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Scarlet Fury

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(How do people come up with titles for these posts?!)

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 months, and today marks the first sneeze of the relationship. He is about 6 ft tall, Hispanic, short black hair , dark brown eyes, wears glasses.

So we were going out to eat for a late lunch/early dinner. We arrived and got out of the car. He stopped walking, stared at the sky, and said "Hold on, I'm looking at the sun."

I was thinking 'You...? What?' 'No, surely not.' It had dawned on me a second before it happened. He turned his head over his right shoulder (away from me) "Ha-ESSHHoo!", uncovered, toward the ground. I didn't bless him (I panicked! Next time.) and he started telling me about looking at the sun when you need to sneeze. I chose not to tell him that I was already well informed about sneezing (:rolleyes:), and instead explained the photic sneeze reflex and that it doesn't work for everyone. He then insisted that it worked for everyone he had told that to (Guess what honey? It doesn't work for me. :bleh:)

Later in the car he mentioned that he is allergic to pollen and dust and he has been known to have sneezing fits in certain situations. (Something to look forward to!)

Now a fun fact about me: I am not particularly attracted to male sneezes. At the most, it's a sort of interest/curiosity. So from that perspective, I found his sneeze to be somewhat strong, but not make-you-jump-out-of-your-skin strong. So I'm happy about that. (I have not yet sneezed in front of him, and I'm hoping the mental block will take a vacation when the time comes)

That's all. Thanks for reading!

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