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Hi! I hope I'm doing this right! Anilkex, I wanted to tell you I've just gone through all the fanfics (um yes, all 145 pages). Anything written by you has been wonderful. I learned I was not supposed to comment on old stories but I reeeeeaaallllly wanted to. Also, I thought you'd like to know: I recently started reading fanfics. Like, refused until about August of 2017. I have a hard time separating canon and fanfic. Getting over it. Anyway, discussing fanfics with my sister (who has written a few but dear God I hope not hear. That is not a sister thing lol) and she recommends this author that writes SPN with an added sister. So I go through all 145 pages, picking up the fanfics that might interest me (um obviously CM and SPN came on board) and I find out YOU write the added sister. My sister, who doesn't even know I'm here and I'm sure is not here herself, recommended your stories. She said they are so good and so well written that sometimes she watches an episode and wonders where she is. 

Sorry, I'm a rambler. But if I could and did write, I would like to know I was being recommended out in the real world. Thanks for your stories, I truly love them

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Holy crap. I...:jawdrop: (I spent a lot of time hunting for that emoji...)

Thank you so much for that post! I haven't had a chance to reply before now, but please know that I've been walking around with it in my heart all week. :inlove:

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Aww, I love this  ^_^

On ‎2‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 3:22 PM, ReidSeeker said:

I learned I was not supposed to comment on old stories but I reeeeeaaallllly wanted to.

I am by no means an authority on the subject, but my understanding is that it is considered ok to bump an old post every so often if it is still a relevant topic, and is a thoughtful/meaningful post.  I would think this would especially be the case for a  fic that was written by a still-active member who will more than likely see the comment. It is frowned upon to bump up a whole bunch of old posts in a small time frame, but I would think that a fic here and there would be perfectly fine? (I guess someone will correct me if I'm wrong :lol:)  

Personally, I love to see an occasional old fic bumped up that I may have enjoyed in the past, and not read in awhile (or one that I may have not seen before) :wink2:

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