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Big Friendly Wolf (Commission, Furry, Male)


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He's not really a big 'bad' wolf par se, in fact Lucky's quite nice and tends to his automobiles... but sometimes that stray engine smoke tickles his senses. XD


A twist on the Three Little Pigs tale where pigs just happen to be his neighbors-- what are the odds? Lol. Poor fella. XD


Art by me, Lucky belongs to the client.

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*Nose grows longer*

Okay, no more jokes. I really like your style of drawing! Looking forward to more!


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Thank you! :3 A sequel's been discussed (along with the Nick Wilde one) for a later date. :)


Almost all my commissions are sneeze-fet related, haha-- ranging from Mavis Dracula to characters sneezing inside a costume. XD I'm quite excited!

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Oh!! such an amazing artwork!! Aaaaaw poor wolf (not?) 😂 I cant wait for the sequel!! I'm very exited too, thank you so much for sharing it~~

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