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Cover and contaigion

Ben Drowned

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Hey guys I've been wanting to make a game on this forum for a little while so I've finally mustered up the courage to do it

It's called Cover and contaigion

okay here's how it works say the user above you sneezes you'd put how you'd cover their sneeze then you sneeze and the person under you does the same thing Example ( dude above me: Haxchoo!. Me: bless you *cover with tissue* heh..hah Het-Chu!) Since there's no one above me I'll start it off

(you can sneeze more than once and they can be loud be creative with your covering



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Bless you *takes out tissues and covers your nose with it and helps you blow it if need be* 

HAESSHOO (this is pretty close to my actual sneeze) 

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Aww bless you honey. Here you look like you might need to sneeze again. *cover your nose with hanky as you sneeze once more*

He...he..ih..ah...oh no...eh...heESHU!!!

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Goodness me, bless you!  *covers your nose with her cupped hands over and around your nose.*



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  • 2 weeks later...

Bless sweetheart! *covers your nose & mouth with sleeve of my fave hoodie*

HULISHIEW! HULISHIEW! *messy sneeze*

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Wow, bless you! *wipes your nose with plain gray hankie*

Hh.. hahh.. Hah'ASCHhu!

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