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Which is your most important sense?


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I don't know why, but I got quite curious to which sense you value the most (or the one sense you can't live without)? 

I myself for some reason value smell the most. My eyesight is quite strongly impaired so it might be why, but I'm really not sure haha. 


It was supposed to be a poll but it wouldn't let me post a poll. Meh works without the poll as well :') 

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Either my hearing or my sight. I love music and I love to draw so if I lost either one it would suck :/.

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Definitely sight.

I've always feared blindness and unfortunately, there is a family history. My grandfather (on my father's side) went blind from glaucoma, my father used eye drops on a daily basis because of the same condition and I have been diagnosed with some of the early signs of glaucoma so I too have eye drops and will have to do so for the rest of my life.

I feel like I could cope in some shape or form without any of the other senses, but blindness scares me.





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I value them all HIGHLY, and do not ever want to be in a position of having to choose.

However, as to which one I could survive without, I do think that would be sight. It'd be a fuckup and a half to be blind, but I'd learn to read Braille, get ALL the audiobooks in the world, and so wouldn't have to do without stories, whereas without hearing I would have to do without music. Yeah, no.

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Hearing. If I couldn't hear music, people speaking, or my own singing voice I would lose my mind. At least if I'm blind I can still communicate relatively well. And I can already type without looking at the keyboard so my writing wouldn't really be hindered much. Smell is ehh. It would suck to lose it and food would taste different. Losing taste would also suck but I'd probably lose weight because I wouldn't be interested in eating all my favorite delicious fattening foods, and I could eat healthy without gagging on the taste.

Actually I just thought about touch. Imagining my body being completely numb to the sensation of touch is fucking scary to think of. I wouldn't be able to feel my clothes on my skin, or my feet on the floor, or if something was hot or sharp. Hmm... that might actually be the most important for me if only because the sense of touch is so necessary for safety.

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For me, it’s either sight or touch. On one hand, I wouldn’t be able to do most of the things I do on a daily basis if I couldn’t see, but on the other hand, if I wasn’t able to feel a thing, I would feel kind of isolated from the rest of the world. Like, hugging and all those things would be pretty much gone. Not to mention you wouldn’t be able to feel pain without a sense of touch, so your legs could’ve caught on fire and you wouldn’t even notice. I guess if I had to rank them I would go touch > sight > taste > hearing > smell.

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Man, it would be really hard for me to choose between sight and hearing. Sight is such an important sense, for obvious reasons. And I greatly value my independence, and I think it would be very difficult to maintain that to the degree that I would be content with without my sight.  But still, I think I'd have to go with hearing. Music is such an intrinsic part of my life, I think it would be devastating for me to have to live without it. 

I guess touch would be next most important to me. I'm not a touchy-feely person, but to completely lose that sense would be really disconcerting, I would think.  Not being able to feel pain would be both a gift and a curse. (No more headaches, cramps, etc...Where do I sign up? Plus I'd save a shit ton of money on pain meds :lol:)  But yeah, obvious safety concerns, like others have said.

I honestly think I could get by ok without my sense of smell and taste. I had a bad sinus infections a few years back, and couldn't taste anything for about two weeks. It was annoying, but I could live with it if I needed to.  As for smell...you really can't taste much of anything without smell. And I wouldn't want to smell yummy food and not be able to taste it, and know what I was missing all the time. May as well have both of those senses, if you're gonna take away one or the other. (Also, not all smells are yummy. As a nurse, I'll just say that there are some smells that would be much better off staying un-smelled :who-let-rip-smiley:)

To summarize: I value hearing, vision, then touch, in that order. Bringing up the rear, a tie between smell and taste. 

I spent waay too much time mulling over that one :lol:


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Oh, hearing, definitely. I turn to music whenever I'm feeling angry/sad/just generally bleh, so not being able to do that? :nosad: Plus I play three instruments and sing, so that's definitely my most valuable sense.

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No one ever says taste.  I cant imagine going through life no be able to taste anything. It would be so dull.

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For me smell for a very specific reason haha. There have been many times where I smell something and it completely takes me back to another point in my life, there's nothing else like it. Have you felt this before? It's so cool

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