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Favorite brand of tissue?


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What is your favorite brand of tissue and do you find that one brand of tissue holds up better than others?  Do you usually blow your nose hard or soft?


For me, it depends.  Usually, I really like the Puffs Ultra Soft tissues and try to get those as often as possible.  I try to blow my nose soft, but it usually ends up with a honk, no matter how hard I try.  So far, those and the Puffs Plus with lotion are the only tissues that can hold the amount of snot that I blow out of my nose, especially in the morning.  For example, I currently have white Kleenex (trusted care) and white Puffs (basic) tissues in my house and I blew my nose once on each of those tissues this morning and the clear sticky snot not only covered the entire tissue, but it also got into my hands (which is a pretty common occurrence).

I am interested in the responses to this one!!


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I use plain Kleenex.  I find alot of things irritate my nose, like the lotion one's, extra soft one's, etc.  The Kleenex brand plain ones feel the most comfy on my nose of all the plain tissue brands.

I wouldn't refuse to use another brand, but when I buy them, that's what I buy.

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