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Your personal sneeziest spice


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I just wanted to hear if anybody had a particular kitchen spice (besides ordinary pepper) that is most likely to make them sneeze.  For me it is definitely Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning.  I guess no surprise, since it is basically just salt, red pepper, black pepper, chili powder, and garlic.  Getting even the slightest whiff of this stuff, or even taking too many bites of a dish seasoned with it is basically guaranteed to make me sneeze once or twice.  It's possible there's nothing special about this spice and that just any seasoning with sufficiently finely ground pepper would have the same effect on me, but I've never found anything else that works so well.  Ordinary pepper always makes me feel like sneezing but seldom can tickle my nose enough to actually sneeze.

I've heard a consensus (not even from sneeze fetishists, just from ordinary product reviews) that the "salt free" version of Tony Chachere's has even more effective sneeze inducing properties, but I've never given that one a try.

Has anybody else experimented with different spices to find their sneeziest one?  Be careful when doing so.  Obviously, you don't want to actually snort any of it into your nose like you would with chhinkni.  As I remember a certain wav maker once saying, just sniffing it out of a puff in the air is the way to go.

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Chhinkni all day every day. Nothing better.  However, as far as actual cooking spices go, there is a spicy Montreal Chicken seasoning that sometimes does the job.  Or anything with a strong mint smell might work...  maaaybe

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Well, I was quite certain that I don't react to any spice when I read this topic. I've tried pepper many times, the smell does nothing to me and if I actually snort it into my nose, it only hurts and makes me cough. 

Then I looked at my cup of tea and remembered my last cold. I used to drink ginger tea then and usually ten minutes after I took the first sip, I would sneeze. The more I think about it, the more I notice that this has actually happened every time I drank ginger tea ^_^ It's not a sneeze attack or anything, just a very sudden single sneeze shortly after I've finished the tea. And maybe a second and a third if I have a cold, but it definitely works without as well.  

If anyone wants to try: Just cut a few think slices of a ginger root and boil it with water. I usually take about ten, but I'm half Japanese and I've been told that normal people take 3-4 :'D

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