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Victoria's epidemic


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Hello all,

After reading through the great contagion stories on here I thought Id try my hand on my own! I hope some of you enjoy it:)

Victoria slowly walked along the shelves of the pharmacy she was working in, noting down which items needed to be restocked. It was a slow day, the only people in the shop besides her and Karen, the other girl working the night shift with her, were a couple of older people that couldn´t sleep filling their prescriptions.

She went into the next aisle and let out a long sigh as she saw the shelves with cold medicines, decongestants and tissues. All disgustingly full. Shaking her head she continued, lost in thought as she finished her inventory. Of course the winter she finally got a job here would be the one without any colds going around. She blushed slightly as the thought of an epidemic bringing scores of sick people to their shop, their sneezing, runny noses, all going to infect others…She shuddered a bit and closed her eyes for a second.

She´d always had a fascination with ill people and especially infectious ones. When she´d gotten this job she thought it would be great for her little fetish, but so far this winter there was hardly any sneezing or colds to be seen. Certainly nothing going around…too bad. She´d hoped to be in the middle of this years epidemic, seeing, hearing…maybe catching it and passing it on…Victoria blushed again. She was disgustingly resilient to getting colds, at least on her own. Sleeping with wet hair or wearing too little clothing never seemed to face her health. The last time she had a cold had been in college with most of the students there. It had been a full-blown epidemic, starting with a professor coming in with a runny nose who was sneezing violently by the end of the day. Two days later, it was several students, and within the week whole dorms were echoing with sneezes, groans and nose blowing from every room. Victoria had been in heaven, even as she came down with it as well after her roommate had sneezed her directly in the face as she took her temperature.

Sighing again, she tried to focus on her job and headed to the storeroom which was, disgustingly, also full of cold supplies. Her phone vibrated as she was finishing and she smiled when she saw that it was from her boyfriend Kevin. He´d been on a week-long business trip and would be coming home in a couple more days.

Hey Fluff how´s work? Apocalyptic epidemic yet?;)

Giggling, she quickly typed a reply.

Na, just boring busywork. I´ll have to settle for you to have some fun!


I´ll try to live up to your expectations. Hang in there!


I will. See you in a few days.


Putting away her phone, Victoria swiftly finished the inventory and headed back out to help Karen fill prescriptions.


Putting away his phone as he lay in the hotel bed, Kevin looked out the window. It was just warm enough to rain and a wind was blowing. A smile slowly spread on his lips as an idea formed in his head. Quickly dressing again and grabbed and umbrella. After riding the elevator to the ground floor, he leaned the umbrella against the wall and entered the staircase, running up the floors as quickly as he could. By the time he came back down he was sweating under his jacket. Smiling at the girl manning the night desk, he opened the umbrella as he stepped out, shivering as a blast of icy wind hit him on his wet forehead. Taking a few steps, he fumbled his grip on the umbrella, watching it fly off. “Oh my” he said in mock horror as the cold rain drenched him, running down his open collar onto his back as he took a slow walk around the hotel.

20 minutes later he re-entered the lobby, Shivering from the cold, his wet clothes like ice on his skin. "Are you OK sir?” the girl asked him attentively.

“Yeah, just lust my umbrella. Clumsy me” he answered.

“I hope you don´t catch a cold, good night sir” she smiled at him as he made his way to the elevator.

“Good night” he said as the door closed, adding to the empty cabin “but I hope I do…”

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gosh this fic is already so good! i absolutely love contagion fics, especially purposeful ones. i also love your writing style. thank you so much for writing this, and i cant wait for more!

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7 hours ago, striderlicious said:

...i absolutely love contagion fics, especially purposeful ones. i also love your writing style...

This exactly. I am very much looking forward to your next part.

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We'll leave Kevin here - but i am planning to pick up one or two other main characters beside Victoria. Any suggestions? A Nurse maybe?:)

Throughout the next day, Kevin hat been waiting for the first symptoms of the cold he was sure he´d caught the night before, and he wasn´t disappointed. By afternoon he´d developed a headache and was starting to cough slightly and as the day´s activities drew to a close he felt decidedly ill.

“You don´t look too good Kevin, seems you´re coming down with something!” one of his coworkers had said as they left the conference center on the way to dinner.

“Yeah I feel a little under the weather, I´m just gonna go lie down” *sniff*

He sniffled a bit as his nose ran slightly, followed by several coughs.

As the others went back to the hotel, Kevin quickly made his way to the bus station. Luckily, there was a night bus back to their hometown. Smiling as he got on, sweating slightly from the starting fever, he glanced at the other people in the seats. They´d be his way to send Victoria a gift, and by the time he got home some days later, she hopefully would have had her fantasy come true.

Feeling the first sneeze as his nose started to tickle, he quickly found a free seat next to a pretty college girl. “I´m sorry is this seat freeeeeeaaaaa CHO!” he half-heartedly threw up his hand to cover his sneeze as he leaned in towards the girl.

“Bless you,” she replied and fished for a half-full box of tissues in her purse. “Here you go…still have some left over from my bout with the flu earlier this winter. Sit down, you look like you need to rest!”

Kevin gave her a grateful smile and settled into the seat before blowing his nose, clearing it for a few minutes. Right after the bus took off, he went back to the tiny bathroom, brushing his used tissue over the doorknob.


He leaned over the small sink, spraying the dials with droplets. He felt his nose beginning to get clogged up and smiled despite feeling quite sick by now.

KA-TCHO! He bent over with another sneeze, coving the inner doorknob in wet spray. “I hope people have to pee” he said as he blew his nose with some toilet paper before leaving the bathroom, giving a bright smile to the man waiting his turn.

On his slow way back he spotted a young couple giggling and kissing in one of the rows. As he passed them, he pretended to stumble and grabbed the rear of their seat just as he felt the next sneeze build up.

“I´m sorry uhh  A CHOOOO! Oh dear i´m very sorry…” he mumbled, as he sneezed directly towards both their faces, with both his hands occupied in keeping his balance. They both winced a bit, but the guy quickly resumed kissing with his hand on the girls thigh.

“Still sick I see” his neighbor asked caringly as he returned to his seat and had filled one of her tissues with one long blow. “I´m Julie by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Juwie” he said with a smile “really nice of you, I must´ve caught a cold. Should I sit somewhere else so I don´t infect you?”

“No that’s fine, it´s probably the same flu I´ve already had. I´m immune!” she said with mock pride.

Kevin nodded his thanks and leaned back in the seat. She´d be sick within the day, he thought. This cold was his own, not something he´d caught of somebody else. He just wondered how many he´d be able to infect in the 2 hour bus ride so they could spread his cold through their town, and to Victoria.

“KHAAAA CHOOOO!” without warning he sneezed again all over the backrests of the seat in front of him, spraying through the partition. He saw the lady sitting there flinch as it hit her bare forearm as he reached for a new tissue.

“I hope these´ll last me” he said to Julie before blowing his nose wetly again.




By the time the bus pulled into the stop at their town, Kevin was feeling even worse. His head hurt, his throat was scratchy and his nose was so stuffed up he had to breathe through his mouth. On the plus side, he´d made another 3 trips to the lavatory, each time making sure to direct his sneezes on the doorknob. He also used the walk there to direct sneezes on several of the other people, and poor Julie had gotten several as well, but didn´t seem to mind overly.

“I hope you feel better soon” she said as they got off the bus. “you better get some sleep!”

“I will thanks HAP SHOOO!” he completely failed to cover his sneeze, spraying her again.

She just smiled and wiped her face with a tissue, waving to him as she left.

Shivering, he turned back to get back on the bus. He´d go back to the conference and let the company pay for him to recuperate in his hotel room.


He caught the last Woman stepping off the bus full in the face, making her flinch and step away quickly.

“Sorry Miss!” she called after her before finding a seat on the now empty bus.

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Oh my goodness. This is just wonderful. Can’t wait to find out if Julie and everyone gets ill. 

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This is a wonderful start! I can't wait to see where this goes! Maybe a waitress was one of the people Kevin infected from the bus? Or even the busdriver! So may possibilities with this one. Great job!

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This is such an amazing story. I love reading contagion, especially when people are actually trying to get other people sick. Please continue this! :D 

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The idea of starting an epidemic like that isn't one I've seen before :) I hope you post more.

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AwawawaawawawawWawawa where was I, oh my god!!! This so good!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!! How many was it? Thats quite a lot of people that he sneezed at. And all becuase he wants to make his girlfriend dream come true. *melt

This is so awsome!!!   Oh my god!!! I love contagion, and i just adore your idea of making it epidemic!!!! This is truly awsome,I cannot wait for more of your work!!! Thank you for sharing~~~~~~~~Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→

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OMG. More! I wanna see what happens!

The sneezing on people is kind of gross and something I would hate in real-life, but in a story it's cool.

I can't wait to see who gets his nasty cold and whether the shelves at the drugstore become empty shelves...


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Hi all - sorry for my absence. 

I was wondering if ppl still want me to continue this fic about a flu epidemic?

Ill also take suggestions for people/locations that people would like affected:)

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You should absolutely continue. Personally I prefer when it's all women but I enjoyed your last part nevertheless. Particularly the deliberate sneezing on people is much to my liking.

I'm sure it'll be good whatever the setting, but if you have trouble thinking of one maybe a spa or something? A lifeguard by a pool or beach could get it? Or use a beach as a setting for that matter. Though that might be strange when combined with flu season. Winter swimming?

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AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I would absolutely love for this story to continue! I love contagion stories and this is a really cool original idea!

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