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In desperate need of fluff - trade req

Kaze Wo Hiku

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Hey guys

So life has been hammering me lately and I really need just something happy and fluffy to read. I'm easily pleased I like men with colds. If you feel like helping out PM me and I'll gladly write something  for you in return. ^^

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Hello, dear Kaze,

not sure if my general writing is 'fluffy' enough for your taste, but I'd write you some sick Joseph (or any other OC of your choice) if you'd like this. Might just need two weeks or such because my own life is quite stressful as well.

@everyone else - please don't hold back if you had ideas and wanted to send kaze a PM. Kaze is such a good writer and a wonderful person, too. Just write all the fluff you can to make them happy as they deserve it. ;)


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