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Just wondering....


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In the rules, it states that you should not comment on old posts, bumping them to the top.  What would you consider an old post?  A month?  Several months?   Just trying to get some idea so that I don’t mess myself up on this board, not that I usually do.  I’m a rule follower, generally.   

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I'm not a mod or anything so I can't speak for them, but I would say a post that's older than 6 months should probably be left alone.

And I mean, if you're just bumping an old thread once in a blue moon I think that's okay, but some new posters will go through years worth of posts and leave a comment on 5, 10, 15 ancient posts in one day, which is where a lot of the irritation comes from. I don't think there's any harm in, say, finding a story from 3 years ago that you really love and leaving the author a nice comment. Just kinda use your own discretion, I'm sure you'll be fine.  :)

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