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All those times you DIDN'T get contagion


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Hi guys,

So I thought I would start a thread of those little stories where you or someone else got highly exposed to one virus or another (an occasion to tell details...:) but actually came through, against all odds!

Both a chance to get into cuddling details or unlucky germs exposition and at the same time, reinforce my self-confidence in immune systems, having been a little roughed up where mine's concerned. I'd like to get less germophobic and back to my good old caretaking self, and any help is welcome!


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My boyfriend came down with a cold last week, and despite his warnings and hesitation, I couldn't help but cuddle and kiss him. He complained that he hated being sick after a sneezing fit, but I loved it (the complaining and the illness). 

I didn't take any immune boosters and I'm still fit as a fiddle. I must have been exposed to the virus before. 

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When I went on exchange, we had some kind of welcome camp somewhere in Finland. It was summer, quite warm (quite warm for Finland, about 18°) and we had four cottages with room for 12 people each. At the beginning, everyone was fine. Then a teamer arrived because she had missed a train the day before and joined us. We were just talking about how Fins react when someone sneezes, as a girl from Turkey had explained that in her country everyone tries to hide their sneezes and even goes to the bathroom to blow their nose (which I do, too :razz:). In Finland no one cares. They don't even say bless you (heaven for a shy fetishist like me). As if she wanted to demonstrate it, the new teamer sneezed and blew her nose. She continued doing that all day, she'd definitely caught a cold. 
I don't know if the others got it from her or if they'd caught it already on the plane, which wouldn't be surprising either, but at the last day, at least one forth of us was ill as well. I had somehow managed to stay healthy even though my whole cottage was contaminated and felt rather uneasy in the bus (I'm usually not a germophobe, but honestly, who wants to be ill when they meet their host family for the first time? Especially with this fetish, I would have died...). Well, I was probably the only lucky one to stand that bus trip (the air conditioner was on all the time and if you've seen the same documentaries about colds/contagion as I did, you know what that means). My host family was rather amused that nearly every exchange student had given their family a cold as a welcome present.

Another time was in February/March, when we had some important exams and a project at school during flu season. It was horrible. At first, some people tried to go to school with a bad cold, fevers, flu etc. Our classrooms are rather small and there was no way to escape if the person next to you was coughing constantly. Then we were informed that we could get extra time if we were ill. The next day, the school was empty. We had math lesson with eight people and Latin with four. Even in German class, where we usually have about 30 people, we were only 11. I stayed alive until the day I handed in my assignment. So I didn't actually come through. But hey, I managed to stand six weeks under constant germs exposition :D  

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Well, the most recent time I made it through was in February when the guy I’m seeing came down with a cold, and I pretty much spent those first few days with him, kissed him, and cuddled with him, and didn’t catch it. But in all honesty, for the past few years, I haven’t had a cold, no matter who was sick around me. I think he has had at least 3 colds while we have been dating, my kids have been sick numerous times, and so have my coworkers.  And somehow I have managed to dodge a lot of contagion. 😋

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