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Cute Guy (Just Talk, No Sneezing)


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So I’ve been seeing this guy lately and he knows about my fetish. When I first told him he thought it was really cute and asked lots of questions about what I liked. He doesn’t sneeze very often at all (I haven’t seen one yet) but he says that he catches colds often and sneezes a lot then. Today we were having a picnic and were talking about if we thought it was going to rain. 

Him: I think we’re going to be okay 
Me: I hope so. Wouldn’t want to get caught all the way out here in a downpour.
Him: Yeah, you’d definitely get to see me sneezing then 
Me: *blushes and hides face behind hands* 

He mentions sneezing quite a bit now that he knows I like it and I’m certainly not complaining :)

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Well, sounds like you should go for a walk  together next time it rains. :hypoc:

Here's hoping you'll get a sneeze soon! 

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