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I’m so embarrassed


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Hey guys,alright it’s been a while since I’ve written an observation so I’m sorry if it’s not that good

Alright so I’ve always had dust allergies since I was a kid all it takes is a bit of dust to set my nose off but it’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older so my nose isn’t so sensitive.Bit of a shame there :( Anyway so I had gone thrifting and it’s something I really like to do but the only problem is the dust. If I don’t sneeze then I’ll be stuck with an itchy and runny nose but if I do sneeze then it’ll take a while to stop. So I was looking at the clothes and I found this dress that looked pretty nice and I went to try it on. Only problem was that it was really dusty....I had that dress on for less than a minute and then the sneezing began. Oh God this is so embarrassing. I’ve always had loud sneezes and they found like “HAESSHOO” and I sneeze at least 2times usually sometimes I hitch and sometimes I don’t. Another thing I do is I try and make my sneezes softer by pinching my nose as I sneeze and it makes a “HCHH” kind of sound but it makes me sneeze more 

So I pinched my nose when the first sneeze  came but it just made me sneeze even more so my sneezes were getting louder and louder to the point that they just sounded like “HAESSHHH” not even with the choo part which I usually have it basically became a scream sneeze. At this point my eyes were tearing,my nose was running and I was still a sniffly sneezy mess in the dressing room. Guys here’s the part where it gets really embarrassing the lady running the counter knocked on my door and asked “bless you dear are you alright?” I could have died right then and there but of course in that moment all I could do was sneeze “HA-ESHH” so I took off the dress as quickly as I could and when I opened the door with one hand covering my nose because guess who forgot her tissues!!!! So I had snot dripping and my eyes were tearing after my fit so I looked terrible. So when I opened the door there that lady was standing in front of my door holding a box of tissues. I know she had good intentions but it just made it even worse for me to the point that I just started to cry..... I absolutely hate being blessed after sneezing in front of people especially after sneezing multiple times and to have her outside the door was just making it worse. I think she didn’t notice I was crying because my eyes were already running but I still accepted the tissue box and blew my nose trying to clean myself up as much as i could. I must have used up at least half the pack just blowing my nose. This was definitely one of my most embarrassing moments I’m just glad there weren’t others around aside from the lady and I😭


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Oh wow, yeah that sounds pretty bad.. though I'd absolutely love to take care of someone that was suffering that way.

Only if they're up for it!

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Oh my goodness, that does sound embarrassing!  I have dust allergies, too, and would have been similarly embarrassed in that situation (though I do love being blessed).  Believe me, I sympathize.

Bless you, Macy.:hug:




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awe that. that sucks. I have dust allergies, and I know the pain. I understand it's embarrassing to be blessed (though I don't mind it at all) hope your all right

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Hello Macy,

I sympathise with you, I promise.

That sounds really embarrassing, especially the woman asked if you we're okay and you wrote you had to sneeze loud.

Be sure, she just wanted to be kind and take care of you.

Please don't be too embarrassed, you can't help it and nobody will judge you for an allergic reaction.

I hope you feel better now and bless you, Macy:hug:

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Aww, that sounds so bad. Though I myself am not a particularly bashful person, I can see, how loud sneeze fits can be embarrassing. I hope this’ll make you feel a little less embarrassed, but I think your sneezes sound like absolute delicacies. Feel better, hon. :hug:

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I’m so sorry you were embarrassed; I certainly would have been too. I can totally relate to this, though. Thrifting, and especially for clothes, has been a beloved hobby of mine for years. I’m also highly allergic to dust, and on plenty of occasions I’ve had an episode of sneezing and sniffling in the store. Only once did I not have tissues, and it ended much in the same way. I wound up fumbling to my car with my nose a mess, while several people uttered “eww” as I passed. Now, I never go thrifting without a hefty share of tissues on hand!

Thank you for sharing!

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