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Old word "Snoutfair"


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I heard this on the radio many months ago and finally remembered I wanted to share it with y'all :lol: 


In a quick "All Things Considered" segment the hosts were talking about a linguist who wanted to reintroduce several out-of-use, out-of-fashion words, including "snoutfair." I sort of screamed in the car (alone) when I heard Robert Siegel say so chipperly, "you've got a nice nose!" :lol:

Upon further research, it seems to me snoutfair was used to describe someone's countenance or profile, which we all know is influenced heavily by the shape of the nose. But I'm just going to keep the word in mind for the more fetishistic purpose. "Damn it," I think to myself longingly, "that woman is so snoutfair."

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