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How does one start a drabble thread?
I’m pretty new to this forum. But I wanted to write more stories and such. Thus, a drabble thread is born. I’m open to requests. My fandoms are:
-Harry Potter
-Percy Jackson
-The Hunger Games
-Literally any kpop band
Sorry that it’s such a small amount, but those are the ones I am most comfortable with. I can do original fiction as well. Maybe I’ll think of more fandoms that I’m not that familiar with to write about as well.
Anyway, on to the first drabble!

Fandom: Harry Potter
Plot: Just you plain and generic comfort fic where Ron comes down with a cold and Ginny somehow finds out and takes care of him.
Warning: N/A

“You look like you’re dying.”

“Thad’s combforti’g.”

“No, seriously.”

Ginny stepped into the small bedroom to where her older brother was standing. He was a lot taller than her, but at that moment he seemed almost smaller. Maybe it was because of the short and dirty maroon pajamas he was wearing. Maybe it was because he was rubbing at his eyes and shivering. She placed one hand tentatively on Ron’s forehead. 

“You’re burning up.”

”Good to dnow.”

Did she mention that Ron became 100 times more sarcastic when he was sick?

”Who told you? Was it Fred a’d George? Because I specifihhcally told them dn-dnothhh to tell adyo- H’RUSSHh’oo!” Ron said, his sudden sneeze interrupting Ginny from her thoughts.

”Nope. I found out myself. Although, it was pretty easy to find out, considering you spent yesterday locking yourself inside your room and sneezing your head off.”

Ron snorted, but immediately regretted it when he started coughing. Ginny winced, but shielded herself. Germs, ya know. Once the coughing subsided, Ron sniffled and plopped on his tissue-invaded bed. Ginny followed, placing one hand on his back. 

“Didn’t wadt andyone to dnow,” Ron mumbled. “Id’s ki’da stupid.”

”Ron, being sick is normal.”

“A’d didn’t wadt t-to- Hh’ISShh’uh! Didn’t wadt to idfect the whole fambily.”

”Bless you,” Ginny said. “And don’t worry about us. Plus, Mum and Dad are basically immune to disease, you won’t get them sick. And you don’t care about Perce anyway.”

”Thad’s true,” Ron said, chuckling hoarsely but coughing harshly afterward. Ginny rubbed circles on his back gently, like her mother would have done once she was done fussing. After a while of awkward silence, Ginny made to stand up, but Ron grabbed ahold of her shirt sleeve and tugged.

”Ron, I have to go.”

”Dod’t go, Gind. Stay with be?” Ron pleaded, dragging his younger sister back on the bed. 

“But Mum’s gonna kill me if I don’t feed the chick- oh, alright,” Ginny said reluctantly once Ron began giving her the irresistible puppy-dog eyes that seemed to always work on Hermione.

”Thadks. Love ya, Gind.”




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Hello, everyone! *bows to a couple of ghosts*
Anyway, I have a second fic for you guys. 
Fandom: BTS (a kpop band I’m currently obsessed with)
Plot: Yoongi is asleep. Hoseok is worried.
Warning: Swearing. Only a tiny bit though.

“Where is he?” Jin was asking, looking around. They were due to arrive at an interview in five minutes, and it took six to drive there, thus the stress. It hadn’t been the first time they’d been late, but this one was important and took six months to schedule.
“Dunno. Hey, if he isn’t here, can Kookie and I play video games?” Taehyung asked unhelpfully, earning a smack from the former. 
“I’ll try to find him,” Hoseok called. “He must be asleep again.” Yoongi was like a rock when he slept. Dead to the world. He wasn’t lazy, but usually he was tired from spending all night in the studio. 
Hoseok searched his bedroom. Nope. The bathroom. Nope. Finally he traced his step to Namjoon’s study, where he found a lump, hunched over with its head buried in its elbows. “Yoongi-hyung?” Hoseok tried. No answer. He tentatively placed a hand on its back.
Quick as lightning, Yoongi’s hand smacked Hoseok’s face. Hoseok stumbled as Yoongi came to his senses.
“What the fuck, Hobi?” Yoongi asked groggily. “What timb is it?” He answered his own question by looking at the watch. “Fuck.”
“Yoongi-hyung,” Hoseok began, taking notice of Yoongi’s face. It was unbelievably paler than usual but flushed at the cheeks. His eyes were swollen and his nose looked raw. “Are you… alright?” 
Yoongi, who had been trying to stand up, swayed at the spot and grabbed the desk for support. “Hm? Yeah, I amb- H’gxt! N’gxt! Hhhihh… Ishixx!” He pinched his nose each time, quickly fumbling in his pockets for a handkerchief. When he found there was none, he sighed dejectedly.
“Here,” Hoseok offered, giving him his. Yoongi took it silently and blew his nose, sighing at the relief.
“Anyway, I don’t think you’re fine,” Hoseok stated matter-of-factly. 
“Don’t be sihhh silly, Ihhh am fi- H’ngxxt!” Yoongi said, then winced. Stifling hurt.
“No stifling,” Hoseok lectured in a very un-Hoseok manner. 
“No stifling,” Hoseok repeated sternly.
Hoseok took both of Yoongi’s hands as the older man struggled.
“Hobi, I swehhh to god… HAA’russsh’oo!” The force of sneezing doubled Yoongi over and made him hit the desk. He stood up, holding his head. “Ow.”
“Okay, good. Now, sleep.”
“But we have an interview- Hi’rshh’uh!”
“Not anymore. Jin-hyung canceled it,” Namjoon said, materializing at the doorway.
“Fide. I’ll get rest,” Yoongi said. “But ndo babyigg mbe.”
“Deal,” Hoseok said, grinning.

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1 hour ago, silentdreamer789 said:

Love the HP one!

Thanks! I can write more if you want.

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20 hours ago, kushamisukii said:

Yes please write more harry potter !!! Hehe ;)

Do you have any characters you want me to write about? I’m kind of out of ideas :( 

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Well I would like to read something with Harry and Ron!  That would be amazing. Maybe Harry is sick, working really hard and like run down and Ron is trying to help but Harry is not letting him haha. =)

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