guy friend said he wasn't sure if he was getting a cold or if it was allergies, and though we later determined it was a 99% chance of being allergies, I still wanted to just sit down and take care of him for the rest of the day or week

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I generally like it when people say that they may be coming down with something, however it's less so because I want to take care of them, and more because it means they'll be more likely sneeze. Unless I'm related to them, then it's just horrible, for pretty much the same reason.

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Hello Ben,

you are not alone with your feelings and thoughts.

I feel the same like you and I think we are all caretaking persons.

But I have to admit, I don't like it if it is someone who I don't know very well. 

If it affects my family members or a good friend - I feel really sorry for them.

And I want to take care of them for the whole week :) 

Be sure, you are not alone.

Happy new year and all the best for you.

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While I really like denial I also really like that breaking point where the character admits to not feeling well, especially if they downplay it with their word choices. Other characters commenting on one character's obvious or not so obvious illness is also very much to my liking. I'm only into illness though so I guess all this is kind of logical, lol.

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thanks guys I'm not into the family part (it weirds me out IDK why but t does) but if it's someone/ character I like then hell yah then I'll turn into a flippin puddle thanks for answering

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I really like it when someone sneezes frequently due to a cold, and then later says, "I think I'm coming down with something."

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You are not alone.. A few weeks ago I visited a customer and he welcomed me saying: "Oh, no shakehand´s please, I´m coming down with a cold". And in his office the discussion went on with two other male colleagues of him, who feared  a bit to catch this cold from him.... They said - "he´d better stayed at home.." - Was difficult to concentrate to the real reason of my visit...:-)

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Yes, a family member is definitely off-limits with this.  In fact, I HATE hearing or seeing them sneeze because it is such a turn-off for something I generally love.

I DO love it if it's someone I'm attracted to in either a close friend way or more.  Yes yes yes!  I am definitely a caretaker and love being in that role when I can do it and it be natural.  

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Oh yes, I totally love all the above mentioned. :-D

Except family members obviously, I do hate that.

I especially love it in fiction, however, I don't just like a constant stream of "I'm not feeling well, I'm coming down with something, etc."

I love it when it is only in the fiction once or twice, especially like Sitruuna mentioned: when it signals the breaking point of denial.

I like denial and I adore the breaking point, but in both cases I like subtlety. I don't like someone just going on about "'I'm not sick, I'm fine, etc" and then going on about "I feel horrible etc."

Subtlety is really hard to come by in sneeze fictions (who could blame anyone after all it's basically porn, so who would want subtlety?).

I do however, I love subtlety, it is one of the things that make or break fiction for me and the same is true for phrases like the above. Make the character say it once or twice in just the right situation and I swoon and drool, make them say it all the time and moan about it and it has the opposite effect: it turns me off.

When the author is truly skilled and uses it just the right amount and in character and in just the right situation then it is probably one of my absolute favorite bits.


Sorry for the long rambling. ;-)

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