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How to edit profile?


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I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I’m having some trouble trying to edit my profile. It seems that I do not have permission to? I’m not really sure as I have not logged onto this site in quite some time. Thanks in advance!

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Hello, @zaiphon!

One of the more recent forum updates has changed some of the members' permissions. People in the "Pending" group can no longer edit their profiles and must wait to be validated before doing so. If there is something you want to alter, please feel free to tag a staff member here in this thread and let us know what you want altered. Or use the Contact Us! button to send us that message privately, if you'd prefer.

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I guess I'll add my trouble with editing my profile to this thread for now. I hope it's okay.


It looks like I've posted about 80 different times. I didn't see anything about being validated, just the "posting graduate" bit.

Somehow, I don't know how now, I was able to edit some things. Gender, the basic paragraph about my fetish, age. But there are other fields whose names I can't remember that I can't access. I know one is about sneezing preference. It's set to female when it needs to be male, or any... I think when I set this thing up in 2010 I was a little confused and set the wrong thing by mistake.

What things make you sneeze. That was the other one.


I'm a blind user. I've tried using Firefox and IE (I don't know how to use Chrome with a screen reader, have never tried.) On the main page, I don't see my username, or anything about editing the profile. I'm finding this very non-intuitive. Don't know if I'm missing something, or if the screen reader is just not showing me things everyone else is seeing. Frustrating.


Earlier, when I did find the "edit profile" link, I tried pressing enter, then space, then left-clicking on it (with the keystrokes the screen reader has built in) to no avail.


If anyone could please help, I would be grateful.

I posted something similar in another thread, so I hope it's okay I went into more detail here. Hopefully this is the right place.


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