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A bunch of random Kudos appeared. ;)


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I'm overdue to say some Kudos to some people here, so here goes:  

@matilda3948, for all of the awesome story swaps we've done and the Secret Santa-fic you wrote for me, and for all great talks and support, and last but not least your incredible .wavs. :heart: 

@Garblin, for your great and patient advice re: my sick cat. Thank you!!!

@Anonymouse, for listening to me ramble, for our awesome silly discussions that nobody else should ever hear of, for our awesome fic trades... and for just always being you. :hug:

@InLivingColor Who's gonna get the fic finished first...? you... or I? ;) Let's race each other. :P 

@PollenFiend, I am so sorry I'm taking so long with this Secret Santa fic, but you'll get it sooner or later, I promise!! :thumbsup: 

And to @PuddinPop, who's going through a real hell right now, but still is around to keep us safe. :cheers: You're the best, Puds. :heart: 

I love you guys. :cheers::flowers::cheers::party:  :lol: 

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Ah, @Chanel_no5 QwQ

Thank you for such kind words. Thank you so much for sending me random positive messages and listening to me ramble when I really need it. You are also the best, and I really appreciate your love and kindness. 

It is kudos much deserved to you too, my dear :hug::heart:

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Chanel! Thanks for putting up with my frequent ghosting and never writing me off! I was not expecting a kudos so I appreciate it... and right back atcha!

Btw... I've finally taken on the momentous task of watching Criminal Minds from season 1! I've always just watched them as they came on out of order but I've been wanting to write fanfic and felt that I needed more chronological context. So I hope I can treat you to some Blake fic in the future!

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Hi Chanel! Don't worry at all about the fic. Good things come to those who wait, and I won't rush you. It'll be sent when it's ready, and not a moment sooner. I wouldn't have it any other way. Take your time! 

I'm working on some side projects of my own in my limited spare time. I might reach out to get your opinion in the near future... I have a feeling it'll be right up your alley. 

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