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Haha! What are you doing with that feather? Ahahaha! Are you tickling me? Oh, please don’t stop...”

The feather moved back and forth briskly, soft fluff attempting to reach every inch of skin that they could. Gradually, the bristles moved upward on the body, eventually reaching the face. Still, the body convulsed in bouts of ticklish laughter, pointing out the different features being tickled.

“Hahahaha! My ears! Hahahaha! Oh, my chin tickles the most! Hahahaha! Oh, make sure not to tickle my…hahahaha! Just stay away from my nahhh…ahhhh…ahhhhhh…

But the tickler had not heard the warning amidst the chuckles and squeals. Only after the nose had been thoroughly tickled did the tickler realize that they had made a mistake.

“Oh! The feather tickled my…muhhh...my nose. No, don’t worry it’s just...just a...ahhhhh...a little tihhh...tickle.”

The nose twitched and squirmed, irritated from the encounter with the feather and needing to relieve itself.

By this point the feather had stopped tickling, the tickler curious and a bit apprehensive about what the twitchy nose would do next.

“Ahhhhhh….hahhhhh… Ohhhh...my nose is so...ahhhh...so...hahhhhhh…so tickly from the fehhhh...feather. I think that I might need to...ahhhh...that I mihhh…might...ahhhhh…”

The nostrils flared, but the tickler knew not what the nose might need to do. It seemed that in the present circumstances, all the nose could do was bounce around in a kind of dance.

“I’m gonna...ahhhhh….I’m guhhhh…gonna…ahhhh…hahhhh...”

Suddenly, the hitching of the breath ceased, yet the nostrils continued to wriggle around, even more desperately now.

“Quihhh…quickly! Tickle my nuhhh...nose ahhhhh…ahhhhhh…again. It’s stuck! My snehhhh…snehhhhh…hehhhhh-!”

Dutifully, the feather followed it’s orders, though the tickler didn’t know why they were being asked to continue tickling a spot that was causing the body such obvious discomfort.

Back and forth the feather moved underneath the twitching nostrils, though no progress appeared to be being made. It was for this reason that the tickler decided to plunge the feather inside the cavity, gently twirling and covering as much surface as possible.

“Yes….ahhhhh…just like thahhhh….that. You’re gonna mehhhh….make me snuhhhh…snehhhhhhh-! HATCHIEW! ITCHOOO! HUHHH…HURCHUH!”

Making no attempt to cover itself, the body let loose, and the tickler immediately came to terms with what the body had been trying to do.

The feather had been blown from the nose with such force that it was now rendered useless for any more tickling. Meanwhile, the tickler themself had been sprayed harshly by a thick mist coming from the body’s mouth, but the nose was not yet finished.

“uhhhhh….huhhhhhh…HUHHHH...HUKCHOO! ETCHEIW! hehhhh….HETCHOO! Hatchoo! Excuse me! Your feather tickled my nose and made me…made me...huhhh...HERSHOO! Oh! Bless me, I guess I had one more tickle...made me sneeze! Oh no, here comes a-another...ahhhhh...”

Though finished with it’s display, the body had not yet relaxed. Now aware of what would happen to them should another volley of these sneezes approach, the tickler placed a finger firmly underneath the sniffling nostrils.

“Thahhh...thank you, but I still have to snehhh...sneeze! Here take this hanky…now when I tell you to, pull your...your...ahhhh...your finger away. Then get rehhhh….hehhhh…ready to catch my sneezes in the hahhh...hanky! Uhhhhh….huhhhhhh….HEHhhhhh...n-now!”

The tickler speedily obeyed, a flower-embroidered pink handkerchief hovering just underneath the body’s nose, moving up and down as the body heaved.


The body once again froze mid-hitch, and hands frantically fanned the trembling nose.

“H-help! I cahhhh...can’t...ahhhhh...sneeze! Grab something….hahhhh…anything to help make me sneeze…there! Those dahh…daffodils sometimes tickle my…tickle my…hehhhhh…my nose! Bring them ohhhh...over hehhhh…hehhhh…here. Oh, please hurry!”

Swiftly the daffodils were removed from the vase and brought up to the nose, though the tickler did feel a bit weary about removing the handkerchief shield for even a moment. It was decided that the quivering nostrils could not be trusted to keep their word by not exploding again.

“Ohhhh...I can already smell the...the pollen...the daffodi-hiiiihhhh...ahhhh...daffodils usually just gihhh...give my nose a little tickle, but I think, this time, with you tickling my-hehhhh-my nose as well, they might mehhh….mehhhhh….make me-make me...snehhh...hehhhh….HEHHHHH….sneeze!”

The daffodils, after being used to tickle the nose, were set down to be replaced once again by the handkerchief. The hanky loyally completed it’s task, catching all of the wet, messy sneezes, but was entirely soaked and useless by the time the bout of ticklish explosions finished.

“My nose still tickles from the fehhhh...feather and the...hahhhh...HAHHH-the daffodils, but I have nothing to cover my HAHHHH...my sneezes with...hurry, find something befuhhh...before I...HAHHHHH….HAHHHHHHHH-!”

The tickler searched desperately for something to guard themself from the nasal explosions, grabbing a hand towel from the kitchen counter and rubbing it underneath the nose to either soothe out or keep in the oncoming sneeze.

“N-no! I was-HAHHHHHH-cooking with that t-t-towel and it hahhhh….HAHHHHH...HATCHOO!! HESHIEW!! ETCHOO!! ...has spices all over ihhh...it. ITCHIEW!!”

Now frustrated by the amount of sneeze-inducing substances in the room, the tickler pinched the nostrils shut with their own hand, making the tickle from the feather, flowers, and spices back down. The sneezer breathed a sigh of nasal relief.

“Yes, I subbose that is bedder. The tickle is gode, you cad let go of by dose dow.”

The tickler raised an eyebrow, but obeyed.

“I’ve sneezed my share today, I think. The...the….HATSHIEW! Oh, excuse me! Did I spray you? I’m terribly sorry, an itch struck me out of nowhere! Well, as I was saying, the feather started it all with that first nose tickle, then the daffodils sent me over the edge, and the spices didn’t help much at all. But it all started with that troublesome feather...”


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The feather part especially killed me.

(Also, the way this is clearly geared towards the fetish makes me think of this being more of a fetish teasing type thing? Where the sneezer is sort of roleplaying with the tickler who has the fetish and the sneezer set all of that up and is specifically trying to excite the tickler? I don’t know lol just that this doesn’t seem very realistic to me so my mind went there somehow.)

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I love how non-descript the characters are, and how well they were written! It makes room for the fantasies to take over :)

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Oh. :jawdrop: Wow. That was.....I have no words. You have a true skill of writing, I love it! Keep it up!

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  • 4 years later...

This was so good!  I would love to read another if you had the time to write one!

The teasing buildups were just… 🤯🙈

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  • 1 month later...

*Swoon* I’m in love. This was almost as good as torture scenarios, but it has that satisfying ending that comes from the release of the sneezes. Keep up the good work.😍🥰😘

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  • 4 weeks later...

Great work i really like the way you describe everying its soo detalied and really luts a good picture in my head 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well since this story is making the rounds again may as well say how much I love how this story is written. Unique POV and setting, really great overall!

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