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So, it's summer break now. I have a lot of summer homework to do and the stress doesn't seem to stop.

But, all that aside! I'm back with another obs! :D


I went out for dinner with a few of my friends to celebrate a birthday. We were at a Japanese restaurant, laughing and all, and I see this guy who was seated at the table across from ours. For a short description, he looks around my age (maybe slightly older), he has short, brunette hair, a piercing on both of his ears (which I think is cute), he was wearing a baggy sweater, and his medium sized nose was a glorious shade of pinkish red. The restaurant was quite a brightly lit place, so his red nose stood out from his pale features. I guessed he was sick because he looked like he was shivering and he held a tissue up to his nose.

He was with a few more people and they started talking and he suddenly turns away from everyone and sneezes a double into the tissues he was holding up to his nose. One of his friends blessed him and carried on their way of talking. I thought that was it.

HELL NO! I was not ready yet for what was about to happen.

From the corner of my eye, I could see his head bobbing up and down repeatedly and I assumed that he was stifling. He then goes into a full uncovered fit of 5 (when I say uncovered, he was aiming into his chest).

I kinda look over and saw that his pinkish nose has now turned a bright red. I think he caught me staring because he gave me the MOST GLORIOUS SMILE I have ever seen! (I know I've been saying the word 'glorious' a lot ^_^). I snapped back into reality and gave him a slight smile back. I turn back my focus to my friend who is having his birthday instead of a HOT stranger.


Okay, once I got home I just had to post this! We also went to the cinemas and there were a few things that happened there too, but I'll save it for next time.

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long obs!  ^_^

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