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Has anyone seen The Greatest Showman?


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I saw it the other day and really enjoyed it, but I don't see it getting talked about that much. SO if anyone has seen it, what did you guys think?

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I SAW IT AND ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I thought that the music was phenomenal and had a cool modern twist while the show is set in the late 1800's and don't get me started on the choreography, like REWRITE THE STARS WAS SO COOL! Plus the parallels between Charity and PT's duet and the ballad she sings later on...ughh I loved it! Not to mention that the overall acting was also amazing, like the slow burn romance between Anne and Philip <3, though I just love the overall message of this film and how it's basically summed up in the song "This Is Me"!! (sorry I kinda got carried away lol, hope you don't mind)

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