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Headache Sneezes (self-obs)


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Okay, so, I have a monster headache, that's going on day three now. I'm not sure if it's the beginning of the flu or not - I do feel overall achy, but I don't feel sick, if that makes sense. No fever or sore throat or anything like that. However, sometimes when I get these really bad headaches, they mess up my sinuses. I've had watery eyes, a runny nose and really bad congestion all day today. I'm also even more sensitive to light than usual, which in turn sets off my photic reflex. It's like, every time I look at anything bright, doesn't even have to be an actual light, the snowy ground is enough, I have to sneeze. I have probably sneezed around ten times today, they've all been singles but really powerful. Like, body-bending powerful. And really, really wet. Okay, it might be because I don't want to try and suppress or hold back at all because it feels like my head is about to split, but holy hell, it feels like they come from the bottom of my lungs. :lol: 

I'm sorry that this is a somewhat meh-obs, but I realised just as I started writing that I seriously can't think through this pain enough to write eloquent sentences and I just don't have the energy to write the circumstances of each sneeze. I'll update with details as soon as I can think again. :) 

Hope everyone else is well! 

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