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Hiya, it's been awhile since I've visited here. ^^ I wanted to share a Zootopia sneezing commission I recently worked on.

Warning: Snot on the final page.

http://fav.me/dc4vaib - 1
http://fav.me/dc4vait - 2
http://fav.me/dc4vajd - 3
http://fav.me/dc4vak4 - 4

Now that I've done Nick and Judy, I wonder who else I could draw... I kinda wanna draw Judy sneezing again. :D

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Uuuuuuh~ i like how wilde gives the mouse his germ for taking his blueberry X'D wont it be contagious? (amen) love your detailed and amazing artwork!!! 

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A sequel is in the works, and awhile back I was given permission to share it but I'm going to wait until we have all the right beats set up to share with it. :3


Needless to say, Judy gets involved and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as myself and the client are. :) it's a lot of fun being able to draw these characters.

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