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Flustered and wanting more


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My name is Doug and I stumble onto this site a couple of weeks ago looking for new material.  My main interest here is to just look at video clips.  I am definitely an introvert.  I don't go out at much and a very private person.  There is so much more material to explore here but I will never get to see it because I have nothing to post.  The best I could do is read other post and give my compliments but thats not really contributing to the community.  I understand the posting system to help weed out the trolls and non serious people.  But I don't think I have anything to share.  I don't want to record myself and I am not creative enough to write stories or create art.  Since I don't travel outside my home that much and cant even share experiences or observations.  I wish there was a donation  system to get into the other levels.  Thats about the only way I could contribute.  Thanks for listening

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First of all, welcome! It’s good to have you here (and yay introverts!)

To be fair, even without validation you already have access to most of the site, including most of the video clips. You can’t access the adult section(s), peer into members’ profiles, or use PM; I understand that the latter is especially bothersome, but still, there’s a lot you can do just as you are.

And who said that complimenting people on their posts doesn’t contribute to the community? It contributes to the original posters feeling happy with what they’re doing. It contributes to people liking you because you’re a nice person who’s complimenting others on what they share. It contributes to making the forum a nice place. And there are also things like the General Discussion board where you can read and respond without having to be particularly creative.

So, yes I totally understand that the validation system can make one feel kept at arm’s length somewhat - but you do have the means to get yourself validated without sweating too much over it. And the current mods are nice people who make an effort to understand. And there’s about a decade and a half’s worth of stuff to go through on the open forum. So don’t be too discouraged! You can make it to validation like the rest of us, and we like you even before validation :)

To conclude: welcome, again, and I hope you’ll have a great time here!

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Thanks gryffin,

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.  I will keep taking advantage of all the information here


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Welcome to the forum, Doug!

As well as echoing what gryffin said, you can also participate in the non-fetish sections such as "off topic" and "fun and games". Basically, get involved wherever you feel comfortable and at whatever pace suits you.

I hope you enjoy being a member!



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