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Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) Drabble Thread


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So I stumbled across this prompt list recently and decided to start a Criminal Minds thread (long story short). It’s likely that they’ll all end up being Reid-centric, hence the title, but the ones I have written include various causes. Hope you enjoy! 

#1 - Tickle

Spencer parted his lips slightly, pressing a knuckle underneath his nose as he felt a tickle emerge in his sinuses. He sniffled quietly, rubbing his nose and trying to focus his attention on something outside of the SUV. 

The young doctor frowned when his breath hitched inperceptibly, but nonetheless allowed his eyes to flutter shut, burying his face in his elbow. 


He sneezed softly, half-stifled, quickly recovering into an upright position and letting out a light sigh. 

“Bless you,” Morgan told him, not averting his eyes from the road. 

“Uh - thanks,” Reid whispered, scrunching up his nose as the itch returned. The ticklish sensation had been bothering him all morning, and Spencer suspected that Spring was finally settling in, bringing with it all its seasonal joys and plethora of pollens. Reid rubbed his nose with the back of his hand, but that only seemed to cause the tickle to flare up further. He immediately pinched his nose shut, shuddering into his chest twice in quick succession. 


”Bless you again.” Morgan glanced over at the doctor, just in time to see him crush a completely silent sneeze between his thumb and forefinger. “And again. You Ok, kid?”

Reid nodded, sniffling softly and holding two fingers under his nose for a few seconds. “Did you know that approximately 45 million people in the U.S suffer from seasonal allergies every year?”

Morgan offered him a sideways glance and a slight chuckle under his breath. “If you say so, Pretty Boy.” He heard Reid sigh softly and sniffle again. “You gonna be Ok going to this dump site?” He added as an afterthought, knowing they were headed straight for a meadow. 

“Yeh, ‘m fine,” Reid scrunched his nose up, squinting slightly as he looked back out of the front of the windscreen. “Nose just tickles a little,” he finished softly. 

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2 hours ago, Gingersnaps12941297 said:

“Did you know that approximately 45 million people in the U.S suffer from seasonal allergies every year?”

OMG. So Reid!


2 hours ago, Gingersnaps12941297 said:

“If you say so, Pretty Boy.”

Awww. Morgan!

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#2 - Flu (M/M)

Morgan gently laid the back of his hand on Spencer’s forehead, wincing at the dry heat and whispering a curse under his breath when he saw the younger’s eyelashes flutter in response to the disturbance. 

“Hey,” he said softly, as soon as he saw two tired, bleary hazel eyes look up at him. “How’re you feeling, kid?”

Reid grimaced slightly, attempting to burrow further into Morgan’s T-shirt. “Congested,” he mumbled, sniffling heavily as if to prove his point, “‘nd achy...”

“You need any more ibuprofen?” Derek stroked his fingers through Spencer’s hair, simultaneously rubbing the younger’s shoulder through his soft pyjamas with his other hand. 

“No, ‘m okay.” Spencer’s eyes began to drift shut again and he sniffled, willing the persistent tickle to dissipate so that he could rest. “Mm... tissue?” He mumbled, scrunching his nose up as his breath began to flutter. 

Derek quickly handed him a square of soft fabric, reinforcing his hold on Reid’s shoulder to stop him from pulling away. 


Spencer’s head bobbed into the tissue with the congested sounding sneeze and he gave a heavy sigh, keeping the tissue held to his nose and squeezing his eyes shut. 


Morgan felt Reid shudder with the bottled up sneezes, stifled to the best of the doctor’s ability with the congestion.

”Bless you,” Derek said softly, passing Spencer another tissue as he blew his nose wetly.

“Thangk you.” There was more than a hint of congestion in his voice after the sneezing. Reid sniffled thickly, dumping the tissues into the waste basket beside the couch and settling back into Derek’s chest. 

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#3 - Bed

Spencer clamped his thumb and forefinger to his nose, head bobbing lightly into his chest with a pair of soundless sneezes. He groaned softly, rubbing his eyelids with his knuckles as they forced to droop shut. 

It was nearing 11 at night and Reid was still situated in the bullpen, scribbling his way through paperwork. The stimulating effects of coffee had begun to wear off a good few hours ago and since then, Spencer’s eyes had only become heavier and his nose more ticklish. 

He sighed heavily as his breath began to hitch again, eyes fluttering closed as he pushed the base of his palm into his nose, silently shuddering three times. 

“Bless you, Pretty Boy.”

Reid jumped, blinking repeatedly with surprise and exhaustion. The continuous hum in his sinuses became more urgent once again, and he buried his face into his cardigan. 

ixxt! ...k’ish! Hhknxxt!’uh..”

“Bless you. You sleepy sneezin’ again?” Derek smiled fondly, leaning over to press a kiss to the doctor’s forehead, confirming he wasn’t running a temperature. Derek pulled up an office chair, watching as Spencer sniffled and rubbed his puffy eyes.

Spencer sighed tiredly. “Mmm, ‘s actually called-”

”I know, kid. I’m just messing with you.” Morgan studied Reid’s parted lips and vacant expression. “You need to sneeze again?”

Spencer nodded, turning away from Derek and covering his face with his elbow.

”hihnxgt’shuh! ...h’kssh! ‘iShh!

The sneezes were breathy and ticklish, and only seemed to make Spencer feel more exhausted. He sighed, sniffling softly. 

“Bless you,” Morgan rubbed the younger’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s get you home and in bed. I can hear you getting congested.”


Derek lightly pressed his index finger to Spencer’s lips. “You can finish it in the morning.”

Spencer sighed, quickly stifling another silent sneeze into his palm and nodding reluctantly.

”Good. Bless you, kid.”

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I just starting watching Criminal Minds and I am in love with these Drabbles. So cute and in character. I can’t wait for more! :D

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how have i missed this?? this is amazing, i love reid and i especially love it when morgan's taking care of him 💕💕 thank you for writing this!! can't wait for more! 

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Thank you so much for all of the replies!<3

#4 - Headache

Spencer sighed tiredly, rubbing his closed eyes with fingertips as he leant into the couch, blanket pulled up to his chin. He’d felt hot and shivery all day, body aching and exhausted when they’d finally gotten in from work. Derek had threatened him with soup and a bridal-style carry up to their apartment. 

As if to top off the day, Reid’s head had began to pound about half an hour ago, too, proving only to increase the difficulty he was already having in drifting off to sleep, and now his sinuses were becoming hot and stuffy. 

“ ‘shiew!

He sneezed suddenly, soft and whispery, barely managing to bring the back of his hand up to cover his face. Spencer sighed heavily, feeling his nostrils flare with another impending sneeze as Derek reappeared into the room. He let his eyes flutter shut, burying his face into his elbow.

knnxt’shiew! -hh’knxt’shiew!

Reid winced, feeling his forehead throb in protest of the stifling attempt. The sneezes were gentle and subdued, but caused his sinuses to burn and left him sniffling against loosened congestion.

“Bless you,” Derek said softly, setting two steaming mugs of tea down on the coffee table. “How’s the head, kid?” He mindfully kept his voice low, reaching a hand out to meet Spencer’s forehead. 

“Mmn... not so good.” Reid still had his eyes shut. “Sneezing was a bad idea - - Where’s the coffee?” His eyes shot open as soon as he registered the sound of the cups meeting their coasters. 

“No coffee for people with headaches.” Derek smiled. “You feel a bit warm. Did you take any meds? Besides caffeine, that is.”

“Excedrin.” Spencer scrunched his nose up, shifting away from Morgan and attempting to burrow further under the blanket. 

“Is that gonna be enough?” Derek ran a hand through Spencer’s hair - the only part of the young doctor currently not smothered in the blanket - and carefully massaged the base of his skull.


Derek heard the sudden delicate intake of breath and felt Spencer’s shoulders shudder beneath the soft grey throw. 

“hh’kish-iew!... Uhh, probably.” 

“Bless, kid.” Derek was slightly surprised at the breathy quality and high pitched tone of the unrestrained sneeze, muffled only by Spencer’s position facing away from him. 

“Sorry,” Reid murmured, sniffling lightly. “I think I’m just over-tired.”

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Oo, these are great. Sick/vulnerable/sneezing Reid is one of my very favorite things, and his dynamic with Morgan in all of these is icing on the cake. :-) (I particularly like the silent stifles - very Reid - and it makes the unstifled ones all the more satisfying.)

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#5 - Spring

Spencer’s head bobbed fiercely with a sneeze he barely managed to silence, releasing his nose from his fingers with a pained sigh. His breath immediately wavered again and Reid pushed the base of his palm under his nose, perfectly stifling another heavy allergic sneeze. 

“Bless you, Spring Genius,” Garcia said cheerfully, suddenly appearing in the bullpen.

Another silent head bob and exasperated sigh. “Thangk you,” Spencer sniffled wryly, nose plugged. 

“Bless you. Poor thing, you sound so congested.” Garcia offered a gentle shoulder rub, grabbing the box of tissues from Blake’s desk and placing them directly in front of the young doctor. 

Reid took in a soft gasping breath, shuddering into the back of his hand in complete silence. He sniffled urgently, chest heaving before the paroxysm repeated. “Uhh...” he rubbed his eyes on a clean tissue. “Sorry, the sneezing won’t-” he flinched delicately into his wrist “-uhh... won’t stop.” Spencer pressed the tissue to his nose, closing his puffy and irritated eyes. 

“Bless you times three!” Garcia exclaimed. “Hey,” she said, more softly, sensing his discomfort, “you need me to go shut any windows?”

Reid nodded tiredly, “please.” He blew his nose very softly as Garcia became distracted. 

hmptch! Uhh...”

The gentle stifle was followed up by a string of silent sneezes, nose once again pushed into the heel of his palm. “Ugh, bless me,” Reid whispered under his breath, sniffling heavily into his scrunched up tissue. His allergic sneezes never seemed to want to stop until he let them out properly. When the tickle flared up again he quickly grabbed a fresh tissue, clamping a hand over his mouth and nose and ducking into his shoulder. 


The sneeze was quiet and whispery, the best he could’ve hoped for unrestrained. Reid blew his nose softly once again, sighing lightly. The un-stifled sneeze seemed to have brought him some relief from both the tickle and the congestion. 

“Bless you, my love,” Garcia handed him some more tissues. “I think Jayje has made you some tea.” 

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ahhh this is such a lovely thread ;___; 💕 i'm so glad you're writing sneezy reid, you nail the characters so well and reid being my fav i'm just absolutely in love. 

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Awwww! Love this last one. 

10 hours ago, Gingersnaps12941297 said:

His allergic sneezes never seemed to want to stop until he let them out properly.

My favorite trope!

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10 hours ago, Gingersnaps12941297 said:

“Thangk you,” Spencer sniffled wryly,

Gahh, gotta love typos! Evidently this doesn’t make sense and it’s supposed to say ‘Spencer sniffled wetly’. This is why I should be proof reading more carefully :whistle2::doh:

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Just now, Gingersnaps12941297 said:


ahhh this is such a lovely thread ;___; 💕 i'm so glad you're writing sneezy reid, you nail the characters so well and reid being my fav i'm just absolutely in love. 


Thank you so much! <3 I figured after weeks of trying to find more Reid fanfic I should probably just get on writing some myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


3 minutes ago, Gingersnaps12941297 said:


Awwww! Love this last one. 

10 hours ago, Gingersnaps12941297 said:

His allergic sneezes never seemed to want to stop until he let them out properly.

My favorite trope!


Mine too! Thank you for your replies <3

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#6 - Dog

Spencer Reid jumped as a mass of fur suddenly sprung onto the couch next to him, his heavy eyes now wide open. He identified the warm body as Derek’s dog, and tentatively reached out a hand to stroke the soft fur on Clooney’s shoulder. 

Derek smiled, letting out a low chuckle. “Were you sleeping? You just flinched about a mile into the air.” He began to stroke his own hand through his boyfriend’s hair.

”Mm, nearly.” Spencer rubbed his tired eyes, leaning back into Derek’s warm chest. “You’re so comfy.” 

Clooney seemed to disprove of the brief attention, and elected to rest his head in Spencer’s lap. 

“Hey, Cloon!” Derek chuckled, moving his hand to rest between the younger man’s shoulder blades and wrapping his other arm tighter around Spencer’s waist so that he could reach to rub Clooney’s ears. 

“I think your dog’s jealous,” Spencer whispered, sniffling. His lips turned up into a slight smile as Clooney’s tail began to wag, hitting the back of the couch in his excitement. 

Derek laughed. “ ‘S all this cuddling.”

Reid closed his eyes, rubbing his nose irritatedly. His sinuses were beginning to feel hot and ticklish. He quickly pinched his nose shut as his breath began to hitch, turning away from Clooney and stifling a silent sneeze towards Derek’s chest.

”Oh, Bless you!” Derek was surprised as the doctor suddenly shuddered in his arms.

“Thank you.” Spencer took in another fluttering breath, clamping his thumb and forefinger to his nose and once again turning into his boyfriend’s chest with an inaudible stifle. He sighed lightly, scrunching his nose up as the itch lingered and giving a soft, irritated cough. 

“Bless you,” Derek’s voice was tinged with worry. “You allergic, Pretty Boy?” He’d previously witnessed the ordeal when Spencer had encountered Emily’s cat. 

Spencer nodded. “Just a little,” he said softly. “Honestly, I’ll probably just sneeze a bit - - it’s no where near as bad as cats,” he quickly added upon seeing the look in Derek’s eyes. 

“You sure it’s ok? I can have my-“

“Der, no. You’re not having anyone take him,” Spencer interrupted, the became interrupted himself by the persistent tickle in his nose.


He muffled the slightly stronger paroxysm into his elbow, giving a light sniffle and quickly recovering. “I promise, it’s fine. As long as you don’t mind me sneezing a little when he’s this close.”

“Ok,” Derek smiled. “But you tell me if he starts getting to your chest, kid?”

Spencer nodded, cupping a hand over his mouth and nose and turning to sneeze lightly into Derek’s T-shirt.


“Bless you,” Derek said quickly. “C’mon, Clooney. Down,” he instructed, giving the dog a gentle pat as he obliged and jumped down from the sofa, curling up on his bed. 

“Thank you,” Spencer whispered, sniffling softly and resting his head on Derek’s shoulder.

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On 9.4.2018 at 11:39 PM, Gingersnaps12941297 said:

Thank you so much! <3 I figured after weeks of trying to find more Reid fanfic I should probably just get on writing some myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Literally the same reason i started writing Reid fics this year :---D But i'm glad there are more of us writing about him cos damn am i thirsty for him lmao. 

And wow another great update ♥️ i also have this headcanon that reid's really allergic to cats. Honestly i have no idea where i originally got it from but i am a fan. If you ever feel like writing about the time he met Emilys cat i am definitely here for it! 

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These are all so cute and so well written! I can’t wait for more!

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honestly, I’ve been searching for fics with Reid and Derek for so long and I’m SO glad you wrote them. And they’re so cute. And Reid is adorable and I love the way you write his sneezes. Also Derek is so perfectly in character and I hope you update! I’m begging for more! ❤️❤️

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