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So I don't write on here very often but I felt like this observation some people might enjoy. Last week one of my friends came down with tonsillitis. She had texted me saying she felt pretty lousy, so figuring she could use some cheering up went and bought her some soup and tea. I went to her house and we talked for a few hours and then I left. I didn't think anything at the time about hanging out with her while she was sick because tonsillitis is only spread by direct person-to-person contact, and sense we didn't share drinks or anything I assumed it was fine. Then a few days later I was in my microbiology class and I noticed my nose was a little running and I kept sniffling or gently rubbing the end of my nose with my jacket. I again thought it was weird because I my nose isn't normally so running but just brushed it off. Later in the day I developed a head ache and a bit of a sore throat. I keep ignoring it and assuming it would go away. This morning I woke up and my throat still hurt and I noticed a few small white spots in the back of my throat. My sniffles had increased too now it's a noticeably wet sniffle l I am currently feeling pretty run down and tired on top of it. I am pretty positive I am getting sick. I might have caught my friends tonsillitis or maybe it's just a cold but I will keep you guys updated. 

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Please keep us posted! I'm having the same symptoms actually so I wanna see if this might turn into a full-blown cold. 

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Hi guys my symptoms never progressed and ended up going away a day later. I guess it was  the weather we have been having some changes lately. Thank you for responding! I hope all it well for you BlondeSneezer. 

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