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Should've Noticed (SPN, Sam)


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I have not forgotten about my other story, but I had an idea for this one so I decided that I would post it to hold you guys off until I can write another chapter. Hope you enjoy!


Prompt= Sam has been sick with a cold for several days, but they're busy on a case and he's been downplaying how bad it is. Dean goes out for some reason and Sam is left back at the motel, where he just succumbs to how crappy he's feeling. Dean gets back, maybe Sam's asleep, but Dean finally realizes how sick his brother is and does his best to make Sam feel better.


    "Sam? Sam? Hello, earth to Sammy. Are you listening to me?"


    Sam jolted from his fevered thoughts as he turned his head to look over at his brother. He set his jaw as he felt his entire body shudder with a shiver that seemed to grip his entire body. He grimaced before he sniffled loudly. He swore at the noise before he met Dean's gaze.


    "Um, yeah, Dean," asked Sam as he shoved a wrist against his nose. 


    Dean raised an eyebrow. "Are you okay? You look like death warmed over you."


    Dean's jibs were not helping. Sam didn't say anything for a moment as he took a second to compose himself. He lowered his wrist and sniffled to make sure that nothing trickled out. "I'm fine, Dean. Just a little run down is all."


    "Well, you better perk back up since we're so close to finding that vamp's nest and I need you at your best," Dean told him enthusiastically.


    Sam wrinkled his nose as he pressed his head against the window. "Yeah, Dean, whatever you say," he mumbled as he squeezed his eyes shut, feeling a headache start to blossom behind his eyes. He sighed heavily and felt an impending sneeze creep up.




    Dean looked over to his brother and saw Sam slump and rest his head against the window once more. Sam lifted a hand and rubbed it at his nose with his eyes flickering. "You okay over there, Sam," Dean asked.


    Sam thought about not speaking, but then thought better of it. "I'm fine. We just have to finish this case." 


    "Well, Sammy, if you're not feeling up to it then I can-"


    "I'm fine," Sam snapped. He swiveled his head around and glared at his older brother. Couldn't Dean just leave him alone?! "I'm fine."


    Dean turned back and gripped the wheel tightly in his hands and glared at Sam. "Whatever, Sam. Don't be angry at me. You said that you wanted to continue to do this. I was the one who was done."


    That was before I got the worst cold that I've ever got, Sam thought bitterly. He rolled his eyes as he slumped back against the passenger seat. "Huh'ITshshs! Huh'ITShshs! Huh'ITShshs!"


    Dean tried to ignore the sound of Sam's sneezes as he kept his eyes fixed on the road. He knew that Sam felt crappy, but they had to get this done. Dean couldn't take on a vamp's nest of this size without Sam's aid. He knew that it would probably be frowned upon, but they had to keep moving. He would've preferred that Sam was taken care of, but that just wasn't a possibility. They just had to power through and that's what they were going to do.


    "Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITshshs! Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITshhshs!"


    Sam launched forward with each sneeze that ripped out of his body. He gasped in surprise and almost pain as he lifted his wrist to his nose to contain whatever he had expelled. The mucus seemed to almost pool against the sleeve and drip onto his lap. He held his breath as he looked over to Dean.


    "Ub, Deadn, could I bother you for sobe tissues," Sam asked hopefully, sucking back a bit of the snot before he recoiled in disgust. "Or anythig."


    Dean wanted to snap at Sam that he was driving, but he knew that that wasn't a good idea. He stifled a groan as he turned and rummaged through the back, still trying to drive at the same time. He looked around and moved a duffle with his hand even though he wasn't sure who's it actually was. He grumbled to himself before he managed to find one of his shirts. It wasn't clean, but it wasn't completely dirty either. It was going to have to do.


    "Here," Dean told him as he tossed the shirt at Sam. It landed perfectly in his lap, just in time to collect another round of snot that managed to escape from his nose and sleeve when he breathed.


    Sam narrowed his eyes. "I cad't use dat!"


    "And what else do you want to use, Sammy? I can't reach anything else while I'm driving. You need to use something and that shirt is your best option. Now use it," Dean growled loudly.


    Sam frowned before he snatched up the shirt. It felt soft in his hands from the amount of times that Dean actually washed it. He mumbled under his breath before he forced the shirt against his nose and breathed heavily with his chest aching. He blew as hard as he could before it ended in a string of wet coughs. He closed his eyes before he blew again. Once he was finished he wiped it upward against his nose. He closed his eyes and leaned against the window again.


    "Sam, do you really think that we can-"


    "I said I was fine, Dean, and I meant it. Take us to the motel and we'll get our things and then go, okay?" Sam seemed exhausted as he leaned sideways. "Just get us there."


    Dean frowned. "Sam, I just don't think that-"


    "I really don't want to talk about it. We do the hunt and I'll be fine. It's really not that bad," Sam told him as he felt his chest seem to clench with the lie. "But, Dean...."


    "Yeah, Sammy," questioned Dean as he looked over to his little brother. 


    "When we get there can you get some food," he asked hopefully.


    That made Dean feel a lot better if Sam actually wanted to eat. Dean nodded his head vigorously. "Sure, Sammy, whatever you want."


    Sam knew that he had persuaded Dean. He just had to keep up appearances for the time being. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily as he pressed Dean's shirt against his nose and held it there. They would get to the motel soon, but until then he could at least try and relax. Maybe things would be better when he woke up.




    "Sam. Sam. Sammy!"


    Sam jumped and shot out a hand. It connected with Dean's jaw and Dean gasped as he drew backwards. He shook his head as he looked to Sam while Sam coughed and turned his head, brushing his hair back against his sweaty forehead.


    "What the hell, Sam," Dean complained as he lifted his had to his jaw and rubbed at it strongly. "What the hell?!"


    Sam sniffled before he lifted the shirt to his face and buckled forward. "Huh'ITshshs! Huh'Itshshs! Huh'ITShshsh! Huh'Itshshs!"


    Dean snapped his fingers as he straightened. "Yeah, you sound like hell, man. Maybe you should take a shower. That might help," Dean suggested as he moved his jaw around painfully. "And I should find some ice."


    "Sorry," Sam croaked as he blew his nose on the flannel shirt. He squeezed his nostrils as a blow of snot fell out. He quickly closed the shirt around it before he opened the passenger door and headed out. "I got my duffle."


    Dean said nothing as he opened the back of the car, assessing their weapon assortment. For once Dean didn't know and Sam didn't care. He just wanted to get in and get out. He felt like shit and nothing he was doing was helping. It would probably help if he rested, drank fluids, or took medicine, but those were luxuries and they couldn't afford them for the moment. Sam would never openly complain, but he hated the way that he felt and he was tired of it.


    He grabbed his duffle and headed into the motel. It was your standard motel with a small kitchenette, two beds, a TV, a bathroom, and a small dining room table. Ordinarily, Sam would stay at the table and start researching there, but he didn't feel well enough for that. The sinus pressure was killing him and so was his throat.


    Dean came in after him and set his duffle down on the bed. "Take a shower and I'm going to get some food. Any preferences?"


    "Whatever," Sam answered with a shrug as he lifted the flannel to his nose and continued to rub at it. This was much nicer than tissues. 


    Dean clapped him on the back. "Shower, Sammy, and then we'll go once you eat. It should be dark by then. You think you're up for this?"


    "If you ask me that one more time I'll put you on the ground," growled Sam threateningly.


    Dean lifted his hands and took a step back. "Right. Right. Don't get your underwear in a twist, Sam. It's just a question," Dean told him before he nodded slowly. "Alright, well, I'll see you in a little bit. Shower."


    "You're like a broken record," Sam shot back before Dean headed out of the room and slammed the motel door. Sam let out a breath of relief as he threw himself on the bed.


    "Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITShshsh! Huh'ITshs! Huh'ITShsh! Dabit!"


    Sam turned the flannel around and bunched it before he blew his nose on the flannel. He wiped his nose roughly on it and already felt it start to peel and chap. It was only day two of this damn cold and it was already beating his ass more than he would've cared to admit. He really wanted Dean back for some odd reason.    


    There was no way that he was taking a shower now. That was going to make his skin feel like it was burning off and he was already having trouble with the clothes that he was using. He narrowed his eyes as he spread out on the bed and closed his eyes. Maybe he could just rest for five minutes.


To Be Continued....

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2 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

It was only day two of this damn cold and it was already beating his ass more than he would've cared to admit. He really wanted Dean back for some odd reason.    


Like, :inlove::inlove:

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13 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

That was before I got the worst cold that I've ever got, Sam thought bitterly. 

You totally caught my interest here ;)

13 hours ago, Wolfwings22 said:

It was only day two of this damn cold and it was already beating his ass more than he would've cared to admit.

Poor Sammy! 

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I 100% agree with Anilkex. :inlove:

I love it cause sick Sammy is a bit clingy and I cannot WAIT for Dean to come back.

I am already in love with your story...

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4 hours ago, ReidSeeker said:

I 100% agree with Anilkex. :inlove:

I love it cause sick Sammy is a bit clingy and I cannot WAIT for Dean to come back.

I am already in love with your story...

Exactly it's sooo good like always^_^

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Hooked up here too! 

I just love the whole scenario and how they interact. Can’t wait for Dean to come back home 😎😍

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On 3/17/2018 at 7:34 PM, Anilkex said:


Like, :inlove::inlove:

I'm glad that you like it!


On 3/18/2018 at 6:37 AM, helyzelle said:

You totally caught my interest here ;)

Poor Sammy! 

I know! I love to torture and I feel a little bad, but not bad enough to stop!


On 3/19/2018 at 1:48 AM, ReidSeeker said:

I 100% agree with Anilkex. :inlove:

I love it cause sick Sammy is a bit clingy and I cannot WAIT for Dean to come back.

I am already in love with your story...

I'm glad that you love it! I hope you love this next part just as much. It has a lot more Dean in it.


On 3/19/2018 at 6:15 AM, Shikee12.haley said:

Exactly it's sooo good like always^_^

Thank you! I'm glad that you like it! I hope you continue to like it!


On 3/20/2018 at 8:26 AM, Coffee Mug said:

Hooked up here too! 

I just love the whole scenario and how they interact. Can’t wait for Dean to come back home 😎😍

I'm glad that you're liking it so much already. I hope that you like the rest of the story too. There's plenty more Dean to come!


On 3/20/2018 at 0:00 PM, sneezy_frnk said:

FREAKING ADORABLE!! I need more of this, like, yesterday. PLEASE continue!!! 

Lol. I was out of town so I couldn't update, but I promise I will update today!

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As requested, here is another part. I hope you guys enjoy it! Tell me what you think!


    There was a sudden knock at the door that jolted Sam from his thoughts. He jumped up from his bed and let out a deep breath. He panted heavily as he looked over to the door. He tilted his head before he looked to the door, thinking that maybe it had just been his imagination.


    He was about to lay back down when he heard the knocking again. Sam realized that it wasn't him and that there was someone there, probably Dean. He rose from the bed and walked over, his hair sticking up at numerous angles.


    He opened the door for Dean before he saw his big brother standing there with a bag from the local diner. "Are you going to invite me in or-"


    Sam lifted a finger before he turned his head with his nostrils flaring and breath hitching. He lifted his elbow and thrust his head into it with his finger still raised. "Huh'ITShsh! Huh'Itshsh! Huh'ITshsh! Huh'Itshsh! Huh'Itshsh!"


    "Wow, going for some sort of marathon, Sammy," questioned Dean with a roll of his eyes.


    Sam snorted back the congestion before he hurried to find his duffle in embarrassment. He quickly grabbed the flannel and pressed it against his nose and then cleaned off his elbow. He blew his nose so hard that his eardrums popped and he couldn't hear what Dean was saying.


    "Whadt," Sam asked stuffily.


    "Did you take a shower," Dean questioned with a raised eyebrow. He quickly put Sam's soup and salad on the table while he broke out a greasy fried chicken sandwich for himself.


    Sam thought about lying, but he knew that Dean would see through that. He shook his head. "Um, no, not really. I took a nap instead. I think that it did me better."


    Dean thought about arguing with his brother, but thought better of it. Sam could be even more stubborn when he was sick and Dean didn't want to fight with him. He stifled a groan as he sat down at the table. "Come and eat and leave that flannel shirt behind if you can."


    Sam stood and walked over to the table. He sat down heavily and rubbed his fingers against his eyes to try and perk himself up. The warm soup made him shiver as he picked up the plastic spoon. "How far is the nest?"


    "Half an hour," Dean mumbled around the chicken in his mouth. 


    Then we have to wade through the forest in the middle of New York and then kill an entire vamp's nest, Sam thought bitterly as he glared at his brother.


    "Now, eat up. We have to leave as soon as we can," Dean told him as he shoveled another bite in his mouth.


    Sam started to eat a little faster. The soup felt good on his throat and the salad probably tasted good, not that he could taste. The only problem was that it started to tickle his nose and made it run like a faucet. He gulped before he sniffed backwards powerfully.


    "Sam, that's gross," Dean told him as he looked to the bed. "If you're going to do that, please do it somewhere else. I said not to bring the snot rag, but we do have extra napkins."


    He dangled them in front of Sam's face and Sam immediately took the entire stack and pressed it upward against his runny nose. "Huh'ITShshsh! Huh'Itshshhs! Huh'ITShshsh! Huh'ITShshsh! Huh'Itsh! Huh'Ishs!"


    Sam completely soaked through the tissue in the first two sneezes and the rest of them drenched his hands. He held them over the bowl of soup in disgust as he watched a small drop fall in it. Sam whimpered in disgust before he looked up to Dean.


    Dean wasn't sure what Sam wanted him to say, but making fun of him probably wasn't the best option. "Go wash your hands and do whatever it is you do and then we'll go," Dean told him as he grabbed the soup and took it to the sink to dump it out.


    Sam quickly stood with his shoulders almost haunches and shuffled to the bathroom. He closed the door so that the only sound was  Sam blowing his nose and then washing his hands. Dean never wanted to see Sam like that again. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.


    Dean crumpled the paper with the chicken grease and threw it in the trash along with the rest of Sam's salad. Once things were partially cleaned up, Sam came out of the bathroom. Dean raised an eyebrow at his brother appearance. He was about to say something, but Sam cut him off with a wave of his hand.


    "I'm fine, Dean. I know what you were going to say," Sam coughed as he rubbed a hand against the side of his face, sniffling once again. "Let's just go, okay?"


    Dean wasn't even sure what to say to that. He sighed heavily as he grabbed the keys and rushed forward, Sam on his heels. "Yeah, okay, I'm coming," called Dean with a grunt as he shut off the lights behind him and closed the door behind him softly. He unlocked the car as Sam climbed into the passenger seat.


    Dean slipped into the driver's seat and he raised an eyebrow as he looked at Sam with the flannel still tucked in his hand. Dean tried not to laugh. "What's that doing here?"


    Sam looked up. "I like it."


    Dean wasn't even sure what to say to that. "As long as you wash it, man. Keep it as long as you want," he told him with a nonchalant shrug.




    Sam was thrown forward and he rubbed the shirt against his much abused nose. He grumbled as he leaned back, sniffling instead of blowing this time. He leaned back before he looked over to his brother, seeing that he was still in park. "Drive," he commanded.




    "Drive," Sam repeated as he coughed painfully, feeling his chest almost tighten. He swore that he felt something come up into his throat, but he swallowed. He looked over to Dean and blinked his eyes. "Please, Dean. We need to get this done, okay?"


    Dean grasped the wheel tightly and nodded. "Okay, then. Just don't tell me that I didn't warn you," he told him as he started off toward the vamp's nest. He wasn't looking forward to this half and hour drive, but it could've been worse.


    "Huh'Itshshs! Huh'Itshshs! Huh'ITshshs! Huh'Itshshs! Huh'ITshshs!"


    "Bless you," Dean told him almost offhandedly. "You still good?"


    Sam didn't say anything as he lifted the flannel to his nose. He rubbed it vigorously, back and forth. He blew his nose a bit before he grimaced at the pain. He closed his eyes and coughed heavily, almost falling forward. He looked down at the flannel and saw a small glob of almost green looking mucus. He frowned before he wiped the corners of his mouth and quickly closed it up before Dean could worry too much about it. If he saw that then they definitely wouldn't finish this.


    "So, you doing okay," Dean asked suddenly. 


    Sam looked over and frowned. "What is that supposed to mean," he snapped.


    Dean sighed heavily as he clutched the wheel tighter, if that was possible. He grumbled softly, as he thought about how he could say this so it didn't sound too girly. "Look, I just wanted to see where your head was after dad died and everything and-"


    "I don't want to talk about this, Dean," snapped Sam as his eyes narrowed in rage.


    Dean hadn't seen Sam this angry in a long time, probably the last time was during one of Sam and dad's arguments. "I know, but we eventually have to. I mean, I'm not going to be here in a less than a year and I need you to-"


    "You don't need me to do anything," Sam muttered as he lowered his head and coughed heavily. He hacked heavily and felt the congestion seem to shift every which way. His sinuses felt like they were going to explode and the strange taste in his mouth made him want to vomit.


    Dean sighed heavily. He pulled the Impala off the side of the road and started to pound on his chest a bit. "Okay, Sammy, okay. We don't have to talk about it now, but at least stop choking. Calm down. Okay, listen to me? Calm down."


    Sam did as he was told and his breathing finally turned regular. He leaned backwards and looked over at Dean before he wiped his mouth again and prayed that Dean couldn't see what he had actually coughed up. "I'm okay," he wheezed.


    Dean shook his head. "I really don't think that you are. You sound like you're hacking up a lung and not to mention your producing enough snot to fill the Atlantic Ocean."


    "Huh'ITshshs! Huh'Itshshs! Huh'ITshshs!" Sam blew his nose with the last bit of effort that he could manage. "That doesn't even make any sense."


    "Yet you're the one who just saturated a shirt, Sam, a shirt! Don't even think of arguing with me," Dean told him before he pulled the Impala back on the road. He wanted to turn it around more than anything, but he was sure that Sam would just turn it back around and it didn't make much sense to go through that trouble.


    Dean pressed on the gas as Sam almost curled up into a complete ball. He breathed through his open mouth loudly as he felt his muscles and bones ache from the inside out. He wrinkled his nose at the pain and discomfort before he pressed the flannel against his nose to catch anything that might leak out.


    Dean frowned as he rolled his eyes and looked up to the roof of the Impala. "God help us if both of us actually wind up living through this."


To Be Continued....

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On 3/21/2018 at 9:38 PM, Shikee12.haley said:

I'm not dying of cuteness what do you mean I'm-:boom:

I’m glad that you like it! Sometimes I can’t help a little fluff 


On 3/21/2018 at 11:58 PM, ReidSeeker said:

I love it! So much! Must have more!

I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying it! I promise that there is much more where this came from.


Alright. Here is the next part. I hope you all enjoy!


    When Dean pulled off at the forest by the vamp's cabin that they were using as their nest, Sam was sound asleep. He thought about letting him sleep, but then he thought better of it. He had to wake Sam up and Sam had to help him. He would just make sure that it was as quick as possible.


    "Sam, come on, buddy," Dean urged as he nudged Sam until his brother woke up.


    Sam groaned as he turned the other way and looked over at Dean. His flannel fell from his nose as he gave it a tentative sniff. "Dean?"


    "Yeah, are you ready," he asked as he tried to look into Sam's gaze. He was trying to look for fever, yet he couldn't find it. All he could find was the determination to get this done.


    Sam nodded as he opened the passenger door and jumped out with Dean following. They immediately went to the trunk and each found a knife of their liking and Dean took the crossbow as well as a small vial of Dead Man's Blood. He smiled at his brother before he showed it to him. "You or me, Sammy?"


    Sam frowned as if it was a stupid question. Dean had always been better at the crossbow than him. He wouldn't have dreamed of it. "You go. Huh'ITshshs!"


    "Shhh," snapped Dean as he took out a bandanna and thrust it against Sam's nose and squeezed it shut. "What are you doing?! Be quiet! Do you want to be found?"


    Sam drew backwards before he took the bandanna from Dean and wiped his nose. "Sorry," he croaked.


    "You just keep that under control! I do not want to die tonight, understand me?" Dean looked over at Sam and sighed heavily. "Look, I know that you feel crappy, but you need to keep it together. This is in and out and then you can rest all you want, okay?"


    Sam didn't say anything as he sniffled, breathing heavily. "I'll be fine, Dean."


    Dean stifled a groan before he walked forward slowly and held his breath. Sam followed. He tried to breathe through his nose, but he noticed that it wasn't working. He stifled a sigh as he rubbed a hand against his nose before he started to breathe though his nose. It was dark and chilly. Sam couldn't help but shiver as he kneeled down beside Dean.


    Dean turned his head and glared at his brother. "Will you stop that? You're shaking the both of us," Dean complained.


    Sam gave another pathetic sniffle. He hung his head with his hair obstructing his eyes. "Sorry," he panted as he pressed a wrist against his nose to keep the snot from dripping from it.


    Dean leaned forward as he heard the sound of loud laughing. Dean's head turned as he looked at the cabin. The lights were on and he could only imagine what was going on. He knew that if they were drunk they had a bit more of a chance, but depending on the size of the nest it could be trouble.


    Dean suddenly heard Sam's frantic breathing and he automatically turned his head. He narrowed his eyes as he saw exactly what was going to happen. "You better stifle that," Dean hissed.


    Sam lifted his hands to his face and pinched his nostrils shut. The pressure was almost unbearable as he looked up to Dean pleadingly. Dean felt bad, he really did, but he couldn't have them coming. They wouldn't be able to win if they were jumped. They had the advantage and he didn't want that to change. 


    "Come here, kiddo," Dean grumbled as he pulled Sam close to him so that Sam's head was pressed against his forehead, still gripping his nose.


    "HuhIhxxx! HuhIhxxx! HuhIhxx!"


    Dean knew that Sam wasn't doing very well. His breath was still frantic when he breathed and his eyes were still closed. Dean sighed as he straightened Sam and looked at him. He looked his brother up and down before he battered Sam's hand away and Sam looked at him in shock.




    "Just trust me, Sam. This always worked when you were young." Dean pulled Sam close and started to rub the palm of it against Sam's nose to try and abate the tickle. Sam opened his eyes and blushed in embarrassment.


    Dean chuckled. "Oh my gosh, Sammy. Trust me, I've done a lot grosser things with you than this," Dean pointed out as he continued to rub Sam's nose back and forth. "You better?"


    It took a few seconds before Sam gulped and thought about it. "I think so."


    Dean pulled his palm backwards with a small look on his face questioningly. "Are you sure? I don't want you-"


    "I know, I know. I'm okay, I swear," Sam told him as he looked at his feet and grimaced as he sniffled again to stop the mucus from dripping from his nose.


    Dean grumbled as he wiped his palm on his pants and shuddered. "Okay, let's get going," he told him as he grasped the knife tighter and nodded to Sam. "Ready?"






    Dean panted as he clambered back through the forest, blinking the blood from his eye. His eyelashes kept it from blinding him, but the small nick on his forehead was stinging a little more than he wanted to admit. He grimaced at the pain before he turned to look over his shoulder.


    "Sam, you coming?"


    Sam let out a cough, no longer trying to be quiet. The cough tickled the back of his throat and shot up through his sinuses. He moaned before he turned his head and immediately buckled forward. "Huh'ISHshsh! Huh'ITSHShhh! Huh'ITSHsh! Huh'ITSHshsh! Huh'ITSHshh!"


    Dean sighed as he rolled his eyes, causing pain to sear through his head. "Those must be Sammy sneezes. Loud and awkward, like you, right?"


    Sam said nothing as he waltzed past Dean, slightly dragging his leg. Dean noticed the blood seeping through his jeans and leaving a small trail on the forest floor. He made a mental note to check Sam's leg when they returned to the motel. He couldn't keep that bleeding for too long.


    "Let's get you back to the motel, Sam. I see some rest and relaxation in both of our future," he told him as he swiped the knife from Sam and threw it in the back while he climbed into the passenger seat. He closed his eyes as he leaned his head against the seat, coughing with almost every breath.


    Dean noticed this when he closed the trunk. He tried to ignore it as he rummaged through the backseat once he shut the trunk and managed to find another one of his flannel shirts. It wasn't as soft as the other, but it would do considering they didn't have tissues in the car whatsoever. He threw it into Sam's lap and Sam didn't even more.


    Dean rolled his eyes as he threw himself into the driver's side and nudged Sam's leg. "Sam, come on. I got you something."


    Sam opened his eyes. "Whatd?"


    "Look down," he instructed as Sam did as he was told and found the flannel shirt. He picked it up and pressed it against his nose, feeling then softness. He looked up to Dean, but Dean waved his hand. "Don't mention it. It's the least I can do for you coming on this hunt with me and saving my ass."


    Sam narrowed his eyes in scrutiny. "But, you still got hurt."


    "It's a scratch, Sam. It's nothing major. We'll clean it up when we get back to the motel," Dean told him as he looked down at Sam's leg. "We'll see to that leg too."


    Sam looked down as if noticing his injury for the first time. He ignored it as he leaned back and coughed painfully, choking on whatever came up into his throat. He closed his eyes before he slumped the rest of the way and snorted back congestion.


    "Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITshshs! Huh'ITSHshshsh!"


    Dean stiffened at the wetness and prayed that Sam had the conscience to cover. He rubbed at his nose halfheartedly before he pressed his head further against the window. He didn't have the strength to blow his nose and Dean didn't ask him too. If Sam was semi comfortable then he would deal with it.


    Dean started the engine and heard it turn over. "Okay, Sam, let's get you home."


To Be Continued....

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Poor Sammy feeling so bad :heart:

1 hour ago, Wolfwings22 said:

Dean suddenly heard Sam's frantic breathing and he automatically turned his head. He narrowed his eyes as he saw exactly what was going to happen. "You better stifle that," Dean hissed.

1 hour ago, Wolfwings22 said:

"Those must be Sammy sneezes. Loud and awkward, like you, right?"

I like the contradiction here, first Dean orders Sammy to keep quiet so they won't be heard and then lovingly jokes about the volume of his sneezes. Cute and funny!

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Thanks for the update! I loved the part where Dean was being harsh on Sam and barked in his Dean way to be quiet and Sammy was doing his best trying not to sneeze. Oh my.. gotta love these brothers so much.

And thank you also for making a Sam story, there seems to be less of them and more of Dean. I know Dean is an all time favorite but I don’t care I love Sammy much more 😅 

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8 hours ago, Coffee Mug said:

Thanks for the update! I loved the part where Dean was being harsh on Sam and barked in his Dean way to be quiet and Sammy was doing his best trying not to sneeze. Oh my.. gotta love these brothers so much.

And thank you also for making a Sam story, there seems to be less of them and more of Dean. I know Dean is an all time favorite but I don’t care I love Sammy much more 😅 

I’ve noticed too that there are a lot more Sam stories. I try to spread the love as much as possible so I’m glad that you’re enjoying a Sam story. I’ll try to post more of them in the future!

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I have yet another update for you all! I hope you like it! It’s mostly fluff and filler, but I promise that the really good stuff is coming up soon. Hope you like it!


    "Come on, you big lug. Open your eyes and get up."


    Sam moaned as he rolled over a bit and his head fell sideways. It snapped against the dashboard and he immediately straightened, shaking his head in the process. He looked over and saw that Dean was almost partially out of the vehicle. 


    "Let's go, chop chop!"


    Sam sniffled before he lifted a hand to cover, but he wasn't quick enough. "Huh'ITshsh! Huh'ITSHsh! Huh'ITshs!"


    Sam looked at the dashboard and saw the speckles of his snot and spit. He looked around before he stretched out the flannel and cleaned it up before Dean realized what was going on. He would never hear the end of it for Sam 'sneezing on his baby'. Sam just hoped that he didn't notice.


    He climbed out of the Impala and saw Dean standing with his foot almost tapping. Sam's cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "Er, hi."


    "You're going to be detailing her, alright, snotty," Dean asked as he turned his heel and headed forward.


    Sam wanted to roll his eyes, but his sinus headache was just getting too rough. He snuffled back the shot that he hadn't blown out before he forced himself forward. He opened the motel door as he and Dean walked in. Sam looked at how inviting the bed was, but he wasn't about to do that while Dean was there.


    "Well, I'm heading to the bar. This motel isn't going to pay for itself. You want to come," Dean offered, even though he already knew Sam's answer.


    Sam shook his head before he looked to his laptop. "I think that I'll do more research."


    "Suit yourself!"


    "Wait," Sam called.


    Dean halted as he turned and Sam looked to the bed. "Let me stitch it up first, okay," Sam told him hoarsely.


    Dean rolled his eyes before he walked forward and sat heavily on the bed. Sam grasped the first aid kit and brought it over. He set it down and started to go through it. He found some gauze and he dapped it at Dean's forehead once he doused it in what little rubbing alcohol he had. Dean hissed in pain.


    "Stop moving," Sam grumbled.


    "Wow, you're cranky," joked Dean with a roll of his eyes. "Must be the cold."


    Sam said nothing as he finished it up before he immediately turned and buried his head into his elbow, his entire body quaking with each rasping breath.


    "Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITshsh! Huh'ITSHsh! Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITShshs!"


    "Bless you," Dean told him as he handed over the flannel sweatshirt since he knew that Sam probably couldn't move from this position comfortably. "You know, if you're not going to go, do you need anything?"


    Sam grabbed the flannel and pressed it to his nose, not even bothering to clean up his elbow. "I'm fine, Dean. Just go." He blew his nose loudly before he rose to his feet. He quickly collapsed and Dean bustled to his side.


    "Sam," Dean asked.


    Sam gritted his teeth as Dean moved Sam's pant leg up to reveal his ankle. Dean pressed two fingers to the ankle and blood spurted out. Sam growled in annoyance as he swiveled his head to gleam at Dean.


    "Sorry, sorry," Dean grunted as he grabbed the first aid kit and grabbed out thicker gauze. He wrapped Sam's ankle in it before he breathed heavily, his chest heaving. "There. That should be okay for a bit. I need better supplies."


    Sam gulped. "I'll be fine. You go to the bar."


    "Not now with your ankle like that. Why didn't do tell me that one of those sons of bitches did that to you," Dean asked gently.


    Sam shook his head as he pulled away from Dean and hauled himself onto the bed. "It was nothing." Dean raised an eyebrow. "I didn't know how bad it was and it was mostly adrenaline, now go. I'm going to just do some research and that's it. You should go and have a good time."


    Dean sighed heavily. "I'm just going to get some things at the store and then I'll be back. If you're still standing when I get back then we'll talk about the bar, you understand?"


    "Just go, Dean," Sam snapped. "Just go."


    Dean knew that Sam usually pushed him away when he was feeling this vulnerable. He knew that he just had to leave Sam alone for a little bit. He sighed heavily before he clapped him on the back. "Take it easy."


    Sam said nothing as Dean left. Sam looked down, shaking his head ever so slightly. He lifted a hand and pushed it against the back of his nose, snuffling. 


    "Huh'ITshshs! Huh'ITshshs! Huh'ITSssh!"


    The sneezes ripped out of him before he could cover. He hung his head with his shaggy hair almost clumping. He brushed his hand against his forehead before he looked at his laptop, but for some reason that was the last thing that he wanted to do. He just wanted to lay in bed and wait for this to pass, not stare at a screen until he got an even bigger headache.


    He wanted Dean with him. He hadn't shown it, but his brother always knew what to do. Even if he didn't, it didn't take long for him to figure it out. He sighed heavily before he leaned back against the bed, his feet touching the ground so that he was only about halfway up the bed and he didn't touch the pillows.


    Laying on his back caused the congestion to shift once more. The wet and painful coughing started and it was all that Dean could was turn on his side and hacked and hacked. He brought the flannel up to his face to spit into. The gooey substance seemed to roll from the flannel and he wrapped it up before he threw the flannel aside. It wouldn't be any use to him now and he wasn't going to grab another one of Dean's shirts. He felt bad using the two.


    "Huh'ITshsh! Huh'ITshsh! Huh'ITshshs!"


    Each sneeze tore out of him stronger than the next. It caused his sore throat to scream in protest and his burning nostrils to drip with more mucus. Sam was too tired and too unconcerned to do much about it. He slumped backwards on the bed once more and sat in his own misery before he closed his eyes and prayed that sleep would find him.


To Be Continued....

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I’m glad that you’ve all enjoyed and embraced this story. This is the final part, but I’ll certainly have something else up too. Don’t hesitate to offer suggestions or request. I’ll try to do them as best as I can. Thanks for reading and I hope you like this last part!


    "Sam, hello? A little help!"


    Dean received no answer as he opened the door and kicked it up with his foot. He stumbled with plastic bags in his arms and hanging from his hands. He walked over to the small table and thrust them on it. He frowned when he saw Sam laying on the bed, not even under the covers and snoring like a lawnmower.


    "Oh, Sammy," whispered Dean as he felt his heart almost break in grief for his brother.


    He came over to his little brother and stretched out a hand. He rested it on Sam's forehead and brushed the hair from his face. Sam moaned in his sleep as he turned his head so that Dean's hand fell from it. He started to moan as he stretched out a hand.


    "No. No! Don't go," he suddenly cried with his voice rising so loud that Dean actually jumped.


    Dean grasped Sam's shoulders and shook them. "Sam, it's okay. It's just a dream, a fever dream. You're safe. You're with me," Dean told him as he continued to shake Sam's shoulder. "Sam!"


    Sam turned his head against and angled it over at Dean. "Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITShshs! Huh'ITShsh!"


    Dean gasped in surprise as he jumped when the wetness sprayed his shirt. He almost shook himself off like a dog as he looked down to his brother. "Okay, I guess I deserved that one," he muttered.


    He stretched out a hand again and shook him once more. "Wake up, Sam. You need to wake up."


    Sam's eyes suddenly opened as he looked at Dean. He immediately sat up and groaned at the muscular pain that he felt. It radiated deep in his muscles as he closed his eyes. "Ugh."


    "Yeah, I'm sure that that's how you're feeling," Dean told him as he grabbed the flannel from the floor and pressed it again Sam's nose since it had started to run again. Sam tried to pull away, but Dean was firm. He cleaned his nose with a small wipe before he grasped Sam's knee. "Go and change. I'll make up the bed for you."


    "I can do it myself," Sam muttered.


    "Clearly you can't," Dean reported as he pushed Sam. "Now, up. It looks like you haven't moved since I left and that was over an hour ago."


    Sam wanted to point out that he hadn't moved, but he thought that was a bad idea. Instead he grabbed his duffle and headed into the bathroom. Dean took the opportunity to pull back the sheets from the bed and throw his comforter on Sam's bed. He could tell by the way that he shivered how cold he actually was.


    Dean then turned to what he had gotten. He had gotten some gauze and other things for Sam's ankle, but it was more the cold that he was cornered about. For that he got him cough drops and cold medicine. He had also picked up a cheap, plastic thermometer since he knew that Sam had to be feverish from the heat that he was throwing off. Dean just hoped that it wasn't dangerously high. 


    The bathroom door opened as Sam staggered forward. He limped ever so slightly, tripping over his own feet and almost falling forward. Dean immediately rushed forward and grasped his brother's shoulder and waist to keep him up. Sam seemed so out of it he wasn't sure who was helping him.


    "I'm right here, Sam. I'm right here. You're okay," Dean told him as he helped him two more steps to the bed.


    Sam fell down heavily into it, sprawling out and moaning as he opened his mouth to breathe. Dean patted Sam's shoulder and forced him to move over. He then threw the covers over him and batted his shoulder comfortingly. "Okay, that's better. Warmer?"


    "Not really," Sam complained. "Huh'ITshsh!"


    "I have something for that," Dean announced as he kneeled on the floor and looked through his duffle. He pulled out another flannel and stretched out a hand toward Sam.


    Sam turned his head away and growled. "No."


    "No," echoed Dean in surprise as he tilted his head in confusion. "What do you mean 'no'? What are you going to do, just let it run?"


    "You already gave me two. You only have like one of them left. I'm not going to take it," Sam announced as he sniffed powerfully.


    Dean rolled his eyes at Sam's embarrassment. He bunched the shirt before he pushed it against Sam's nose. Sam yelped in pain before Dean let it go and shrugged. "Looks like you don't have a choice. It's already dirty and I'm not wearing it so you might as well use it."


    Sam reluctantly picked up the flannel and rubbed it against his nose. He blew his nose loudly, but he was too stuffy to do much good. He set it aside before he pressed his fingers against his sinuses as he tried to almost massage it. It did nothing as tears pricked at his eyes.


    "Hurt, Sammy," Dean chided as he ran his fingers through Sam's messy hair. It was clumped and sweaty, but Dean didn’t complain.


    Sam nodded. "Just pressure. It feels like someone's pushing on both sides of my face and my nose," he replied as he tried to describe it.


    "Yep, I do know what a sinus infection sounds like," sympathized Dean as he looked to his table. "I'll be right back. I think I might have something for that."


    Sam tilted his head in curiosity as he Dean headed to the table. He rummaged around before he came back with a few different bottles of medicines and something that Sam knew only too well.


    "Dean, no," he croaked.


    Dean set the medicines down before he picked up what Sam dreaded more than anything: nasal spray. "Come on, dude. This is supposed to help."


    "But, it doesn't! It just makes me sneeze," complained Sam as he sniffled.


    Dean shrugged. "That might be a good thing, you don't know. What if this loosens up everything and then you just need to sneeze it out? Did you ever think of that?"


    Sam didn't answer. Dean smiled. "See? Your smart brain understands that. Come on, just let me try it, okay?"


    "Fine," Sam answered as he sat up straighter and sniffed painfully. "Just get it over with."


    Dean shook the spray before he placed it in Sam's nose and pushed it so that the spray squirted in Sam's nose. Sam let out a hiss of shock before he turned away, blinking his eyes. A vacant look showed on his face before his nostrils quivered and breath quickened.


    Dean thrust the flannel against his brother's face before Sam pitched forward, the bed jumping up as Sam did. "Huh'ITshssh! Huh'ITshsh! Huh'ITshshs! Huh'ITshsh! Huh'ITShshs! Huh'ITSShsh! Huh'ITshsh! Huh'ITShsh!"


    "Slow down," Dean chided as he grasped Sam's shoulders to keep him from snapping forward. "Just breathe. Just breathe. Breathe through it."


    Sam blew his nose loudly and it was productive. He rubbed his nose upward before he placed it down and felt his nose almost vibrate. He looked over to Dean's side with a smug look on Sam's face.


    "You're right. You were right," Dean told him as he set the nasal spray on the table. "Do you want to try something else? I have cough medicine and cold medicine. Take your choice because you're taking one of them."


    Sam looked at both of them before his gaze settled on the cough&cold. "I'll take that one," he rasped. "My throat is kind of tight."


    Dean cracked open the top of it and poured it into a small cup. Sam took it in shaky hands and he poured it into his mouth. He shuddered at the taste before he handed it back to Dean, rubbing the back of his hand against his lips.


    "There. How about you try and get some sleep, okay? If you're not better soon then I'll take you to the clinic. They'll give you some antibiotics," Dean told him.


    Sam looked at him and nodded, lifting the flannel to his face once more as he sneezed fitfully. "Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITShsh! Huh'ITshsh!"


    "Bless you," Dean told him as he squeezed his shoulder. "Need anything? Want me to stay?"


    Sam shook his head as he rolled over, coughing painfully. "Go to the bar, Dean. I'm good. I'm good." His breathing turned slightly labored as he started to drift off.


    Dean smiled. "Sleep tight, Sammy."




    In the middle of the night Sam rolled over and opened his eyes. He drew backwards before his eyes widened at seeing Dean laying in front of of him, breathing deeply as he slept. Sam rolled his eyes before he rolled his eyes and fell back asleep, glad that his brother was with him.


The End

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Ooooh my gosh 

I've melted. Just a puddle here, watch your step. Just a happy puddle. I will work on reforming while anticipating your next wonderful story :)

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