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What Are You Doing (New Years) // Captain America & MCU (Bucky)


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Have a lil ficlet of sick bucky with some steve/sam/bucky soft boyfriends.


Hehheh’gtSCHH! *snfl* eh’ISHHH!” 

Bucky rubs his hand up against his nose, trying to ignore how much it’s running. And how much his head is tickling. God. 

He, Steve and Sam had decided to go out to Times Square for New Years Eve, and Bucky wishes his health hadn’t decided to fuck up. Earlier that day, he’d grown congested and bleary and his throat had decided to ache and become inflamed. 

Suffering through a cold in the freezing temperature, with at least ten thousand people around wasn’t exactly what Bucky had had in mind for ringing in the new years. But Sam had looked so excited, and there was no way he was going to be the one to ruin that. 

So Bucky had popped four Dayquil tablets and gotten ready, wanting to give his guys a good start to the new year. It helped somewhat that they didn’t seem to notice his ill feelings. Or if they had, they’d been kind enough not to comment. 

He hopes they’ll ignore the sneezes that have just tumbled out of him, but his sinuses are buzzing and he knows any second he’ll sneeze again. Sniffling experimentally, doing nothing but making the itch grow, Bucky sighs clenches his jaw. 

(Secretly, Sam and Steve have noticed, but they understand that sometimes it’s better not to comment, even if Steve is about to crawl out of his skin wanting to make sure his guy is okay and not too cold or miserable. He watches Bucky fight off another sneeze, but sees the exact second his nostrils flare too long and his face crumples.) 

heh’NGXXTch’huhh! ih’tCH! hih’ISHHH! Exc-huhhh…excuuh-it’SCHHH

He sniffles which doesn’t do any good, too stuffed up and irritated. His nose is a deep pink, rims of his nostrils slightly damp with illness. 

Sam looks at Steve but doesn’t say anything. They’re all bundled up, Steve more so than probably needed, with the serum running through his veins. 

“Excuuhse me,” Bucky takes a crumpled up tissue from his black peacoats’ pocket, pushing it up against the underside of his nose, giving a few small coughs. 

“Bless you Buck. You alright?” Steve’s eyes are looking at him like he might explode any moment. Bucky’s not ruling it out though, his head feels ready to explode with how much snot he’s produced in the past 12 hours. 

He nods though, his hair falling slightly into his face. He lets a small shiver pass through his slim body, and he wonders for a brief second if it’s just the cold air or if he’s running a low fever. Definitely a possibility with how he’s feeling. 

The poor mans breath hitches again but the tickle backs off, and Bucky’s left pathetically scrubbing at his nose. Letting out a shaky sigh, he feels a hand on his flesh shoulder and he looks at Sam, who’s looking at him with a worried face that could rival Steve’s. 

“Hey….you wanna go back?” 

Bucky looks at Sam like he’s grown three heads. 

“Are you kidding? What the hell Wilson, think I can’t handle crowds?” 

Sam looks at him pointedly. 

“I think you can handle crowds just fine. But if you feel sick, I don’t want to make you suffer…” 

The long haired man opens his mouth to reply, but his eyes flutter shut and he’s bringing the hem of his shirt up over his mouth and nose. He can feel the sluggish discharge running down his nostrils and onto the upper rivulet of his lip. His whole head tickles overwhelmingly and all he can do is bury his face a little deeper into his clothing, thankful his hair is blocking most of his face. 

Heh….ihhh’hehh…” Bucky tries to rub his tissue up against his nose to quell the tickle in his head but it does nothing but make him need to sneeze more. 

heh’XGGTCH! Ohh….ih’XTCHH! *snnnf* uhhh…huh’GXT!” 

The last stifle scrapes his already raw throat and he can feel the congestion shift in his head, making him feel slightly off balance for a second. He blows his nose, not having much of a choice, and finally, finally looks up. 

Steve and Sam are talking quietly and he’s sure if he wasn’t so congested he’d be able to hear what they’re whispering about. 

Sam looks up and wraps an arm around Bucky, grabbing the tissue thats barely even held together and shoves it in his pocket. Steve hands him a newer one and wraps his arm around the other side of him. 

“I knew you weren’t feeling hot, but obviously being out in the cold’s made it worse,” Steve murmurs, matching Sam’s pace as they maneuver through the crowds. Bucky just huffs and stays silent, grumpy all the way to their small brownstone. It takes fifteen minutes of navigating in the cold, Bucky stopping every few minutes to sneeze, to get home.

Once inside, the shift in temperature makes Bucky’s congestion feel like it’s sliding forward and he presses a newly grabbed tissue to his nose. 

“Alright, I say we put on Dick Clarks Rockin New Years Eve, we make some popcorn and get in some sweats and cuddle up on the couch.” 

Sam looks to Bucky to gauge his reaction. He watches as Bucky frowns and lets a few coughs loose into his arm. 

“M’not…you two should go back….” he finally says, voice low and raspy, congestion making his n’s sound like d’s, t’s rounded out and flat. Steve presses a kiss to Bucky’s forehead, half out of comfort and half out of temp checking. 

“Babe…we’re not ringing in the new year without you,” Steve says in a finalized tone. The eldest rubs his eyes, bleary and tired, and finally nods, head falling to Sam’s shoulder as he stands in front of him. A shiver tears through his frame and Sam coos, shaking his head. 

“Alright, lets change, c’mon.” 

Bucky follows, padding across their wood floor to their bedroom. He pauses half way through the door frame. Sam looks up just in time to watch as Bucky’s snot-slicked nostrils widen and snap at the waist. 

Heh’uitchhh! h’IGTCHH! Oh-I’m sohh huh’XGGT! eh’ISHH’uh!” 

He’s dimly aware of a tissue being pressed against his nose, and he unconsciously buries farther into it, desperately wanting to expel the tickle that doesn’t seem to be gone. 

He lets his own hands fly up to the tissue, pressing it more securely against his poor nose, faintly realizing he’s touching someones hand. Eyes half lidded, he looks up to see Sam looking at him softly, dark hands against his pale face. 

“Shh baby, s’okay. I got you. Come on Barnes..” Sam pushes up a little harder against Bucky’s nostrils, attempting to coax out the last of the tickle. 

Ishhh! hih’ITCH! uh’ISHH! Oh.” 

The sneezes are unsatisfying but seem to be the end for now. Sam grabs another tissue, switching the used one out, and tells Bucky to blow.

Bucky, for his part, does as he’s asked and lets out a few coughs that seem to be a little rougher than earlier.   

Sam passes his guy some sweatpants and one of Steve’s old sweatshirts, then grabs Steve some loungewear and leads them back to the living room. Steve has ABC on and there’s three large bowls of popcorn sitting on the table, along with some cokes and tea for Bucky. 

They all puppy pile onto the couch and once situated, Bucky looks at both his guys. 

“I’m sorry I ruined the night,” the words tumble out of his mouth, quiet and vulnerable. 

Sam shakes his head and Steve makes a noise, kissing Buck’s cheek. 

“As long as we’re together, I think it’s a good holiday.”

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