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A Minor inconvienince


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Hi guys! First of all I am so nervous about writing this, it’s unreal. These characters are from a story I plan on publishing. The story takes place in a zombie apocalypse, and um… yeah, here I go! Warnings, swearing and mentions of violence, if you’re not comfortable with that then please don’t read this story.




Raven, Sage and Mason where on a run. The supplies at the camp where running low and they had volunteered to go (Actually, Sage and Raven had volunteered and dragged Mason along) The neighbourhood that they where en route to was less overrun then they city close by, so they had to walk further. Mason was clutching his knife tight, his face was pale. Sage had noticed, so had Raven. But they assumed it was the slight degree of PTSD he was suffering from. After all, the death of Lilith and Alaya was haunting him, still. They entered the neighbourhood. There were barely any zombies. But still, stealth was of the utmost importance. After only a few houses Raven realized how late it already was.


“We have the choice of staying here overnight if we want enough things to be actually useful, or we could grab a few things and leave.” Raven said softly. Mason rubbed his eyes.


“I don’t care to be honest, I could care less if we s-hh-ss” his voice faded away and he quickly raised his hands in front of his face. “He’pShh! H’pshhew! Ugh.” In the attempt to cover, his knife fell out of his hand.




Quickly, he grabbed it of of the ground and looked around.


they heard growling, soft.


“RAVEN!” Sage yelled. Raven twisted around and in a reflex stabbed in front of her. Hitting the zombie in the face. “RUN!” They started running, Mason slower than usual. Raven grabbed his arm and dragged him along. They dove into an alleyway. The growling was getting louder.

Mason started hitching again. Sage spun around.


“Mason for fucks sake, don’t sneeze!” He whispered desperately.


Hh- I can’t h-help it! H-” He clamped his hands over his nose and tried to stiffle his sneeze.


H’Xxsh! H-H’xxhe!Bang! Raven had kicked in the door.


“Get in!” Sage and Mason took that advise and ran inside. The house was dark and cold. The windows had been covered by someone long gone. “Sage, can you give me a hand? We need to barricade these doors before I can contact the camp.” She said. Mason rolled his eyes


“Why do you end up always taking the lead?” He asked, but the exhaustion took away the sharp edge at his voice. Raven shrugged and pushed the heavy closet in front of the door.


“I dunno. Look, the zombies won’t go dormant for at least eight hours. Thanks to your ‘brilliant’ timing we can’t go outside until they do. Better get comfortable.” Mason sighed and dropped down on the couch. A large cloud of dust flew up into the air.


“F-fuhh… H’Pshhe! He’pShew! Fuck!” He jammed a knuckle under his nose. Sage walked back into the room, saw Mason and frowned.


“Mason, are you alright? You seem kind of.. Ill.” Mason groaned.


“I’m fucking perfect, thanks for asking. H’Psheew!” Raven rolled her eyes.


“Sure you are. Sage, can you give me the satellite phone?”


“Eh, yeah, sure!” He practically threw off his backpack and scrambled to take out the phone. “Here,” He passed the phone to her. Speed dial. Jake. Calling.


Raven? Sage? Mason? Where are you? It’s getting dark out!” The slightly panicked voice of Jake came through.


“Jake, don’t worry. We have to stay here overnight. Mason managed to attract the attention of a horde by sneezing and dropping his knife. I know, genius. Anyway, we have to stay here until they go dormant again.”


Okay I guess. Stay safe.


“We will. Oh, And Jake?”




“Can you tell Ezra that I’m okay?”


No problem. Bye.


“Bye Jake.” Raven sighed and hung up the phone. She started digging through her bag. “I have one unopened can of soup and a bar of chocolate. Anybody hungry?” She joked, waving around the can of soup in the air. Sage laughed out loud, and Mason actually chuckled.

“He’s alive!” Sage exclaimed. Raven popped open the can of soup and grabbed three plastic spoons out of her bag.


“Sorry guys, no bowls, so Mason, please don’t sneeze into the can okay?” She asked.


“I w-hh- won-He’pishhew!! Won’t!” Raven smirked before eating a spoonful of soup.


“Sure you won’t, just like you’re not sick.”


“I’m not! He’pshiww! It’s just a minor inconvinience.”






Raven had the first watch, witch meant peaking out the window for hours until either her watch ended or something happened. In this case the second thing was happening. The zombies had gone dormant in the middle of the night. So here she was, shaking at Mason and Sage to wake them up.


"Wake up sleepyheads! The zombies are asleep! Wake up!" Sage groaned and woke up, Mason didn't. "Jesus Mason you're burning up." She mumbled through her teeth, touching his forehead. Sage had started packing.


"I swear, if he doesn't wake up I'm going to carry him." He muttered.


"That may not even be a bad idea Sage. He looks like he can't even stand up in this condition. Stupid stubborn idiot." She muttered the last part. Sage smirked while picking him up.


"May I remind you of the time you went on a run with me and Micha while you where sick and actually fainted because you didn't want any of us to worry?"


"That was something different!" She pulled the closet away from the door.


If we lose each other we keep running to the camp okay?" She said. Sage nodded.


"Let's go." And so they ran. The full 10 miles back to the camp in record time. Finally, they arrived. Jake had the night watch and saw them arrive. His face darkened as soon as he saw Mason.


"Is he alright? was he bitten?!" Raven shook her head.


"No, he probably just caught the flu or something and didn't want to worry any of us. Let him sleep it of. We got food!" Jake laughed.


"Sure, you two should catch some rest too. You look exhausted." Raven nodded.


"We will. Goodnight Jake."








I know it’s kind of short but I really liked this ending. I hope you liked it!!

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This is excellent writing! I wish you luck on your book! I want to publish something eventually too :)

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