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I just found some spelled out sneezes in my folder and remembered my last German class. I wrote down the sneezes so I could write an observation after school, but I kinda forgot to do it. Well, now I remembered :) This is my first obs, by the way. At least the first I actually wrote down.

I'm not good at describing people, I can only tell you that the girl had blonde hair. She's already 18 though, if I remember correctly. Maybe I should take notes of the appearance of the sneezers next time... :rolleyes:


We were not too many people, as many were ill. I sat near a girl who seemed to be coming down with something as well, she sneezed once at the beginning of the class. It sounded like “Heh’Chiew!” and was quite soft. She didn't really cover, but somehow directed it onto her desk.

About half an hour later, she sneezed again, this time it was a double. “Heh’Chiew!” like the first time, a little pause during which everyone looked at her (we had to work silently), and another “Chiew!” Nearly everyone blessed her. Not even ten minutes later, she had another double, the first her usual "Heh'Chiew!", the second a little bit more wet, more like “TCHhh!”

Again, everyone blessed her. Including our teacher, who was rubbing her nose at the same time and erupted into a loud “ESHhh!” directly afterwards :D

There were some comments about how the sneezes would spread over the class, and some people passing tissues to both sneezers, but (sadly) no one else sneezed for the rest of the lesson.

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