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The Sunset And The Beautiful Espirro


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Yeeeah....After the Finale of Dragon Ball Super(Atleast before it goes on hiatus...)My writing passion is back! Be on the lookout for updates to past stories which will now be continued!

It was evening time...

I was on my wayback from a good day at work.

I had drove down the street a beautiful sun setting before my eyes.

I was in a good mood thinking about the beautiful things in life.

I had stopped at a red stoplight ready to get home and play some awesome video games.

I was looking over at the bustop at a girl who was waiting on the bus to take her away from what ot seemed like a terrible day for her.

She was a beautful brown with short hair.

She looked as if she was in jer twenties same as me.

She was looking for the bus.

She looked down the street when I saw her nose twitch.

Her nose was kinda of small, but I liked small noses.

She rubbed her nose, but to no avail did it help.

Her breath hitched with a simple "Ha...Haa...."

She had then flung forward with a wonferdul release of "Ha..Ha...Hatshew!"

She rubbed her nose, and looked up only seeing me eye her through my rolled down window.

Luckily the light turned green, as I pulled of quickly with embarrassment.

But in my rearview mirror I saw her wave at me as if it was a dream.

I smiled warmly to know I could witness...

A Sunset and Beautiful Espirro...

Did you lioe that? Want this to become something bigger? Maybe I could...With you guys support! Remember Like, Comment, and Subscribe!(Ik this isn't Youtueb XD)

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