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does nostril flaring count as a related fetish? it's not entirely seperate for me as there does also need to be some sneezing, but I just love watching someone's nostrils flare from a tickle, and I like when I can feel or see (in the mirror) mine flaring with irritation.

anyone else have nostril-related things they like? either flaring, or other things?

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I never thought of it as something separate, but I just like noses in general (and love sneezes in particular). I definitely catch myself admiring the shape of someone's nostrils sometimes. And of course any movement of nose and/or nostrils before/during/after a sneeze or sniff is great.

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Not sure if I would class it as separate from a sneezing fetish (if we break sneezing down fully, does enjoying the build-up class as a gasping fetish, for example?) I think they are just all elements which combine to form our own individual enjoyment of sneezing.

And to answer you second part, flaring nostrils in anticipation of a coming sneeze is a great part of the sneezing fetish for me :D  

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