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MeForever's Drabble Thread (fallout 4)


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Ohh boy, this is one of my first attempts ever to write Fallout 4, so I hope this goes well. Oh, and just to be clear, the Sole Survivor is going to be Called Hope throughout all the Drabbles.


titile: No problem.

Characters: MacCready, Hope.

Cause: Dust allergy.

Words: 139


"How long is this going to take?" MacCready asked. HIis voice was slightly waivery, Hope noticed. She turned around to face him.

"There's supposed to be good loot in here Mac, why, is there a problem?" She asked. MacCready shook his head furiously.

"No, not a-hh'Hphhs!! Sorry-"

"Bless you."

"Ahem, thank you. Not at all. No problem." Hope raised her eyebrow, but kept her mouth shut. She started rummaging through the desk that she had pulled open, kicking up dust bunnies in the air. MacCready's breath hitched, and while he desperately tried to hold back, his body wasn't' having it.

"He'Pshh! Eh'Psheww!-Hh..h"Pshewww! Ehp'Shew!"  Hope twisted around to see MacCready caught up in a desperate sneezing fit. She shook her head, face caught somewear between an annoyed scowl and a smile, and grabbed his arm.

"Idiot, let's get out of here."


If people have prompts tell me them please!

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