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I am just now going through the Harry Potter thing. I just spent this whole month reading the books and watching the movies. I'm almost done reading deathly hollows, but I have been reading it very slowly because I know I will be so sad to finish these books!!

Also I love Harry to pieces because he's the perfect character to put through hardship and torture since he's so resilient and has gone through so much...as terrible as this sounds. 😂😛But there's so many people and scenarios to work with in harry potter you could write that are amazing when you have a sneeze fetish. Haha. Feel free to let me know if you have a request. 


I. Shower (harry x ron)


Harry was struggling against the dripping of his nose, which he thought revoltingly, was mingling with shower water rapidly running down the drain.

He pressed his warm head aginst the cool wall in a slump letting water spill over him. It ran around his temples and down to the tip of his nose. He shivered and let out a cough that caused him to wince. He heard it reverberate around the shower and wondered if anyone could hear him. He certainly hoped not, but the shower was the one place he felt he could really let out his sneezes and take a break from all the headsplitting stifling he did in company.


EHHschhooo!" He gasped and paused a moment feeling flushed.

"..Ahh...is that it-AHH...HAAchoo..ohh of course not..mmhff" he was rubbing his hand over his itching nose.

He sneezed freely towards the shower floor and swiped his fingers under his nose. This was dreadful but he didn't want to leave the shower because the steam was making his sinuses feel the best they had all day. 

Ah well, it was time to get out. He was going to be late for dinner. He turned off the water.


 Meanwhile Ron hastily struggled to get up from where he had been sitting just outside the bathroom listening with his hands over his beet red face.

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Wow this is fantastic! I haven’t seen much a Harry Potter recently, so this is exactly what I need:wub:

(btw-this has nothing to do with the topic at all, but I loovveee your user pic-hehe Sherl:heart:)

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