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Joseph's Cold (M, Secret Santa for Sitruuna!)


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Cutting it close again this year, but so glad to have this out!! I actually have one more picture I'm working on for him but if I didn't start this thread now, odds are I never would.

Ahem! So this year, I was fortunate enough to be giving to @Sitruuna, who is actually a dear friend of mine! I was grinning from ear to ear looking over my assignment, and knew right away I had to leap at the chance to do something Dream Daddy-related for them.

Like I said, I do have another picture coming for this thread -- but for now, here's some Joseph settled in bed with what looks to be a miserable cold.

Enjoy, and happy holidays! ^_^

Seems that cold is... dare I say, hellish?

Someone really ought to bless him!

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I already commented on thies briefly on discord but of course I have to leave a comment here as well. ❤ (I actually accidentally tapped the snail emoji first because it's right above the heart on my recently used list... :' )

I'm soo glad you decided to draw Joseph! He looks so miserable, poor thing. The pre-sneeze face is excellent.

I appreciate the puns a lot. A cold from hell... : D

I'm also really glad that you enjoyed drawing these!! I think it's really important that the gifter also has fun ❤

Thank you so much for these!!

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