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Embarassing Noseblowing?


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My most embarrassing nose blowing story would have to be from a few years back.  I had a really bad cold and was sniffling like crazy.  My ex-wife was sitting on my lap and we were watching TV with her family.  We were in the back of the living room and I was sitting on a chair.  I kept trying to sniffle discreetly as not to disturb anyone from the movie and I knew that I really had to blow my nose, but I didn't want my ex to have to get up.  Well, after about 5 minutes or so of sniffling, my ex got up and grabbed a tissue from the box (large purple box of white Puffs Plus tissues) that were sitting on a nearby table.  As she was walking back to me, she folded the tissue over lengthwise, handed it to me and while looking in my eyes said, "Here hon, blow your nose".  As I was putting the tissue up to my nose, she leaned back so that her right ear was right in front of my nose.  I didn't notice until after I had started blowing my nose, but it was already too late.  As I began blowing out of my right nostril first, it was SUPER wet and productive.  I just stopped mid-blow and was torn whether or not to ask her to get up so that I could finish or just keep going.  She must've sensed that I was thinking that, because she turned around a little bit and looked at me out of the corner of her eye, smiled, then started rubbing my right leg.  I took that as a sign to keep blowing, so, I continued to blow out of my right nostril, which ended in a little bit of a honk.  I then switched sides and started blowing out of my left nostril.  There wasn't too much in there, but there was a loud honk, which made her mom turn around and giggle at me.  After I was done blowing my nose, I quickly opened up the tissue to look and I saw that the snot was clear and sticky.  Just as I was closing the tissue, I noticed that my ex sneaked in quick glance.  She then softly said to me, "That was a wet one", as she grabbed the folded up tissue out of my hand, went into the kitchen and threw it in the garbage.  As she was walking back, I couldn't make eye contact with her, as my face was completely red, I was sweating and there was now a "bulge". 

Up until that point, I would always do my best to go into the bathroom and close the door when I had to blow my nose.  That was really the first time that I was "stuck" blowing my nose in front of her.  She had no problem blowing her nose in front of me.  I was SUPER embarrassed because we were only dating for a few months and I didn't really tell her about my fetish yet, because I was too shy.

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