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Yesterday I experienced this obs from my friend’s brother. We still don’t really know what caused all of the sneezing, but I know he’s allergic to a few things.


So a few days ago my friend (A) and I decided to meet up with her twin brother (D) at a cafe yesterday. When we got there her brother was already sitting down at a table with a cup of coffee. We walk to the table and when we get there A and D hug each other and I say hello to him then we all sit down at the table. After A and I order our drinks I notice D is beginning to rub his nose as if it’s itchy or something. When we get back to the table D sneezes twice “Hetchoo HuhEshh”. A blesses her brother and I just kind of smile a bit as he thanks her. About two minutes later D quickly grabs a napkin from the napkin dispenser on the table and sneezes into it once “Hrrreshhhh”. This time A and I both bless him and he replies with a “thanks”. Only about a minute later he grabs the napkin again and has a bit of a sneezing fit “Hetchoo Hetchoo HuhEshh HuhEshh”. A then says “Bless you,are your allergies starting to bother you?” Before he can reply he sneezes twice again “Hetchoo Hrrreshhh” he sniffles then replies “I’m not really sure”. I guess I was making a weird face or something because D looks at me and says “Um… are you ok” and I’m just like “Oh… uh yeah”, but I’m totally dying from happiness on the inside. Another few minutes later D grabs another napkin and has another sneezing fit “Hetchoo Hetchoo Hetchoo HuhEshh Hrrreshhhh”. He blows his nose into the napkin grabs another and continues blowing his nose. For those that like nose blowing (like me) the blows were very wet and productive sounding (if that makes sense). Also at this point his nose is really red. “Do you feel like you're getting sick” A asks him. He sighs and says “No my nose is just really itchy, and I can’t stop sneezing”. After saying this he starts to breathe rapidly building up for another sneeze. “Huhtshhue Hetchoo” “Bless you” A and I both say, but he has another sneezing fit before he can reply. “Hetchoo Hetchoo HuhEshhoo HuhEshoo Eshoo Eshh.” He grabs a napkin and again blows his nose (still sounding really wet). After this I think his nose was starting to get really runny because he kept a napkin in his hand and kept dabbing at his nose. “Hetchoo Hetchoo  Hetchoo Hetchoo” followed by more wet nose blowing. He continues to have sneezing fits about every five minutes for a while, about maybe 30 minutes. While A and I talk, he joins in now and then when he isn’t sneezing or blowing his nose. He used a lot of napkins to sneeze and blow his nose and the dispenser ended up running out so he had to grab the other napkin dispenser from another empty table. After another 30 minute of him sneezing he ended up going to his dorm room because he was exhausted. A and I ended up leaving shortly after. I called A later and I asked about D and she said he stopped sneezing after going to his room.

So I guess it was something in the cafe that was making him sneeze so much. All I know is I had a great time!

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