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Sneezy Husband In Army Basic Training


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My husband recently joined the Army and shipped off to basic training in November. Soon after getting there he caught a bad cold. Over the Christmas break he was able to visit for a week and during that time I got to take care of him and help him get over his cold. Since returning, he has another particularly sneezy cold. He has hay-fever and just an overall sensitive nose and is regularly a sneezy mess but he’d apparently been sneezing around 50 times a day. He knows that I love hearing about his adorable sneezy stories so he’s included a few in his letters. Here’s some of my favorite quotes: 

Drill Sargent: Why are you sneezing so much, private? You sick?
Husband: No Drill Sargent
Drill Sargent: Then why do you keep sneezing?
Husband: I’m just a sneezy guy, Drill Sargent

Drill Sargent: ... You’re a sneezy guy?
Husband: Yes Drill Sargent.     

Drill Sargent: Whatever Private. Carry on. 

Another time he had to do push ups because he had been trying to hold in a sneezing fit while at attention and the Drill Sargent asked him:
Drill Sargent: What the hell are you doing with your face Private?
Husband: I have to- AATCHHHHHeew *sneezed into elbow* - sneeze Drill Sargent

Drill Sargent: What the f***!

And then they all had to do pushups. 

He was also in a meeting with an officer when they had to take a couple minute break so my husband could go finish his sneezing fit outside since the Drill Sargent was grossed out and said, “Stop spreading your nasty s*** Private."


He spent a few days on bedrest before break because his chest was really congested and he had a temperature because of his cold and had a Drill Sargent get pissed off when he saw him get out of bed to start packing. He said something like “Get the f*** back in bed Private."

Looks like the spacing is a little weird in this post but I can’t seem to fix it  XP

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Yeah, I feel bad for the poor thing. He normally enjoys getting sick because he likes sneezing and being sniffly but this probably just sucks XP Apparently everyone has a cold, not just him. 

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