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just wondering if anyone else on here...


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o.k. so I was just wondering if anyone else here plays airsoft. for those of you not aware or familiar with airsoft, it's similar to paintball in terms of how it is played, the main differences are the projectiles and airsoft guns are different then paintball. (example of paintball gun here( https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=mOJo2%2bqo&id=FD926F12EC036E4FEEAF635BEFC4181A1FF216A0&thid=OIP.mOJo2-qom_yruXJlGnWjVwHaDe&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fimages5.fanpop.com%2fimage%2fphotos%2f30500000%2fPaintball-guns-paintball-30582901-2000-940.jpg&exph=940&expw=2000&q=paintball+gun&simid=608042714172164073&selectedIndex=7 ) and here is an example of a typical airsoft gun ( https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=YIwYvk6c&id=B98FA3E50A64F332D9246092B945E4DE5D74527C&thid=OIP.YIwYvk6cp0fkGeX4HeRLoQHaDh&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fd3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net%2f32001138%2fimages%2fuk-m3081a-222.jpg&exph=713&expw=1500&q=airsoft+gun&simid=608025358206435930&selectedIndex=24 ) the paintball uses basicly linseed oil and food coloring in a hardened jello sphere, which explodes on impact leaving a colored (temporary and washes out with out any special treatment other then regular clothing detergant) stain on the player. the airsoft uses a soft plastic or rubber 6mm bb instead of the paint balls. but uses same speeds (typically 350-450 feet per second) and is not harmful at all provided you wear a paint ball mask over your eyes. neither paintball nor airsoft will even penetrate the skin (again except the eyes if the goggles or face mask isn't worn) I've been laying for years and am just wondering if there are any other players on the forum. for those of you who have never played it's actually a lot of fun it stings a little when ya get hit but not badly at all. (less then a bee sting hurts actually) I would recommend that anyone who wants to try it do so it may cost a little bit but there are places all over the place to go. and they will have rental masks and guns there to use that are only a few bucks more then registration fees. not that expensive to rent (owning your own can get pricey though) as anyone who also plays can attest. would love to chat with any-one on here that also plays this sport about your experiences playing!

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