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Created some cute Oc's and felt like showing them off!!! I hope someone enjoys reading this despite the lack of sneezing, it was a lot of fun to write, and it does have some cute allergy suffering and descriptions. Enjoy! :)

It was a blistering summer day in Long Beach, smack dab in the middle of August, a seeming perfect day to spend at the Beach.

Instead Beck contented himself with finding a cozy corner in he library, curling up with a good book and appreciating the air conditioning. He was happy to not go outside all day unless necessary.

“I thought I’d find you here.” But it seemed fate had different plans for him that day,” You wanted something?” He questioned, not bothering to raise his eyes from his book, already recognizing the voice.

“I’ll take that as, yes Layla grace me with your glorious presence!” The women announced, dramatically flinging an arm over her eyes, making Beck snort in amusement.

“And why may I ask is the great and powerful Layla gracing me with her presence?” He decided to play along, since it was obvious that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Layla grinned pleased with this response,” I’m here to rescue you from you dull drab life, obviously.” Her words failing to draw in his attention,” Come on Beck, were only young once I’m not letting you spend all your free time cooped up in a stuffy library.” She whined.

Beck rolled his eyes at this,” Maybe I like spending my free time in stuffy library’s.” He sniffled wrinkling his nose a bit giving a good scrub, all dust starting to get to him a little.

“See even your bodies disagreeing with you.” She teased,” It’s reminding you that you need to get out and enjoy the sunshine.” Layla told him grabbing his wrist tugging on it.

Beck frowned up at the older women, raising eyebrow,” Oh yes the sun loves me, that’s why I always burn to a crisp when I stay out in it too long.” He griped, disappointed to find that it was going to be a bit more difficult to convince her to leave him be.

He sighs, looking up at her,” Give me one good reason I should trade my cozy little corner, for the sweltering heat.”

 “Well I can think of one good reason…” Layla trailed off, grinned like a cat that had snagged its prey when she noticed that she had caught his interest,” Rumor has it, a certain gorgeous blonde sun kissed lifeguard is on duty today.”

This was the nail in the coffin, Layla must have really wanted him to come out if she was pulling out the big guns, hanging his blatantly obvious crush over his head.

Snapping his book shut, he sighed,” Fine but I’m not going in the water.” Beck consented, and Layla waisted no time dragging him to his feet and towards the exit, clearly eager to get him out of there.


This was a horrible idea, Beck hated the beach.

 The poor boy was curled up under the shade of the umbrella his knees to his chest, desperate to stay out of the sun hoping not to get burned.

He had to admit though the view wasn’t too bad, they had picked the perfect spot.

Beck could see the gorgeous blond lifeguard from where he was sitting, without looking like he was staring at him.

However today he couldn’t deny that something seemed…a little off about the other man. Caleb seem to be shell of his normal cheerful, bright shining self.

His face was more tired and drawn like he hadn’t slept well the night before, his eyes red rimmed and watery. But his poor nose was probably the worst, the appendage cherry red and rubbed raw.

Beck had never seen the other man look anything other than perfect so seeing him look like this was different…and he wasn’t sure how to feel about this.


Caleb groaned, his head in his hands wanting nothing more than to go home and wallow in his misery and self-pity.

Of all the days he had to run out of allergy pills it had to be one day he was called in to cover a co-worker’s shift.

His eyes were itchy and watery. With all the abuse they’d taken, he looked like he’d been crying, and his nose was useless, no air passing through his clogged nasal passages.

A buzzing itch crawling through his raw nasal wall, leaving him with the constant feeling of needing to sneeze.

Caleb snorted, trying to at least dislodge the congestion enough to breath through his nose.

A pointless gesture only managing to irritate his nose, making him cough and wrinkle up his nose as he scrubbed at it roughly with the palm of his hand.

Swim shorts weren’t exactly the best place to keep tissues, so he didn’t have any on him and last thing he wanted to do was sneeze and make a mess of himself.

He managed to soothe the irritation back to a dull roar, avoiding the disastrous situation.

Caleb was so preoccupied with his nose, that he almost didn’t notice the women approaching him.

She was middle aged, and her face was pinched, looking ready to make some sort of complaint that he wasn’t anywhere near ready to handle.

“Hullo ba’am, did you deed sobethigg?” He asked doing everything he could to keep the congestion out of his voice, obviously not doing a very good job as evident from the look of disgust on the women’s face.

Caleb nodded pretending like he was listening, but he couldn’t really hear the woman very well through his clogged itchy ears.

It didn’t help when a sharp prickle made itself known deep in his nasal passages, making his breath snag jaggedly.

He could feel his eyes water, as he subtly pinched his nose desperately trying to rub away the itch, but it was clear that the sensation would be denied no longer.

Caleb breath started hitching in desperate choppy intervals as he prayed the women would leave before he made a mess of himself in front of her.

But it didn’t look like that was going to happen and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold off.


Beck who’d been watching from a distance couldn’t help but feel bad for the other man.

He looked like he wanted to be anywhere else other than listening to this woman complain about something that he couldn’t fix.

Things only got worst when he noticed Caleb’s face go a little slack, the olive-green eyes he admired getting that faraway look in them and it was obvious what was going to happen next.

Beck couldn’t just watch this disaster unfold, digging frantically through his bag until he came across what he was looking for a small travel pack of tissues.

Getting to his feet, Beck took long strides to get to the two quickly already pulling out a couple tissues tucking them into Caleb’s hand as he stepped between him and the women.


Caleb felt the soft white material in his hands and that seemed to be the final straw, as he buried his nose into the soft white folds,” Hiiih’Nkxshh hah’mmpsh hih’mmpshnxt” He muffled the itch expulsions into the tissues.

Snuffling into the folds he breathed a sigh of relief, before his cheeks colored realizing that the women was still standing right in front of him.

But when he looked up he’s found the back of a tall slender man in front of him speaking to women,” Hey I’m a colleague of my friend here and we really can’t help you with this issue, but if you wanted I could direct you to someone who can.”

Caleb could cry he was so relieved, he didn’t even care that he had no idea who this man was, he was just glad that he didn’t have to deal with this woman.

When it seemed, the women were satisfied with the response she left, and the young man turned to him.

It seemed the confidence he had before left him as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck as he fiddled with the package writing something on it, before holding out the rest of the package of tissues.”Sorry I kind of just cut in there you looked like you needed some back up.”

The man’s whole face took on a light shade of pink, looking anywhere except Caleb’s face. It was kind of cute...in an endearing way.

“Dond't be bate you totally save by butt” He said, taking the rest of the tissues extremely grateful, as he blew his nose. It didn’t do much but a least it didn’t feel like it was going to run all over his face.

Caleb looked the man over feeling like he recognized him from somewhere…but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it,” I’m Caleb, I’d shake your hand, but you probably wouldn’t be too interested after my little display.”

The man grinned, and Caleb decided that this man had a very nice smile and that he’d really like to see more of it,” I’m Beck.” He answered,” That’s a nasty cold you’ve got there?” Beck guessed, not quite sure of himself.

“Allergies.” Caleb corrected,” There usually dot this dnasty, I just rad out of beds.” He explained, not sure why he felt compelled to.

It was apparently the right mood since Beck graced him with his wonderful smile once more,” I’d talk to you more, but I would want to keep you from your work.” He told him,” Maybe I’ll see you later.”

“I hope so.” Caleb blurted out, feeling his face flush as he couldn’t believe he’d said something so bold.

Beck giggled,” We’ll see.” He said, turning and leaving the sun kissed boy awestruck.


“That was smooth lover boy.” Layla grinned, giving his shoulder a lights shove,” Please tell me you got his number.” She pleaded.

“No but he’s got mine.” He grinned, leaving the older women puzzled as he refused to explain any further.


Caleb smiled as his eyes trailed after the tall lanky figure, before looking down at the package of tissues in his hand.

His grin widening further when he noticed a phone number sloppily scribbled onto the plastic.


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This was fantastic!! So romantic and melty!!! I also really love dual viewpoints. And it was so good when Caleb looked up and saw the guy’s back! 

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Mmmm, wouldn't mind reading more of this. Lovely allergy-suffering stuffiness and cute crushes is a wonderful combination!

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9 hours ago, Reader said:

This was fantastic!! So romantic and melty!!! I also really love dual viewpoints. And it was so good when Caleb looked up and saw the guy’s back! 

Ahhhhhhhh I'm glad you liked it. Yeah I wasn't sure about the dual view point but I'm happy with how it turned out!!! :)

9 hours ago, starpollen said:

Oh yes, please. :drool: Love me some cute allergic boys. :wub: 

Yeah I like colds but allergies also hold a special place in my heart. :razz:

7 hours ago, helyzelle said:

Mmmm, wouldn't mind reading more of this. Lovely allergy-suffering stuffiness and cute crushes is a wonderful combination!

I'm glad you liked my boys because I definitely intend to do more with them in the future. :)


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